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Hartke Bass Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Hartke HA3500

    Hartke HA3500 - "An opportunity that shouldn't be missed"


    Hybrid amplification, 350w / 4ohms UTILIZATION Intuitive settings, easy to get a good sound SOUNDS Suits all styles, regardless of the bass. OVERALL OPINION Everything has been said already. This head is remarkable due to its quality build and …

  • Hartke HA3500

    Hartke HA3500 - "Great amp!"


    It's a hybrid amp. Solid-state and tube peamp, solid-state power amp 2 pots for the preamp (tube and solid-state) 1 compressor pot 1 10-band EQ with On/Off switch 2 Contour pots (Low and High Pass) 1 Master/Volume pot 1 effects loop. 1 DI o…

  • Hartke HA3500

    Hartke HA3500 - "Reliable, sturdy, practical, powerful"


    Everything has been said already, so I'll sum it up quickly. Front panel: active/passive input - 2 preamp tube/solid-state - compressor - 10-band EQ - low/hi pass and master. Back panel: 2 speaker outputs - effects send-return (with balance) - DI out…

  • Hartke HA2500

    Hartke HA2500 - "Hartke HA2500"


    This bad boy is 250 watts at 4 ohms and about 180 at 8 ohms. The preamp gives you solid state and tube gain (this never made sense to me in a tube amp, but hey, the amps sounds good, why question it right?) Next you have a compressor. Not bad …

  • Hartke LH1000

    Hartke LH1000 - "Hartke LH1000"


    This is the big brother to the Hartke LH500, an amp I reviewed earlier, but have since upgraded. This amp is like having 2 500 watt amps in one. In bridged mono this beast puts out 750 watts into 8ohm and 1100 into 4 ohms. If you need more power t…

  • Hartke LH500

    Hartke LH500 - "Hartke LH500"


    This is a no frills, best bang for your buck powerful bass head. It's built like a tank inside and out. 500 watts of pure tube driven bass goodness. I needed a head that was simple to use, portable, durable, had a DI out and oh yeah it needed to s…

  • Hartke HA3500

    Hartke HA3500 - "Hartke 3500"


    I purchased this head in 1991 from Musicians Friend for around $480 Sound, versatility, ease of use, and reliability is what makes me a Hartke fan. I play rock, from the classics right up to todays new music as well as some country and southern roc…

  • Hartke HA2000

    Hartke HA2000 - "Hartke HA2000 w/ Transformer 15" and 2-12" speakers"


    I bought both the amp and 2 speaker cabinets from Mars Music in Bloomington, Minnesota. They had a going out of business sale in November, 2002. The amp head was $150. Both speaker cabs for $400. The total price was about 55% off the retail tag pric…

  • Hartke HA3500

    Hartke HA3500 - "Hartke 3500"


    I had been wanting a Hartke system for a couple of years. My father, (also a musician), found this nice deal where he lives, (Tenn.--I live near Chicago), at a place called Pot 'O Gold, in Paris, TN. I paid $900.00 for a Hartke 3500 amp, a 4-10 cab, …

  • Hartke HA4000

    Hartke HA4000 - "Hartke HA4000"


    I got this unit from a friend who was getting out of playing bass. He sold it to me with the head, and two cabs, for 500 bucks... sweet deal, eh? I love the shapeability of the sound. There is a knob on here that you can fiddle with called Dbass. It…