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  • A noise-removal tutorial with the Spectral Repair Module in iZotope RX

    A noise-removal tutorial with the Spectral Repair Modul… - A Unique Tool for Cleaning Up Audio Glitches


    There’s no such thing as magic, but after using some of today’s amazingly powerful DSP software, it sometimes seems like there is. One product that definitely has the magic touch is iZotope RX, an audio restoration suite that just came out with its fourth major revision, RX 4, which introduces some cool new features. In this article, though, we’re…

  • Noises Off

    Noises Off - How to Use Broadband Noise Reduction Software to Clean Up Music Recordings


    Much as we try to avoid it, there are occasions when noise gets onto our recordings. It could be a live recording where the source was too quiet and background hiss was picked up, or a passage on electric guitar through a high-gain amp that was buzzing, or an air conditioner in the background that got recorded onto a track along with the source. S…

  • iZotope RX 3 Review

    iZotope RX 3 Review - Threesome


    After adding the RX to its software catalog in 2007, iZotope has made a name for itself in the audio restoration world. The second version came out in 2010 and really drove it home making the software a reference in this domain.

  • Zynaptiq Unfilter Review

    Zynaptiq Unfilter Review - Unfiltered


    As its name implies, the purpose of Unfilter, the new product of Zynaptiq, is to eliminate all filter effects applied to an audio file. How and does it really succeed?