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Studer Analog Mixers user reviews

  • Studer 916

    Studer 916 - " excellent console! Very versatile in a digital environment!"


    CONSOLE STUDER including: LEFT: -6 + 2 microphone inputs mono line inputs or 8 mono line inputs. -EQs: 2kHz bell on the first 2 line inputs 20hz & shelve 12kHz shelve on Units 3, 4 and 5. -8 Faders - PFL and MUTE TO SEND MONO …

  • Studer 189

    Studer 189 - ecolleno's review


    The general configuration is simple? The usual functions are they easily accessible? The manual is clear and sufficient? * ... SOUNDS The console is transparent? Introduced she breath? The equalizer is it effective? * ... OVERALL OPINION For…

  • Studer 169

    Studer 169 - arthurlavilla's review


    Hello to all lovers of Studer 169. I have 3 Studer 269 (a master 16 / 2 and two bins 20hp) and a stereo 169, a total of 56 mono and 14 stereo !!!!! and a lot of spare slices. the 169 is modular there are several versions. of 8/2/2, the 10 / 2 and ste…

  • Studer 169

    Studer 169 - Dougue's review


    I start. Tribute this minimix I love and I There's Discoveries 20 years he's taken a full orchestra. The chassis is available with rack or wooden parts varnish. The console comes in several versions: mono, stereo, quad or three buses. The con…

  • Studer 169

    Studer 169 - cricri d'la mort's review


    View Previous notice UTILIZATION Casiment made for beginners ... so that the pro SOUNDS Transparency breathless musicality terrible OVERALL OPINION If you buy a Studer is certainly in its history, its look, its ergonomics, simplicity,…

  • Studer 961

    Studer 961 - SUMER's review


    This is one console legendary Radio France, taken for its collection outdoor. Its strong points are advanced while its origin: "Swiss", a quality production all evidence, easy maintenance (requires analog) and a sound that feels good to the ears. U…

  • Studer 169

    Studer 169 - djef2000's review


    I will be short since everything has clearly trs t dj said I love this console, it remains one of my best memories in the making Does it also take the bcp cinma mix to sleep as a configuration of microphones nagra ... There's rarely rev it a few …

  • Studer 169

    Studer 169 - anapurna's review


    Little wonder, little gem from the past, 70's delight - It does not rack, but it is portable which is very convenient to adapt to working environments quickly - There are two versions: the 169 and 269 respectively (10 channels 2 to bus 1, lan…