Hartke HA3500
Hartke HA3500

HA3500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke in the HA series.

MGR/Anonymous 07/10/2003

Hartke HA3500 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I purchased this head in 1991 from Musicians Friend for around $480

Sound, versatility, ease of use, and reliability is what makes me a Hartke fan. I play rock, from the classics right up to todays new music as well as some country and southern rock and this amp allowed me to dial in exactly the sound I wanted and quickly. This head has a solid state and tube preamp section. The solid state pre has a tremendous amount of mid bite. You can drive right through any guitar using this preamp. The tube preamp is smooth and warm with a characteristic scoop out of the mids. The compression works well to put a purcussion bite to each note. The bass and treble contours allow you make broad spectrum adjustments to your sound and the ten band graphic EQ allows you to fine tune tour tone. LOUD! This amp can handle it's own. Best make sure your speakers can handle the 350 watts this beast hammers out. Reliability can't be beat. If you take care of your gear, you'll get more than your monies worth from it.

I honestly can't think of a down side to this amp outside of the compression. If you are really picky about the compression then buy a seperate compressor.

I have gig'd hard with this amp for over 11 years and didn't have a single problem. This thing has run in every climatic environment you can think of and had never let me down. In fact, it still has the original tube in it and sounds as good as the day I bought it. Racking the head helps a great deal. It is important to isolate the head from cabinet vibrations a much as possible. I use a 2 inch thick piece of black foam.

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, watt for watt, this is one fantastic head. Great sound, versatility, reliability, this one of the best investments in your rig that you will ever make. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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