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MGR/Sandro del Greco 10/17/2001

Mapex M Series : MGR/Sandro del Greco's user review

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I bought this kit from the Newcastle Drum Centre in England. After looking for months at mid range kits I found this great kit, it was a bargain at £520. I had looked at other kits like the Pearl Export but it doesn't look as good as the mapex kit and the Tama Rockstar, but this was too expensive for me (im a poor boy :)).

The first thing that caught my eye was the colour, transparent amber and the raw hoops on the bass drum. I'm not sure about the mapex hardware as I got Pearl stuff with my kit. Also you get Remo heads with the drums as standard, which really sold me the kit, for £520 that is amazing. Also I don't really like the idea of big toms so I got the fusion sizes as you get a "normal" sized bass drum with them. And one more thing is that the toms don't get pierced by the tom arms, which improves the sound of the drums.

There isn't really anything I don't like, it probably would of been better if the bass drum wasn't pierced but its only 1 hole so that's ok :). That's all that I don't like.

They are great quality, I have had my drums for 2 months now and there has been no problems at all, not even the smallest thing.

These drums are possible the best drums I have ever played in my 3 years drumming, with the shells being maple on the inside and the bass wood on the out side they look great as well as sounding great. If you are looking to buy a mid range kit this is the one you should be buying!!!!

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