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All user reviews for the Yamaha 03D

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 1 user review17 %
 1 user review17 %
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odhooghe's review

Yamaha 03D
See overall opinion.


See overall opinion.


See overall opinion.


Magnificent! Great! Incredible! Supernatural! Demonic! ... This is an excellent digital mixer. Impeccable sound quality, dynamic treatments of some very serious internal effects, of a very good quality. The only criticism I can make is the lack of analog inputs (16 +2), the limitation to 8 outputs direct digital and also the lack of return for Aux outputs.

The answer to these reproaches is called 02R Version 2, but costs twice as much. The 03D is the SSL for the poor!

The MIDI capabilities of the beast: The 03D has a mode called MIDI Remote: it allows control of MIDI devices from the 03D. There are preset parameters for the following devices: ProMix01 consoles, Yamaha 02R and 03D Effects ProR3 and Rev500 Expander Expander GM XG Pro Tools For the user, it is fully configurable 4 pages. The critics will say that the manual does not talk so much about it (half page), but in fact it is quite sufficient for Yamaha assume that everyone can master the MIDI standard.

Sigir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good compromise"

Yamaha 03D


I use it live. I need a digital table for occasional use, it is perfect for that. With ADAT card and eightfold preamp ADAT + a eightfold equalizer ADAT input, it's been a good config. It is more comprehensive than the 01V that is the same price.




I occasionally use since 2007.
I tried anything else on a regular basis, I can not compare.

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Value unbeatable bargain price"

Yamaha 03D
See manufacturer information see the notice ausis ddinside a little lower: I agree with him.

Everything is still valid.

Unless the sampling frequency (48 kHz) but honestly unless you have a requirements contract that has no more interest in work: the cd is a tjs 44.1 kHz, the DVD has 48.

Can serve as a control surface for ProTools for less that a command 8 (including all of the faders are EMEM more pleasant but did not console or multi-effect section)

Very nice reverb (much better than the lexicon rtas, but not editable)


Quan gift comes from analogue requires a little getting used to: in fact the same set of 16 fader handles both the sentrées 1-16 and 17-24, bus / to, and effects sends, etc. . must be taken to be in the right way otherwise they will not be on the side that we think.
So, a lot of trouble with the live 01V and a digital consoles because of Eprise hand too controlled.
In addition we do not live tjs time to enter a sub menu to refine the scale.
The 03d communicates well with sound cards (via ADAT) professional digital devices (connections aes ebu) manages the 5.1 and was produced with this in mind al epoch: it was a tool targeted audiovisual auditorium.
Many albums and films were made then stop over to the snobs in throwing in the trash all that criticism is more than 2 years of age: the stuff is true tjs has been a good pretext to excuse his own mediocrity.


The converters are better than most sound cards convertos the same time.
After recess that there are better, recess that progress has been made. But one can easily bypass the preamp and pickups connect Focusrite ADAT rack or other so let's stop rallied to this: what will bring the same analog console versatility at this price?

When compared to the mp3, I do not know what this comparison is based. Obviously the difference is obvious. a yes but if we necessarily between synth VSTI cracked or freeware that will ring metal, which is to blame?

Analog and microwave sources are quite well rendered.


For about a year
A number, both at home audi, audio-visual studio that specializes in music studio.
Remind us that it was a compact console. Do not ask 32 mic preamp with class a. .. very well known that a single slice will cost the price of the console!

I suggest a home studio while seeking to increase the versatility of its installation on the cheap by acquiring a tool that was inaccessible while ago and has been designed according to the criteria pro at the time, still in force today criteria.

j added that the sterile polemics about his supposedly cold my 01v and 03d lost a year of doubt and testing to realize finally that they were only conversations geeks.

However, all comments are not illegitimate facillement may have damaged her if we saturate the converters ....

It makes music! and 03d is very good for that!

michabeavis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 03D
Gniale really, really am super happy !!! coming from promix, 01v, 01V96, vm3100pro, etc and now the 03d! backups scenes it's really beautiful !!!
Unlike what some people say I think it sounds great !!! I'm really so happy !!!


It's super simple for those who have the habit of numriques tables!


Everything is perfect !!! I find everything my taste !!!


The most well obviously the total recall function and sound, display, use a mouse to travel through menus easier !!!

^^mamouthfique^^'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 03D
Cf constrcteur


Trs easy to use! easy handling!

a table is very practical for the group can live for many scne for not too large.
You can not use it as a studio table ... pk ?.... because she is a numrique table that does not sound enough for the studio (as if the boss looks like Mp3 someone above ...) and also because it does not have enough output num America (only 8).


Not good!!
converters are of excellent quality (not as young tt either!)
the pramp not ....
and the sound too bright and loses much of roundness ....
but are out of good anyway!


It is a good little practice live table clutter is not ...
g but personally sold mine to return to an analogy for the old mm taken with good pramp, input and output more ... and especially more cumbersome (to choose: her or the place!)

ddinside's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 03D
Rackable: yes through the use of brackets
16 mono channels (8 jack / XLR with 48V power supply jack + 8) + 1 stereo
4 + 4 bus to
Sampling 44.1 & 48 kHz / 20bit AD converters
Automation via MTC (MIDI)
Motorized fader (always impressive when it is controlled via midi, it farts!)
50 scene memories
Two simultaneous digital effects pooled over all runs (adjustable + presets)
Effect of a dynamic way (including buses, and out st) (compressor / limiter) (adjustable + presets)

Optional: 8-track ADAT card (I've had with mine) for registration or flight recorder converters => we can then mix with 24 tracks.

Many other connectors (headphone, in track, etc., I / O SPDIF)


1 p'tit nice thing: a serial port on which you can connect a serial mouse. It can be very handy ...
SETTINGS least used type internal routing or setting of twelve o'clock pages are the hardest to access. However, if it is considered a table scene, the most common functions are accessible. One small catch: visually, when you switch tracks 1 -> first 8 tracks on the 9 -> 16 + bus and the little red light blinking is not very remarkable when it is light.

The manual? What manual? I have, but I've never read. I never needed it. The console is easy enough for us to use it as is.


Converters? Well yes, they begin to date and it goes without saying that if you try to use them in a home studio, all work with mp3. The sound is a bit metallic and loses heat. As for the effects, it is on that is not the best quality. But let's be honest: they are clearly quite effective and quality for a small stage. I doubt that the big budget-conscious sound quality do not use, but frankly, it is acceptable for the average amateur or semi pro zicos.
The dynamic is not bad and compression presets allow her to have a nice enough without too much headaches.
Only problem: the parametric EQ (4 bands) are too imprecise to filter mods a room without affecting the sound. An external EQ is essential.
Another small point which greatly improves the sound: using an external head amp, especially for static. Those of the 03D is pretty average. J uses a preamp Behringer ULTRAGAIN 2200 and even that is enough to warm the sound of microphones (thank you the lamp).


I have for several years now. Amateur enthusiast, took me a while before making the turn. I use both at home and on stage. On stage, it is a joy. Especially when you have to share the stage with other groups. Scene memories are daunting. But in the studio, this is not ideal and I avoid putting it in the chain's acquisition. I prefer to use an analog desk waiting to buy more. That said, for zicos nomads, I think it's impossible to beat at the same price. To live is ideal. And as a first approach to digital consoles, it's still on top as Yamaha has worked its ergonomics. So I put the overall score of 9 for use live, because I refuse to consider other uses. Moreover, this console there is clearly not intended.
Today, second-hand, it is cheap. So do not miss ...