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Yamaha CS user reviews

  • Yamaha CS80

    Yamaha CS80 - "thick sounds"


    The Yamaha CS 80 is a very big unit. I do love the way that it is laid out though with color coded sliders, I think it looks cool and kind of makes some sense of all of the stuff on the board. This board is very big though and weighs about 150 or mor…

  • Yamaha CS15

    Yamaha CS15 - "some sounds are thin"


    This analog synth is arguably the best synth I've ever played in my life. More versatile than most synths of its ilk, it's got some of the richest tones that I've ever heard come out of an electronic instrument. It's an eight-voice polyphonic synthes…

  • Yamaha CS15

    Yamaha CS15 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Aurochs4/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Everyone already knows the features. 100% analog technology. This sturdy synth provides an excellent manufacturing quality! I only miss a second LFO which would greatly enha…

  • Yamaha CS1X

    Yamaha CS1X - FP User's review


    My big dissapointment is that to use the good performance sounds, you have to be in performance mode, and that mode is monotimbral. Other wise you can use up to 4 XG sounds at once in multi mode. Very annoying. There are basic filters on this that ar…

  • Yamaha CS2X

    Yamaha CS2X - FP User's review


    Playing a sound on a intrument without being able to change the sound is good if you like the sound and this keyboard can apply more reverb and effects to its sounds if you are uncomfortable with their sound so it is very good and no thing is needed …

  • Yamaha CS6X

    Yamaha CS6X - FP User's review


    All the right features are there. I feel the sampling is a little extraneous. The keys are nice and bouncy although a little narrow. Plenty of presets and sound control. Having the plug in board option is nice too. Price paid $950/used circa 2001 …

  • Yamaha CS2X

    Yamaha CS2X - FP User's review


    FIlters can't screech that well and synthesis ain't too strong. Envelope generators makes so little difference to the sound, and the layers are hopeless. I'll rather say it's ok! Can't stand the little arpeggio manipuation, so limited concept. Price…

  • Yamaha CS2X

    Yamaha CS2X - "Yamaha CS-2X"


    Paid: $1400(Australian) Acquired this synth because my hands were itchy!! This synth has nice sounding ambient sound and i would recommend it for ambient and new age playing. Yamaha made this model as a dance style model with cutoff and resonance k…

  • Yamaha CS2X

    Yamaha CS2X - "Yamaha CS2X"


    I bought this synthesizer two months ago at a music shop in Amsterdam. I paid 760 euro for it (740$). I bought it because I wanted to play the synthesizer I already played the piano like Jordan did before he started playing on a synthesizer. But I …

  • Yamaha CS60

    Yamaha CS60 - " A synthesizer from 1100 euros fishy"


    Hummm USE Hummm SOUNDS Hummm NOTICE GLOBAL You do lower the rating in this way? …