Reason Studios Reason 7
Reason Studios Reason 7

Reason 7, General Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

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rogercag 11/17/2013

Reason Studios Reason 7 : rogercag's user review

« A good DAW to start writing songs »

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Very easy installation. The demo version is really nice in this regard, no time limitations, all features are accessible, except the possibility to open other files than those of the demo. A very good way to get acquainted with the software. The proof is that I stopped using cracks.
Activating it on my PC was a bit of a pain, it was buggy the first day (but it worked find the next day and I could use Reason 7 in connected mode all the same).


Setup: 4Gb ram, 3g4 processor, the software is very stable and it's not very resource-intensive. The results are great and it sounds fine straight away (unlike with Cubase sx3, which I used for several years; it was unstable, resource-intensive and way less intuitive than Reason; I would spend lots of time with VSTs that were very resource-intensive, not free and complex to use).

It comes with everything so you can focus on CREATING! It's awesome!
...and it's incredible effective.


I've been using it for one month.
I used Cubase and some other software programs before (fruity loops among others).
But it's the first time I think the software is well-accomplished and practical.
What I like best is the rack system, which works like in real life. It's logical and easy to use.
It's expensive, but the price is justified by everything that comes with it, and you don't have to spend a dime afterwards.

In terms of use, the block/song system is simply awesome. You can make loops on the fly and nothing is ever out of sync. You can also create "classic" audio tracks in parallel.

*****Update from 02.24.2015

Okay, the excitement is long gone. I've been using Reason intensively for 1.5 years.
I was really happy with Reason for writing songs until I found myself limited using it (even if I regarded Reason as THE solution back in 2013).

I gave Ableton Live a try this last weekend and I admit that VSTs provide a versatility and quality that make the EQs and compressors of Reason seem like toys.

It took me some time to explore all advantages and disadvantages of Reason, which is a nice product. But I won't lie, there's a huge difference in terms of quality between the effects provided by Reason and those of Live.

I also think that Reason's rack system looks very sexy at first but, in practice, it's not really handy. It's a real pain to connect the rack to the tracks or mixer channels, even with the shortcuts.

The Rack extensions are also limited, given their proprietary aspect (and they are more or less updated by the developers).

It's true that the complete version of Reason offers lots of REs, but what do you need 250 average-quality reverbs for?

What stroke me most were the EQs. While those of Reason sound rough, a Fablab EQ sounds subtle and delicate.

In short, it's a nice tool for someone starting out, but it's no as practical and simple as I thought.