Yamaha CS6X
Yamaha CS6X

CS6X, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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Chris.angel 06/10/2003

Yamaha CS6X : Chris.angel's user review


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The CS6x is synthtiseur down the AWM2 technology: it allows CRER complex sounds from a library of over 400 samples of quality rpart of 16 MB of ROM memory. It also allows the reproduction of the samples personal thanks Phrase Clip. It is also team of two slots for optional expansion cards and a slot for SmartMedia card (4 MB card is included).

The CS6x possde many, many contrlleurs trs (knobs, pitch bend, ribbon controller, ...) and offers two more connectors for footswitch and foot controller connectors for two (IDAL therefore play two on the same machine :-)).

It can store 512 patches and 192 patches Voice type type performance (similar to multitimbral mode).

Perspective effects, we find the classic Reverb and Chorus, over 116 in 2 Insert effects rpart.

And do not forget the classic but powerful arpgiateur trs (offering 128 units) and a keyboard mode Matra.


Admit as much, its handling is not the most comfortable, and it is important to understand its architecture with the optimal use of power - I n'voque naturally not the fact of choosing a patch and turn the knobs!. In addition, the manual, too few or too full, is poorly organized and rvle quite heavy tackle.

But with a little patience and a little more effort, this machine is like discovering a dot ingnieux Systm many possibilities.

The edition of patches and the effect is relatively simple, the edition of Performance and Phrase Clip is a little less. With a good job prparatoire the CS6x is rvle nanmoins trs scne effective.


With this machine, we are still far from the sound of modern analog synth modlisation. The engine synthse down on samples and offers all the advantages of these machines incovnients found in almost 20 years.

To end on a positive note, one must first admit that the acoustic sounds are not convincing trs. The Grand Piano is lamentable, strings and brass are drinking.

But ... but this keyboard is not intended for pianists or to dance bands! This is a Synth worthy of the name Destiny electronic music. And, fortunately, it is the he excels! Far from these small and ERRF CS1x CS2x the CS6x offers high-quality samples for sound (not sound) of as great quality. And the power of its engine enables synthse couraging sounds as simple as sounds trs trs labor.


As usual, Yamaha has been great with this machine: a lot of features, great sounds and possibilities, and that sometimes the dtriment intuitiva and efficiency.

In short, the CS6x Plars insiders for its performance, its sounds and its capabilities ... provided we take the time to meet (it QLQ Reserved surprises, including dual registration Phrase Clip to avoid losing them APRS extinction of the machine).

At all espces modules, function keyboard-Matra is also well thought out, although sharing a 5 octave keyboard into 4 parts, this is truly the limit!

In addition to these dtails the CS6x is the only machine on the market offering such services on a single pice. The Triton confronts, she was chosen for its orientation rsolument Live and sounds almost as good quality.

And finally, its price (new or used) actually really an investment of choice in its field.