Reason Studios Reason 7
Reason Studios Reason 7

Reason 7, General Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

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Neil Erua 10/20/2013

Reason Studios Reason 7 : Neil Erua's user review

« Made for creating! »

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The installation and configuration are relatively quick. The preferences window is pretty straightforward, so you don't have to look for hours for the different options. The automatic detection of MIDI gear is great.

The manual is like an encyclopedia in its own right. Not only is it comprehensive, it also explains lots of computer music concepts that are only useful for REASON.

Incompatibilities? REASON is a "closed" system so there are no incompatibilities in terms of software and, when it comes to hardware, it's all plug and play.

I think REASON takes pretty long to start and even more so if you are trying out REs (an Internet connection is mandatory + you get pop-up questions; really annoying).
However, my setup is quite all right.


System: Phenom II X6 3.2ghz + 6 Gb RAM (DDR2 800) ... The performance is pretty good, even if my setup is not state-of-the-art.

REASON's stability is no myth, it's a reality. When used as a slave with REWIRE it's a bit slower.


I've been using REASON for 4 years. I love all the routing possibilities of the RACK. Granted, it's a closed system but it nevertheless offers a lot of freedom in terms of experimentation. I love the included synths: Thor/Malstrom/Subtractor.

Ever since versions 6 and 7, you once again have tools that allow you to work a mix decently and in a more user-friendly way, in my opinion: Mixer/ channel strip/ send/parallel channel/ group / Warp

The user-friendliness of the software is great for newbies because the menus are pretty straightforward. A quick overview of the software tools:
The software still has a lot of deficiencies when it comes to audio and, especially, Midi editing (still no punch in/punch out, a multi-midi editor like in Sonar or even Reaper is indispensable... the editing workflow needs to be improved)... I really miss importing files via drag and drop. The internal browser slows down the workflow when you want to look for a sound, for example.

I think the block system is not very practical for "loop" music, compared to the region system of REAPER, among others. Plus, it lacks an audio matrix to manage sample playback like with Sonar or Live.
Bottom line, it still doesn't satisfy me.

I love live sampling on all "sampler"-like modules: Kong/ Redrum/NNXT...
Its value for money is not bad because you get all basic tools to make "contemporary" music with this software... However, the sound banks are only average (even they get better with every version), you'll need to spend some money on Refills, for example (some are really good: BFD/Reason Piano...) and Rack Extensions to beef up your Rack.

What I like about REASON is that I can start from scratch and I always end up creating a sound: Good or bad, it doesn't matter, it's the kind of tool that inspires you and provides the foundations for your next song. The relation to the rack is almost physical.
That's what I love about this software, and that's why I can't do without it, even if I regularly use other DAWs, which I think are more "powerful" for editing and mixing. But Proppelerhead improves from version to version.