Adobe Audition 2
Adobe Audition 2

Audition 2, Digital Audio Editor from Adobe.

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Guillaume LANGEVIN 03/03/2006

Adobe Audition 2 : Guillaume LANGEVIN's user review


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Installation too galre (SP2 is required to install the software! And this dung SP2 me I want to, in short have to install / uninstall SP2, great!)
Incompatibility with all OS Windows XP SP2 antrieurs so. It is little possibility of any a. ..
Configuring the software sucks, but really rotten: all strengths of the interface disappeared Audition 1.5, we find ourselves here with the filthy skin "Robocop / dj cheesy rat future" not to mention all the little things that have disappeared (bx all things as the fact of having to double click a track to be able to change the volume APRS, while right-clicking in Audition 1.5 , a figure at the keyboard and over. nerva and there's stuff like a 150 in this software, and suddenly you lose a lot of time for nothing at the end).


My config: 3000 +, 1.5 GB RAM, 520 SD card, the 1212M.
The software does not train a bit in this config, still happy elsewhere. But had the level of perfs we also lost from the version 1.5 of the software: the VST compatibility, supposedly amliore, is despicable and ds is opened any VST freeware any lightweight, pouf Hearing is a blow to panic and crash is two.
Hearing you tell me it's not for the VST and it's true, but in this case the they dgagent this function, do not put it so was planted.


I too long (two weeks).
Frankly nothing innovative from version 1.5 but if still in silent rest l. But nah, it's worse than version 1.5! Quality price ratio: 0, nil, rotten.

Most of Audition 2:
Ca-train without VST.

The - 2 of Audition:
- Interface too rotten, not intuitive and unnecessarily cumbersome.
- Delays to see clearly perceptible crash with using VST
- Installation possible only with SP2

In conclusion:
Cool Edit can be as proud of his dcendant, as little Audition 1.5 not to be. Adobe comes on strong on marketing with Audition 2 and that's it. This software is just my opinion no. Keep the version 1.5 you will be less of.