Hartke HA2500
Hartke HA2500

HA2500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

abinaya 02/03/2009

Hartke HA2500 : abinaya's user review


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For all the technical details (settings, connections etc. ..) I can not speak as a guitarist of the band, I do not know thoroughly this bebette; on the other hand, I know that my bass player has tested a lot of stuff (Eden Nemesis 4x10 Combo, Trace elliott ..) well, there cete head attached to a Vx 400 of the same brand (+ a 15 'if outside) with a active low is MONSTROUS power and précision- rarely exceed mid volume ...- race if he wants to clear the slamming slap, kick-2 and c équalo set when one wants to move to the + his round, same thing and it does it too ... and robust with that, she took a lot of (big) shocks in the van, nothing has changed ... he paid 450 euros it occas head 4X + 10 ... who says better ... thank you !!! Hartke




A to fade quite a scratch ...


Unbeatable value for money