Reason Studios Computer Music user reviews

  • Reason Studios Reason 10

    Reason Studios Reason 10 - "A new version… with nothing new ?!!!"


    I’ve tried to use this piece of software with a Surface Pro 4, core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. I say “I’ve tried” as versions 9 and 9.5 have never worked correctly : after 15 minutes, Reason’s memory starts leaking. All for a bad start, with an install…

  • Reason Studios Reason 8

    Reason Studios Reason 8 - "Reason 8"


    I use Reason 8.3 64 bit with a Focusrite Saffire6 usb Audio/midi interface. My PC is quite old now,pentium dual core 2.4ghz with 8gb ram,Reason seemss less cpu intensive than most other daws i have used. Sound quality can sometimes appeara bit thin…

  • Reason Studios Reason 7

    Reason Studios Reason 7 - "Reason 7 review"


    Reason 7 is the latest installment of the popular music making software that has been developed by the Swedish company known as propellerhead. This sequencing software has gained in popularity over the years thanks to its simulation of a real hardwar…

  • Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2

    Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2 - "Review of Recycle 2.2"


    Recycle is a program that let's you import audio files and chop them into individual sections so that they can then be imported into sequencers and samplers that use the Rex file format. Recycle is a simple piece of software that does a small job. Ho…

  • Reason Studios Reason 7

    Reason Studios Reason 7 - "A beautiful creation tool"


    Fast and easy installation, as usual with Reason. PERFORMANCE What's your computer setup? (motherboard/CPU/RAM/HDD/soundcard..) iMac i5 2012 8gb Ram Does the software work correctly with your setup? The software works great. How is the …

  • Reason Studios Reason 7

    Reason Studios Reason 7 - "Excellent value for money!!"


    This software is easy to use but you need some idea of computer music to use it. However, there are lots of forums to help you out and the Reason site is very helpful when you have a problem. It's very easy to install and update. PERFORMANCE It…

  • Reason Studios Reason 7

    Reason Studios Reason 7 - "A good DAW to start writing songs"


    Very easy installation. The demo version is really nice in this regard, no time limitations, all features are accessible, except the possibility to open other files than those of the demo. A very good way to get acquainted with the software. The proo…

  • Reason Studios Reason 7

    Reason Studios Reason 7 - "Made for creating!"


    The installation and configuration are relatively quick. The preferences window is pretty straightforward, so you don't have to look for hours for the different options. The automatic detection of MIDI gear is great. The manual is like an encyclop…

  • Reason Studios Balance

    Reason Studios Balance - "for the Reason users!"


    This Propellerhead Balance USB interface is made for Reason users. It is perfectly geared and ready to be used with Reason right way; they have pretty much already set it all up from the start I just had to load it all up. This interface came with Re…

  • Reason Studios Reason 6

    Reason Studios Reason 6 - "All in one"


    Reason 6.5 is a DAW that gives you an unlimited amount of tracks for audio, and a whole bunch of effects right out of the box. The soft synths that come with it are decent too, but they are not good enough to make you want to use them without purchas…