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MGR/Anonymous 07/28/2004

Mapex M Series : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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Purchase the mapex M series, at andertons music shop in the uk for £499. This kit offered all the critera i was looking for in a mid range kit and more.

The overall appearace and quaility of the kit stood out, the gloss finsih on the maple outside wood of the toms, not only makes the kit look professtional and expensive, but provides a long term high quality, whilst reduces the amount of scatches and damage.
In addition the kit sound fantastic! The toms provide a deep clear sound, whilst the snare is still sharp and snappy but also very clear and unquic.
The hardware is solid and the chunky two handle boom stands mantains an excellant sound for the holding of the cymbals and adds to the proffessional look of the kit.
Also the remo rims are steady and add to the excellant maple wood tom sound.

There really isn't much to say, however this kit can take a long time to tune to a perfect sound, especally the snare. But easy for any experienced drummer.

One of the best parts of the kits, beats the peral exports hands down by far, trust me. The peral export compared to the mapex m series seem cheap and crappy.


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