Aerodrink 04/28/2004

Mackie Control : Aerodrink's user review


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[edit on 28/04]

I use it for two months: it's a great product, pro trs, trs well thought out and worth every penny. I use it with Cubase SX2 and indeed it is in these conditions (mice unused 95% of the time) that the software (broadly defined, is not it, may be another squenceur) takes really its full dimension in the sense ergonomically.

The finish is perfect, the blue LCD is the most beautiful effect and what about Penny & Gilles faders that are really gniaux (see below). If I wanted to quibble I would say that the buttons play / stop / etc. who click-click buttons to make me think of the old IBM keyboards: it's the only thing that makes a little "cheap" on the device, but it's so dtail compared to the input!

To give an ide of using the BTE in SX:

- CONTRL tracks by Mackie are those that are visible in the console VST (ie if you move a piece in "cache", it disappears from the screen + mackie at the same time)
- Track names appear directly above each slice on the LCD (gnial!)
- If you change the order of the slices in Cubase, Mackie makes the change directly (by reversing the positions of the corresponding faders)

Moreover, given that it is impossible as Cubase change the track order Fawn totally free (eg 1: 2 Audio: VSTi 3: VSTi 4: 5 Audio: Rewire 6: 7 VSTI: Audio 8: Rewire etc..), it is essential to spend only by groups.

Thus, for example, I made a 24 track setup groups in SX: displaying only groups under the console, there are only groups that appear on the Mackie and suddenly you put the order that you want. This fawn is gnial in use: one can completely from reorganization of the slices being components: the faders with automation start automatically updated on the Mackie, and the names of the tracks on the LCD!

However, it remains a bug, even with the latest OS from Mackie: LEDs "signal" have an activity that does not match that of the slices. This would be a problem inhrent SX that would not transmit the correct values ​​of Mackie. It was not until a future version of Cubase for this bug has been corrected.

A note on Penny & Gilles faders: a little Drout to beginners because they are touch-sensitive faders, if for example you touch a fader with your finger (without the fader moves, for example, it is calculated at the bottom ) Well the mackie sends MIDI! This is reflected in the fact that if you're having fun moving faders with nails, they return to their original position cis! In fact if you move the faders with anything other than cis fingers they recover their position on Previous! This is to avoid accidents during the mix like I push my sheets on my desk and I lose my last mix. This means jusqu'o they pushed the DLIR in Mackie! (Such as pasque Whereas hyper handicapping is on an analogue desk, as in our case we return the worst dernire the backup). I wanted even when prciser because I put a sional understand! :-)

Finally: you can accder all: EQ, insert, FX, choices and their VSTis paramtres / presets is finally Sidr permeability with the software of your choice.

TO BE AMONG ALL HANDS! In short I highly recommend all users of Cubase SX and other squenceurs to sell your old machines that you no longer use SAVE for the 1000 euro (used) that cost the machine (nine euros in 1300).

Apart from the small ppin LEDs on the edges that do not correspond to the channels - and the problem comes from Steinberg and would be for the next update rgl power in May - this machine quickly becomes indispensable for passing on it. Make music with your ears and not with your eyes (yes, you can not adjust the levels, for example the mouse without looking at the screen).