M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
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All user reviews for the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 18 reviews )
 9 reviews50 %
 4 reviews22 %
 2 reviews11 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money:Excellent
Editorial review
  • 11/18/09M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

    Axiom Truth - M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

    It used to be black and now it's white. M-Audio's controller keyboard is back with a new look and on steroids...

Users reviews

JoeW1's review

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
Some of the features that motivated my choice were the 49 semi weighted keys with a very powerful touch and sensitivity response , the Hyper Control technology that is a time saver.

There are two type of controls , both midi and pedal based.


The general configuration and setup is quite simple , thanks to the technology that comes with this product , you get an instant connection with your working DAW trough the Hyper Control feature.

The manual is greatly designed , very easy to follow and visually well placed.

The patch selection is quite amateur friendly , you get a blue screen where you can choose your presets and even forget about working with your mouse.


What I like most about it , are the 49 semi weighted keys , the hyper control technology , the knobs , the 64 midi controls , that useful blue screen where you can control everything that's happening in your DAW.

What I also like about this product , is how close M-audio got to emulate a real acoustic piano to a midi controller , the keys feel very good , the touch and velocity response is on a completely new level.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , this product costs around 500 $ on amazon , but having these features on your demand , it will make a huge difference in your songs.

Precision and quality of the sound is perfect , the response from the midi controller is very precise , you can create crazy syncopations and your controller will respond properly to it.

I've tried several models , from different companies , getting this level of control with only 500 $ is great , AKAI also has some decent midi controllers , but m-audio axiom pro 49 is the leader here.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this controller again.

Azuma's review

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
What features motivated my choice are those semi weighted keys , a great velocity sensitive feature , I also did like how you can totally forget about your mouse and your daw , so that way you can control the features and options trough that little blue lcd screen.

The drum pad was also quite good and sensitive which worked as an mpc.

This product has a midi type of connection.


General configuration and setup is straight forward , pretty amateur and easy to follow along.

The manual provided with the program was quite good, well detailed , all the information that was relevant to the way this product works and how you can get a pretty easy understanding.

The channel and patch selection was quite simple and fast , which I really like about M-audio products.

The general configuration and setup didn't take a long time , this product has a direct link mode which saves a lot of time from setting up every mixer , pad , effect to your daw.


What I like most about are the keys , they feel really good , almost as real as an acoustic piano , they have a great time response , a great velocity response.

I also must say that the drum pad feels very good , its material is soft and pleasant , the mod wheel is made from a nice material as well.

I like that blue screened lcd , so that way the musical process goes much faster and way more fun that it usually is.

I haven't had and found any errors , so I would rate precision and quality of the sound with 10/10.

The price of the product is about 350$ , so this isn't a very cheap midi controller , however the design and features are awesome.

Knowing what I know , without a doubt I would get this product again.

BeyondR's review

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
Characteristics that motivated my choice was the HyperControl Technology, the updated version of the best-selling Axiom 25 keyboard -- with a better-designed control panel, 25 semi-weighted keys , the DirectLink mode automatically maps the Axiom's faders, knobs, and buttons to your DAW and virtual instruments that can basically make me forget about my mouse and keyboard.
M-audio Axiom Pro 49 has a Midi type of connection.


The general configuration of the program it's very simple, it has a well detailed manual that clears some things out,I like the LCD and its cool features , the pads, knobs, sliders, pitch control, and many cool features.
The manual is quite clear and advanced at the same time, so if you've never worked with an Midi Controller you should check also some tutorials regarding the HyperControl function and the real time playing provided by the product.


What I really like about it is the design, that white looks damn good, I do enjoy the HyperControl Technology, and I gotta admit that those keys feel and look Pro, and another great thing about this product are the pads that are super-sensitive however once you got used to them they can make a huge difference in your drum patterns and velocity dynamics.

Another advantage that has M-audio Axiom Pro 25 is the enhanced DAW Integration with HyperControl Technology that makes possible to just plug-in-play and enjoy the feel of the keys.

The LCD is large and clear and gives all the info necessary for forgetting the mouse and just enjoy the producing.
The value of prices and quality is great, I really think its worth the money because this controller gives all the tools necessary for building a nice environment for a music producer.

One huge advantage of this midi is that it's pretty small and you can carry with you everywhere you need to go, that's why I would suggest buying this if you travel a lot.

BeyondR's review

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
Characteristics that motivated my choice was the HyperControl Technology, 49-Note that are hypersensitive, semi-weighted piano style, 64 MIDI assignable controls total and the great design provided by M-audio Axiom Pro 49.
M-audio Axiom Pro 49 has a Midi type of connection, also 2 sustained pedals.


The general configuration of the program it's very simple, it has a well detailed manual that clears some things out,I like the LCD and its cool features , the pads, knobs, sliders, pitch control, and many cool features.
The manual is quite clear and advanced at the same time, so if you've never worked with an Midi Controller you should check also some tutorials regarding the HyperControl function and the real time playing provided by the product.


What I really like about it is the design, that white looks damn good, I do enjoy the HyperControl Technology, and I gotta admit that those keys feel and look Pro, and they are expressive and well manufactured.
Another advantage that has M-audio Axiom Pro 49 is the enhanced DAW Integration with HyperControl Technology that makes possible to just plug-in-play feature available.

I can't say it's the cheapest Midi Controller on the market, it costs around 400$ on Amazon, having said that,it's probably one of greatest, world-wide used by many and many producers and musicians.
Mike Shinoda uses it in his productions as well as many others.

The precision and quality of sounds is on a very high level, you can barely see the difference between a real piano and this well made midi controller, the timing, sync, is purely perfect with the DAW that you're using it.

I really do recommend to buy this product if you're serious about music production and want something that feels great, would work as a piano and as a controller, M-audio made that possible and also provided the unique feature of controlling the whole DAW action from the LCD.

ericthegreat's review"not worth it"

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

The M Audio Axiom Pro 61 usb is a decent midi controller but not as good as some of the others on the market. It does not send a Midi Note Off (CC64=000) to sustained notes when switching Midi channels via the "Zones" feature...a very risky proposition for performance use. A "panic" key combination was put in place to cover this obvious error instead of creating a toggle function that filtered the message for those desiring that effect.


No omni mode either. M-Audio, now Avid, requires you pay for support on this product and after a 4 call process ultimately provided no solution. Hyper control worked very well but in the end requires that you choose between your DAW and other software like Reason- otherwise its detects and controls both at the same time generally causing undesired effects. Midi maps cannot be edited with hyper control "engaged". Thus for some controls to work with your DAW, and others with rewired software,(faders vs knobs) you cannot use the hyper control bus thus defeating the benefit of the software layer and the extra $160 vs. the 2nd gen Axiom. Returning product and also shipping back the not included power supply I had to purchase directly from Avid for non-bus powered use.


But on the positive side, its a portable controller. Great key feel with not a lot of springy bounce back, smooth and consistent knobs with also a great feel, and mapping to Logic was automatic and smooth and the control work great. USB communication with my Mac Power book means no latency and controlling the various soft synths that I have with the knobs and buttons and sliders on the controller has been transparent and effortless. Great size and weight for lugging around also. If your on the fence with this purchase I say go with a midi controller from Akai.

moosers's review

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
The M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 is an in depth MIDI controller, an enhanced version of the standard Axiom 61. As the name suggests, the keyboard has 61 keys and also features eight trigger pads, assignable parameters knobs, and assignable sliders. It has pitch and modulations wheels, a numerical pad, transport buttons, and an LCD screen. Yup, it pretty much has all the controls you could want and then some. It then of course has MIDI connections and 1/4" output for sustain.


Using all the features on the M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 will definitely take some time as you will need to assign everything to your DAW. Still, once it's all set up the way you like it, it shouldn't be hard to operate everything as it's merely going to be a controller for what you have inside the box. It's built well and definitely sturdier than the standard version of the Axiom 61.


The M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 is a great overall MIDI controller, considering both it's a vast array of features and controls and it's very reasonable price. It really does seem like M-Audio is the king when it comes to MIDI controllers of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. They've really got something for everyone and in everyone's price range. While the Axiom Pro 61 is definitely one of their more complete controllers, it still doesn't cost a boat load of cash. It has the perfect amount of keys in my opinion, as you can play full two hand parts as well as simpler lead lines with one hand. I also enjoy the feel of the keyboard as although it's not completely weighted, it's the perfect in between as it feels real without being too heavy. If you are looking for a complete MIDI controller at a reasonable price, the M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 (and the standard Axiom 61) are a must see.

Jeffdigit's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but not perfect"

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
I bought this keyboard there two years, nine for use with Ableton Live with which it fits perfectly.

It offers an interesting range of kinds of controllers (slider, buttons, pads, encoders, ...) and has a keyboard aftertouch.
It controls 4 parts simultaneously, convenient (I would the above).

We can do almost everything by spending a little time in the program.
It works without problems with a 64 bit machine (W7 for me).

I think he has a nice look that does not play. It also makes a significant weight which gives it a very rugged look.


I used it a lot at first to control Ableton Live but now I use it almost more than noon to control other machines (Virus TI, Integra-7, BK-7m, ...) and some VST.
I preferred to disable HyperControl who took hold of the controllers to be able to program my way.

This is a formidable keyboard to control 4 parts on expander layer, split in ... in any configuration that is desired. Can play in enabling or disabling parts, and act upon each of them independently (volume, effects level, cutoff, resonance, Supernatural controllers, ...). By playing multiple sounds in parts on its machines, it is possible to get great sounds can modulate wish.

The aftertouch is very effective.

I love this keyboard for these opportunities to act on machines / vst. It is ideal for interactivity it offers.

But all is not perfect. The touch keyboard is ok but nothing special. It is not really soft and not really weighted. This is something between the two, but that is not very comfortable to play acoustic piano, EP, organ, ... on the other hand to play synth sounds, brass, strings, pads, it is the case that can act with aftertouch.

It does not allow a very fast game (unless it comes from me, it's possible). I find it easier with a piano or other keyboard softer (but unfortunately do not have aftertouch).
I do not like the two wheels separated for pitch bend.

The pads are too hard, almost unusable except to trigger sounds / sequences; nothing to do with those of Akai mpc or mpd.

It is not as bug free. I've managed to plant more than once, even if it is very rare.


I use it for 2 years. I got used to it and it would be very difficult to do without to control my other machines / VST.

The keyboard itself is not perfect but is very suitable for playing certain types of sounds with aftertouch.
I use to complement a digital piano keyboard that gives me a better comfort for other sounds (but does not offer pitch bend and aftertouch).

I have not found a single keyboard perfect master. I wish I could find the equivalent of my old Yamaha SS8 with the controllers of the Axiom Pro.

I do not regret my purchase so far. It is solid, practical, comprehensive and gives me a great interaction with machines and VST.

xbassman_K's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect for me!"

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
What motivated my choice is primarily the overall quality of the keyboard next to its price relatively content. Then, integrating the various software used (in my case, it's ProTools and plug-ins, Reason occasionally too, and sometimes Logic Pro) without making head or twisted configuration. All this is made possible thanks to the protocol house HyperControl ... The connection is classic: USB, midi in and out, expression pedal jacks and sustain. Side there is a plethora controllers, mod wheel, pitch bender, faders, rotary encoders, buttons, transport controls and pads, not to mention the excellent keyboard notes 61 semi-weighted keys. All this is of course programmable, if ever HyperControl dedicated profile does not suit you.


Much to say right now, I'm only an occasional keyboard player for bosser of arrangement and record parts using software instruments (synths, pianos, organs, etc ...), all that to say that for I touch this keyboard is well above my expectations. But no doubt he could displease a good pianist grumpy ... However, the use of all other controllers mentioned above works well, although I'm not very keen on the side "control surface" of the thing, because I had a long history of "drawing "all my automation with the mouse and the screen, which I find much faster. But it remains that the transport keys are handy, the encoders also makes me quite certain service plug-ins, and the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to keys is just gorgeous!
The manual is clear, simple configuration and general use clear. Again, thank you for HyperControl make things much easier! Integration with Mac OSX is 100% plug n play, plug and it works now! I still had to make updates to the firmware, because I encountered a slight problem when installing a new version of ProTools (the 9HD if I remember correctly). Otherwise no problem blocking or crash, it's solid.


Almost 3 years in my studio, and impossible to find fault. Before making that choice, I also squinted on equivalents at Studiologic and CME keyboards, but the price argument, the presence of HyperControl, and native integration with Protools tipped the balance in favor of Axiom Pro.
I'm trying to find a fault, I do not see ... Given the overall quality, features, and its capabilities, I do not think I am right in saying that this keyboard is a very good deal compared to its price. I clearly do it again this choice.

e-crazy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
Having a master keyboard that licked me and so at work I have to run to shop to start within minutes with a new keyboard.
I was left on a 49 but no bowl in a CATEGORY intermediary in terms of quality there remained only the Oxygen61. It is with this keyboard under the arm I went back to finish my record.
Simple installation (Pro Tools + Logic), connect the USB plug and dsigner as priphrique in ProTools and rolls.


No heavy touch, if you want a touch piano, go your way.
Vlocit classic, nothing more nor less, +/- 3 octaves, some assignable faders (quite prcis over a controller, as the Mackie MCU Pro, for example), so any utility for me.
Transport panel which can be convenient when you have no controller and finally a pitch bend wheel that there is more classic.


I use it now for 2 years, I made myself, it dpann me and ensures good now for compos studio. I recommend it if tight budget or first steps in the home studio or so if one is ultra press due to failure of another keyboard (like me).
I tried dozens of other keyboards before this one, I had the worst good and for a price equivalent.
It is tough enough, but the piano touch may miss some times ...

In short, a very good report qualitprix I recommend this purchase for a home studio, the characteristic will become insufficient for a shoot or for intensive use studio use.

Lau.'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
I bought this controller after reading forums etc notice.
Characteristics that motivated me: sensitive semi weighted, keyboard "all in one" (knobs, sliders, pads ...), design, keyboard splitable ... and "HyperControl" (sic, well maybe, but not for all uses)


Pianist is not touching suited me perfectly although a little soft, aftertouch is fun to play ... to use my keyboard is "too much" .. a simple touch lighter synth appropriate.

The manual is blah blah ...
Editing the controller itself (I'm not talking about HyperControl which I will post) is with the screen, not through menus and sub menus, but pretty damn poorly suited to utlisation "knober" ...

HyperControl is not made for anyone who wants to tweak a tt will ... is frozen and unplayable in my opinion ... I found this thing sucks ... There are two modes: normal and HyperControl transport, transport mode you lose most of the settings for twelve o'clock preset programs (I basically tried with cubase 5 and a bit ableton that I do not control him at all) and only a few functions are kept (for transport, play, pause etc. precisely!).

Why I have not been able to do with HyperControl? Because it is used to navigate when chéplukoi mode (there is a general pattern, I do not know the term, where you have access to volume, pan ... and a particular one will say) through the crowd parameters ... say you choose to go on your 8 track you want to tweak your vst? yay your vst 40 parameters, for example, you'll have 8 pages of parameters corresponding to the 8 knobs page being utlisation ... for the other 8, you supported a button and it scrolls the next page, and for the next 8 rebelote settings etc. .. etc. .. this is normal HyperControl mode ... order parameter can not be changed if HyperControl is normal ... so if you have your setting and cut off your reso another example is death, because it is necessary to change page ..
you can not work fast with it and it quickly becomes the mission to find a specific parameter ... in the end I found myself staring at the screen tj and be tempted by the mouse. or transfer any remaper HyperControl and my sauce ...

HyperControl seems rather appropriate to use more secondary parameters and settings synths etc ... for example, it can be effective if you focus primarily on piano playing and settings synth sounds etc. ... more to refine a big no settings live improvisations eyc / /: ..


I used a two months or more before having roughly the turn of logic and understand that it was not for me.

Before him I had a first oxygen b61 Geb. "