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Hartke LH1000

Bass Guitar Amp Head from Hartke belonging to the LH series.

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pussinboots pussinboots

«  Pure diesel blood »

Publié le 05/10/14 à 05:29
Value For Money : Excellent
READ MY OPINION ON LH-500 is the same amp

Hybrid preamp 1 x ECC83, transistor amp

2x500W into 4 ohms, bridgeable to 1000W. Download manual in Samsontec for specific specs.

Bass, mid, treble
1 button bright
1 DI pre-preamp

2 inputs active / passive
1 volume, scale to 2 amps

See my article on LH 500 because apart from the 2 amp and power, it is the same as 1000W.

I only use active low so it is the perfect (low setting) because I work course corrections on bass.


The preamp is none other than the preamp "bassman 100" 60s channel bright component near (I plans hehe so I can speak ... hehe).
The manual is useless, 3 buttons the sound is right there.
Easy and it sends a potato breathlessly.

Lack in my opinion compared to the older brothers of a brand or a Deep Contour for slap passages when coming from classic sounds


This is going on everywhere! It is very good for heavy and round sound, but works very well in fusion with mediums very present.

As I said to a contact who wanted technical advice, no scene justifies such powers except to manage multiple stacks positioned on large trays.

500W behind outdoor 10m even if the cashing baffles without flinching, what I (Powerhouse 115 + 210), is not in the field of endurance, so 1000 ...


Used for several years with its little brother the 500.

I like the price, ease and powerful sound
I do not like the weight especially when it's Racke tjrs which was my case. When others run it okay but when it's me that's wrong.

The value for money is excellent although I think it increases a little ...

I did more because the weight bothered me. I opted for the opposite, GK fusion 500 = 2kg. And it sends the brawn! This is not the same price of course.
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