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Hartke HA2000
Hartke HA2000

Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke belonging to the HA series.

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MGR/Dave Amperse MGR/Dave Amperse

« Hartke HA2000 w/ Transformer 15" and 2-12" speakers »

Publié le 11/27/02 à 15:00
I bought both the amp and 2 speaker cabinets from Mars Music in Bloomington, Minnesota. They had a going out of business sale in November, 2002. The amp head was $150. Both speaker cabs for $400. The total price was about 55% off the retail tag price.

This unit has exceptionally clear sound and very nice control panel. The ten band EQ, tube and solid state pre-amp controls, and both high and low contour pass controls (which provide up to 18 dB boost ) let me go from nice to nasty and vice-versa with no added effect gear. Also, the compression control allows for smooth sound in any instrument including my Shcecter Diamond Series accoustic guitar and AXL accoustic bass. With only 200 watts of power this unit still kicks major butt.

The bass sound of the Hartke is so clear that any miscues or sloppy playing is laid open loud and clear. It forces me to play with extreme precision. I may not like having to work so hard at perfection but at the same time it makes me a better bassist. Good compression does help. Also, carrying three pieces to every gig, along with axes and related gear gets tiring, more so than a combo, but the sound is sooo great... besides, it gives my kids something to carry at all ages shows.

The Amp is fairly small, 18"x14"x4", set in an 18 guage steel casing with solid plastic corner guards, and weighs only about 6 lbs. Solid State circuitry with simulated tube pre-amp is like the best of both worlds. the speaker cabs are felt covered 3/4 inch pressboard with solid plastic corner guards, inset carrying handles and sure grip bottom pads. This amp also comes with mounting brackets making it rack ready.

I can change my sound to fit whatever style of music the band is playing and it's always crisp and clear. Of course, with contour knobs set at maximum, the distortion is just right for some of the heavier stuff. The Line out jack for recording or running a line to the main PA has zero noise and really helps our sound man get the levels mixed. I love this Amp and now that I have had time to explore what it can do, it loves me back.

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