Mapex Pro M séries
Mapex Pro M séries

Pro M séries, Drum Set from Mapex.

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MGR/Saul 12/24/2008

Mapex Pro M séries : MGR/Saul's user review

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well here goes about mapex
dont be fooled by shiny colours - i love my drums BUT mapex mmmm
1 the hardware is poor quality
2 the ply quality are poor uneven cheap cuts
3 the maple rings for the bass drums poor cheap ply cuts
they ll break/snap easily if your not careful
the hardware is pretty cheap and not interchangeable.

avoid anything below a saturn. - even so the lugs are still the same cheap quality as found on the m and pro m. and the maple rings too.

new - buy - gretsch catalina / or pacific these are pretty good cheap new models.



My advice is, if you want cheap and great buy a secondhand premier - APK. rock solid ! or pearl MLX, or a 70s rogers! all about £400 for a good one -many to be found on ebay and great sounding drums!

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