Yamaha CS6X
Yamaha CS6X

CS6X, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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mangalore 03/11/2012

Yamaha CS6X : mangalore's user review

«  excellent! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
google for specs and Yamaha are your friends ...

it is basically complete and honest.


Manual a bit messy, I've seen better ..

the edict is feasible on the synth as well thought out despite the sub menu but greatly facilitated by assigning knobs below the display
but the edit on the PC is great and friendly (as DHAB)


Excellent for those who love the sounds electro barred and totally unrealistic .. but just realistic in the electro!

I not like the bass from the original PCM except subs that take the same route at D &B; added that once the plg YEAR they are super top and indispensable

expression and the effects are okay and know no more to be forgotten.


Already be aware that some crap compared to this synth is a synth .. true!
incomparable with a Korg Triton Classic example that I bought in a hurry and is totally incomparable and especially auditory next!

I was interested in its release in 90 'but more 12,000 bales for aquérir I was a little cool.
This synth is totally ignored because of the label "techno" and affiliation
in the range CS1X/CS2X with whom he was confused and did absolutely nothing to do with him because he has a powerful synthetic complete multimode filter with LFO and a bank doubled PCM sample particularly well cared for (by chance ) and by its orientation to face fashion "techie" at the time that makes it just stuffed samples of analog machines and with whom we obtiend very good rich, powerful sound well above some "big names "acclaimed, and this for a synth that came out 15 years ago!
And do not forget its compatibility with significant PLG cards, I added the personal PLGAN with its step sequencer and editor (compatible with that of the excellent AN1X) which allows for analog sounds typed 'kind of egg Arp 2600, R2D2 chirping in, kind of spacey pads Solina, the basslines to Brian Transeau ect .. amazing!
I also added the excellent PLG150PF with great sounds of acoustic piano and Rhodes electro-type level Motif ES I think although I have not tested.

bought used only € 350, this is an excellent value for money

I love the creative side with ARPEGIO and sounds wacky and sometimes innatendus (what I like in synths) its controls and knobs on the front (left fifteen years ago at the time of the Korg 01W!)

surment not the machine that I will sell on a whim because I am pleased every time I use it.

As a reminder I had fun making a demo unpretentious only patches of origin and with the internal PCM (without maps) Souncloud:
* To listen to because it gives an idea of ​​the sounds of this bike (I think)

Will one day be sought on c because machine seriously misunderstood but excellent for that matter.