Focal Solo6 Be
Focal Solo6 Be

Solo6 Be, Active Monitor from Focal in the SM6 series.

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All user reviews for the Focal Solo6 Be

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 18 reviews )
 14 reviews78 %
 3 reviews17 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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DownSideUp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not my thing"

Focal Solo6 Be
For monitoring. Choice because of the reputation ...

The Look is SUBLIME! never seen such beautiful.


CAUTION TWEETER beryllium love it or leaking!

So already it is not neutral, metallic treble for me (ca password or it breaks) and to compensate for a lower midrange forward. But suddenly these acute detail well reverb and other shaker / voice ...

Kindly flattering, but if you know, it happens.

Already not a fan to buy, I buried by me lend PSI-17. For the same price (in Cygnus) was the phase compensation and enslaved boomer, you enter another world. Detail has dropped a solid picture, clear bass curve much more neutral, hidden instruments that appear.

Focal to remain timid sub (low medium high fat, illusion serious) a nice stereo image, but dissociated and details that keeps acute spicy (as we do when we can not phase compensation)

It's still beautiful pregnant oriented rather large and expensive public hair. Living, natural enough, and superb finishes, beautifully typed I would say (unless allergic to beryllium)


IMHO start with HS80 then go on to KH120 has MUCH for money.

a € 1,400 OCCAZ IF you like that sound, Focal are very lively, easy to place and usable but personally for 2000 € new, much jumping on the PSI or leave more for high-end monitors.

I do not like false bearings, for me the Focal Solo are very alluring but nibbled at the bottom (incredible kh120) and top (PSI technologies that benefit small A-14 and A-17, unlike the solos n do not have great things from this big sisters share a spicy beryllium)

Price / quality ratio very blah, but expensive acclaim.

Are 5 years ok, pretty standard, but in 2014 the Solo dangerously surrounded! Cocorico but still!
CMS worse, buried by KH120.

compare compare compare, among you, pay you, etc ...

timsha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good value for money"

Focal Solo6 Be
- I was looking for speakers to make autoprod (recording, mixing, mastering) without exceeding € 2000 budget. I knew it would compromise and all that way in these prices, I would have to use headphones to control the bottom.
My criteria were therefore a maximum linearity and details in the range 60-20000Hz with an accurate rendering of the space and the opportunity to work for hours without listening fatigue.
After several plays in the local shops, I turn to Solo6 and it is love at first sight: a non-fatiguing listening HiFi kind but full details are defined as reverbs, compressions, the placement in space. The sweet spot is not extraordinarily wide but once you're there, it's all good, and switching to mono speakers disappear to give the impression of a central line. The surcompressions agree, bad mix sound bad but are good "hair stand on end" down slowly disappears from 70 to 40 but without becoming soft or artificially inflated by the event. (Once installed, I saw that the calculation of the port is so good that nothing is gained by the butcher).
In short, they meet my specifications and I leave with.

For a higher budget you can get better, but it is always the case. I do not work for Focal but I wish good luck to those who are looking better for the same price.


Do not forget that the first parameter to the neutrality of a frequency curve is the listening room and speaker placement. The room itself is an equalizer followed by a reverb and an echo chamber. It is almost imperative to make the most possible absorbing front and rear walls of the symmetrical position relative to the side walls and absorb early reflections at the floor and ceiling.
The second step is to set the listening volume that plays on the sensitivity of the ear to different frequencies.
After these steps are completed, it is so everywhere, with just a little lower short between 70_60 and 40hz. But what I really appreciate is that it is never rough, depreciation is burr-free and has a very good dynamic on everything we hear.


Very good value for money

rollandh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Top game listening"

Focal Solo6 Be
The reputation of the brand Focal and comparative listening in Michenaud. They are very beautiful (if it matters if the aesthetics).
Using pro home studio. Taking voice, percussion, guitar. No jack against mandatory by XLR (standard pro). Switch to the back to adjust bass treble, master volume.


Very good record overall. Impeccable stereo image. Superb dynamics, I admit I'm looking disputed points.
His clear and precise (possibly that ATC is more accurate but I have no budget). Mixes super faithful listening to other points.


Used for 1 year. Really good speakers.
For my little stud 'I can not do better. I listened neumann kh120, the focal cms 50 and 65 in michenaud.
The vendor has advised us to listen to the speakers corresponding to our budget for more prices rise, more listening makes pregnant lower range fades. Frankly it is very true part. Neumann, focal are very good brands. The solo is perfect, I have not listened to the event opal side (trops great way to head to my local), I did well I exchange solos for anything. Running long enough though.

Niko5434's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Precision you said??"

Focal Solo6 Be
My Home:
Configuration imac 27 "Mackie Control, Sub 6 focal, Focal Solo 6 be, audio phoenix Nicerizer 16 Nordlead 4 Korg N5, Monotribe, RME Fireface 800 x2.

Professional use.

Solo 6 be have already seduced me with their impeccable aesthetic and flawless finish.
It's beautiful, well finished and then also French for once crowing what!!


Curve absolutely neutral frequency.
A precision terrrrrible!!
Useless to cheat with these speakers, if your mix is ​​bad it is excessively on solo 6!
A very good stereo image with good dynamics.


I use since April 2012 and remake this choice without any hesitation!
Only downside, if we produce electronic music then it must be a box!
They do not go down very low ....

Before choosing this pair I looked at the side of opal (opal event) and then I listened to my instinct and voila!
No regrets!

Looking for a pair of speakers to mix in detail?? Solo 6 be are for you!

Aerodrink's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The perfect balance!"

Focal Solo6 Be
Usage: home studio, connected the output of a DAC Audio Lucid ADA8824 (my RME Babyface is connected to the input / output of the DAC so ADAT digital)
What motivated my choice: the many readings around the monitor on the net. I did finally heard when I went to buy! (Slap immediately)
As a point of comparison I could a pair of MSP-5 for 10 years, which does not demerit far from it, but do not clearly play in the same court. Note that the replay of my mix on Focal have confirmed me that the MSP-5 are good monitor speakers, especially if they are coupled to a sub not too bad (which is my case)


The dynamics are excellent, even surprising (although a simple mp3 encoded already sounds terribly, so the "lossless" ...). Those who like to hear the slightest adjustment of a compressor will be served
The stereo image and accuracy are excellent. What surprises most, beyond the frequency representation (which covers the great spectrum) is inverted beryllium tweeters: they are not directional, which greatly expands the "sweet spot" the listener. Ultra nice when you want to look to grab a knob and keep all the frequencies in the ears.
As to whether it is necessary to add a sub, I would say that if you are in an apartment with neighbors and you're working at a moderate volume, the sub is a plus. As soon as you start sending fat with Solo6 the need of sub becomes less obvious. Personally I have a Samson Rubicon R10S that perfectly complements the Solo6 for much cheaper than the Focal sub, and I keep it to really highlight the slightly low (below 40Hz wholesale). And it's really because I'm greedy ^ ^


I've had two weeks, I have the impression to have always been. I mean, I fell in love with her, the way they sound I immediately talked and I know I will be super comfortable to adjust my mixes with onions.
Note that there is a slight noise floor, barely perceptible configuration +4 dB (nothing unusual for this speaker category "send"). I say that as the slightest sound paranoid, some people do not perceive the sweet spot, only close to the ear speaker. It must be said that there is no gain control on the speaker, ie the amplifier output is at max all the time.
With the experience I would do this choice, but a few years back to enjoy more!

Diouk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal Solo6 Be
use: home studio
What motivated my purchase? Simple, I listened to the speakers in the stores for a long time. I have not heard too much (for my taste)!
Connected directly to a quad UAD Apollo, it's great!


It is a very neutral speaker, the sound is very accurate. Speaker placement is not easy, you have a beautiful piece with a distance of at least 2m for a good picture. She has no control back, the volume is managed only by the sound card (or volume between the two, but it is a pity to multiply connections). If you forget to turn down the volume, attention to ears, they send!
As advised by the brand, they need a "break"!


Used for one year in intensive, on all the time! It is certain that the price is not nothing, but to mix properly, there really is no picture. Well above Dynaudio, Adams, Genelec in the same price range, but that's my opinion, a pregnant is still personal. Go listen and compare with your music!
ramshakle 7510/23/2013

ramshakle 75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just perfect."

Focal Solo6 Be
I've been testing all pregnant 4/5 times at Univers-sounds in Paris, no more than half an hour each time, because after we no longer understand anything.
To / use Music prod / post prod
Whenever they stood out from the crowd.
It was a bit off-budget, but good for a while, it becomes so clear that puts money on the table.


That's what I like, they are sufficiently neutral, everything is there, plus it is very nice, they are not tiring, and since I can bosser 24 hours continuously counts too much.
The sound is clear and powerful stereo is top.


I use them for more than two years for anything in the world I would back.
I remember the pain when I was mixing on small MSP5 ...
I tried other models, I remember that I was quite disappointed by Dynaudio
Neumann and Adam, something not natural to my ear. also disappointed by CMS Series from Focal, but hey it's not the same price either.

I like everything, it's not complicated, even their mouths is that I'm a fan.
They unanimously studio.
In the next room, there was the 1030 Genelec, whether it sounds good, it goes on focal, radical.

It is a bit expensive but ultimately, given the quality of the product is fully justified.

I would do this choice 100 times less to spend on twin B

2 years of use and still super happy with this choice, I do not get tired.

kyl30's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal Solo6 Be
I use them in config 2.1 (with sub6) for listening and mixing mainly. My choice was motivated by technology made in Focal (including Berylium tweeter is just wonderful).
The finish of these speakers is close to perfection! It's beautiful


What a pleasure!
Everything is ... music is revealed simply, without artifice.

It is better to treat the rest of his equipment to get the max (acoustic convertos ...)


I have for over a year now and I'm tired ...

The only complaint that I find them, is that they do not really down, but the bottom is issued is very accurate, if not generous bandwidth.
For me, the problem was solved with the purchase of sub6 (also excellent) ... And then it purrs!

The French know how to make pregnant! I understand why and know-how to sell the 4 corners of the world ...
tonton erno08/09/2011

tonton erno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A poem"

Focal Solo6 Be
Speakers and impeccable craftsmanship to me beyond anything I've tried in this price range.


Precise, fine, plump, supple, nervous, full of silk and dynamic. Music. That is the word I was looking for. Balanced spectrum. You can hear the wood but also metal. And the friction of the second violin shirt (but there is not an image). Powerful and largely sufficient for 20 m2. Absolutely not tiring. 3D stereo image. The left, right, middle, and if you listen closer to the top and bottom or the back (when we love, we add).


I hesitated with Adam S1X, but the model I tried spitting at an hour (a demo model). It cooled me ... They are the same. Compared with my Prodipe 8 (from when I was a virgin) is the day and night. I also worked with the FAR, Adam, Dynaudio and Mackie. The solo me are more expensive, however they are cheaper. It is a long-term investment. Time will tell.

ferdji's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" NOTICE"

Focal Solo6 Be
I wanted a neutral sound, not flattering.
I use the output of my mixer.


Very good record. I think if one goes through a soft, a good clock is useful.


I've had at least 4 years.
Before I had Tanoy passive (super audio) then yamaha MSP5 (need love).