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Mackie Computer Music user reviews

  • Mackie Spike XD-2

    Mackie Spike XD-2 - "I like it a lot, once I eventually got it working."


    Great convertors and mic pre-amps. Solidly made, and quite good front and rear panel features. I'm using it in a bedroom studio with a laptop. I have studios in most rooms, so for 50 bucks I thought to indulge myself. ( you can never have too many s…

  • Mackie Control Universal Pro

    Mackie Control Universal Pro - "nice feel"


    The Mackie Control Universal Pro gives you smooth fader control with the responsive feel of some very expensive analog boards from years past. The faders are touch sensitive 100mm, and they are motorized. There is a full meter display that will show…

  • Mackie Onyx Blackjack

    Mackie Onyx Blackjack - "Pass"


    The Mackie Onyx Blackjack is a very small interface that is a 2 in and 2 out USB unit. The latency is suppose to be zero but I could hear a very small amount of latency while listening to play back and it was really irritating me. This unit is very i…

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - "3 MIDI in and MIDI out"


    The Mackie Control Universal is a solid work station that has 9 faders and all of them are motorized. there are over 50 total buttons on the Control Universal and most of them are fully customizable and can be synced with whatever you want them to co…

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - "i love it"


    The Mackie Control Universal is a motorized MIDI based mini control surface, designed for use with your digital audio workstation. It is nice and small and is perfect for controlling your basic functions without having to control everything inside th…

  • Mackie HUI

    Mackie HUI - moosers's review


    I first purchased the Mackie HUI about three years ago and have found that it is a very powerful machine in terms of controlling a DAW. I have used it both with Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 and Pro Tools LE 7.4. I got it because I wanted to be able to fee…

  • Mackie Tracktion

    Mackie Tracktion - FP User's review


    For a multitrack with vst/vsti support the features are pretty solid.Some would like more midi featues,but it's fairly solid there too now at ver.2. Recording features are great.Vst handling is super.Modular routing is the way to go. With the right v…

  • Mackie Tracktion

    Mackie Tracktion - FP User's review


    There's nothing missing that I can tell so far. I can't express how much I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program!... Price paid 400.00 with the Spike system, much cheaper by itself First of all, I am new to music production. I'm getting in when no o…

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - victormelamade's review


    I used to have one of these for about two years before the mackie control universal pro came out. When this one came out, it was the best thing on the market. Mackie really knows what people want in the control surface market which is still surpris…

  • Mackie Control Universal Extender Pro

    Mackie Control Universal Extender Pro - victormelamade's review


    I have had a few of these things for a few months now. I used to have the original Mackie Control Universal system before it was all upgraded to the Pro versions. The extender Pro version is honestly not all that different from the original version…