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Mapex Acoustic Drums user reviews


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "This has got to be the best beginner kit out there?!?" has images


    Okay, I would be very surprised to find a better entry-level kit especially after seeing that you can buy these for $200!! I originally bought mine for drummers to come over and jam with me on guitar.….I replaced the original snare with a 1960's Slin…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex V Series 5pce Rock Kit"


    Being drumming since 1992 and had a few kits in that time (First was a Maxwin 5pce from the 70's RIP), But by the early 2000's when that kit was no longer up to the punishment of metal drumming (Death/Grind) I needed a new kit on a budget. Went to t…

  • Mapex Brass Master Snare

    Mapex Brass Master Snare - "Nice professional snare, great for studio work but very heavy"


    This is a snare that I was not expecting to like very much at all. I was involved in a studio recording with one of these snares, and I first tried to not use it. I have been let down by Mapex before, but in 2010 I helped my nephew setup a Mapex se…

  • Mapex Voyager 2010

    Mapex Voyager 2010 - "Nice cheap set, for someone on a budget or a young child"


    I was recently shopping for a beginner set for my nephew. He seems like the kind of ten year old that will not give something up easy. That’s important for a drummer, because giving up the drums is a pain, not to mention expensive to purchase and d…

  • Mapex Brass Master Snare

    Mapex Brass Master Snare - moosers's review


    The Mapex Brass Master Snare Drum is one that comes in a variety of different sizes and isn't part of any larger drum kit that I'm aware of. I've used this snare drum in the studio where I was the engineer and not the player, as a session drummer br…

  • Mapex Black Panther Premium 13x5,5 cherry/mapple

    Mapex Black Panther Premium 13x5,5 cherry/mapple - "AWESOME Snare!"


    The Mapex Black Panther 13x5.5" Maple/Cherry Snare features: - 13" x 5.5" - 5.1mm shell - 1:9 bearing edge - Premium snare wire - 2.3mm Power Hoops - Natural finish I bought this snare as a replacement for my Pearl Joey Jordison steel snare. What …

  • Mapex Chromium

    Mapex Chromium - moosers's review


    The Mapex Chromium is a big and deep snare drum that I believe is sold on it's own and not part of a kit that I'm aware of. We have this snare drum at the studio where I work, and it's one of the ones that gets used the most from what I can tell fro…

  • Mapex Black Panther Machete

    Mapex Black Panther Machete - moosers's review


    Mapex's Black Panther Machete snare drum is a steel shell drum that is 14 x 6.5 in size. The snare drum is sold on it's own and not in any specific kit that I know about. I'm not a drummer, but as an engineer and musician playing with a drummer, I …

  • Mapex Pro M séries

    Mapex Pro M séries - "Mapex M Series Pro M"


    well here goes about mapex dont be fooled by shiny colours - i love my drums BUT mapex mmmm 1 the hardware is poor quality 2 the ply quality are poor uneven cheap cuts 3 the maple rings for the bass drums poor cheap ply cuts they ll break/snap…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - "Mapex Venus Series"


    I have been playing for eight years and the Venus series was my first kit. I have used it in a number of bands including punk rock, doom metal (early playing), indi/prog rock, and finally in funk and jazz bands. Picked this up at the local music s…