Yamaha CS6X
Yamaha CS6X

CS6X, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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djgohan 03/09/2012

Yamaha CS6X : djgohan's user review

«  Good points but ... »

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See previous opinion ... (Mine is a bit old, I have at my house six months ago a long time, but as seen in talking to me mark!)
Just two points a bit negative:
cable for connection to PC
and memory card
while two rather difficult to obtain.
Arpeggio presets rather simpa.
Simpa touch tape, but after testing the PAD of REMOTE49 Novation (well after) have to say it was top.
Anyway, the important thing is the sound, so twelve o'clock controllers are available.
Otherwise, I have not tested any option cards, apparently there are good returns.


C where it is stretched, still have little realizing seeing the facade of the beast.
Easy access to navigate through the memory, but in limited edition due to the piti LCD and small pots.

Editing on PC is possible by the famous cable (I think (correct me if I'm wrong ...))

Keyboard very well made compared with the competition, also pots.


This is where I would put the value +.
But ... after that have to do veus: TOP TRANCE for the (global), the HOUSE (pads, leads (to equalize as too powerful), AMBIENT (global)

For effects, the CHORUS is fine for digital, but what made me the slap, the REVERB c'set, I tested since pls synths and failed to find such clarity and warmth (tjs in numeric course), I talk about brands hihi access waldorf style innovation Quasimidi (they forgive me because they have wonderful chacuns synths with their advantages, but not at the level of reverb I feel, although the CS6x not playing in the same category: AWM2 requires
maybe ... I have not had the ocasion to use as rack effect.
But not far to buy one just for the reverb, as what she is tops!


Used 6 months.
Tried: Roland MC303, Yamaha RM1X, Raveolution Quasimidi, VIRUSti Access, Waldorf Q, Novation SUPERNOVA2

To summarize, sounds very much in the style described, very average if not PC for editing, effects Vallent worth a try (reverb, chorus.

We hope this assessment will help you, as c order.

Ciao DJ Gohan (who migrated to Corsica ...)