Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 29 reviews )
 22 reviews76 %
 4 reviews14 %
 1 user review3 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent

Nhcool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Bon ben connectors in large pickups in it's 2 big jacks, 1 line in jack size small, in a big bass guitar jack. RCA stereo output. No MIDI! very big big disappointment because the sync, tap two start at the same time, I think even in the Middle Ages it was invented as a simple type of system. The storage is done on flash I think. I have a 1GB, it's super close to what you can especially when you loop.


config: A dream: small, screen is easy on the eyes. Functions, well it's so miniaturized that's a bit hard with the virtuals tracks, but nothing more, it's been working memory.


The converters are groovy 'The integrated battery allows to understand how much the song should be recorded, and what it will give is not very practical for gourrer in volumes. The dynamic is great.


I use it for 2 months, it's easy to pop my French, I work (no exaggeration) 5 times faster than cubase and VSTS. Is lit, there's no fans, it works on, is recorded on. It is lighter and not think "what vst I'll put here, what will improve my voice plug blah blah ... NO, there is lit, there has been a punch does it all, we zicos that's it ! 'effects guitars are better than VSTS, for voice is simply magnificent, it has great effects built in, built-in mics sound better than my akg c2000 passing in my mixing desk (must be said that he fell at least 50 times). The mixer can be by hand, there's more mice and more yeuwx was riveted on the screen, I do sing live, not to lose my head, I compose ultra fast no me take the Tet even cut and paste what I thought carrémenent galley is accessible (less than in cubase anyway. So the main advantage of this burner is that it is limited, ie with cubase or Fruity Loops, you have so much stuff to do, it wears you out, whereas with the burner is royal, I'm returned musician putoiche! short, it's unbelievable. My compounds progressing to a phenomenal! And I'd rather not talk about mastering the function integrated with presets that sound from hell! Rather than bother for hours with plugs in wavelab, there you care about the preset and ciao! T has great sound correct if you're not careful, and with the volume guy. Well, I Boss yet proven that it's a great brand. In the future I expect in a invstir AKAI DR 16 and also with a br more tracks, but this one is my baby, I love it too early. I have pop songs on it. Sure to hip hop is not very good because it is not synchronized then it sucks, but for pop and rock is the top. More screen, just the sound and the composer and a machine that is not really practical noise

B.C.J.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Comprehensive appliance to an area equivalent to an A4 sheet and lightweight (700g). Storage case. 2 track simultaneous recording, 8 + listening track dedicated to the drum. Two mics formidable efficiency. Proprietary technology for Effects (COSM). All instructions in French (225 pages) very clear and essential (in my opinion) to make the most of this unit. Optional power ...


Use for 1 year. This is an easy and pleasant machine to use (recording, mixing, re-recording, mastering, backup, data transfer to PC ...). Information appearing on the (small) screen is clear. The connection seems sufficient.


For vocals, acoustic instruments (the Jew's harp in the bass drum) I use the built-in microphones that seem very efficient. For electric guitars, using a SM57 in front of the amp. I do not use simulation models embedded (personal choice). Against use insert effects (pan, eq, delay rev). For mastering effects, I selected from the factory patches as they offer a whole range of compression. The final result (after transfer to PC and burn to CD) is astonishing given the size of the device.


For me that comes from the 4-track cassette, namely prehistory, it is pure happiness. At 300 euros, the value for money seems interesting. I would do the same choice without hesitation.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
- 8x (4 mono + 2 stereo tracks) = 64 tracks
- A track stro more for the box speed Fully programmable.
- 2 multi-effects voice / guitar / mastering
- 1 Stereo Line, direct from a guitar / bass, 2 mic, 2 mics Intgr.
- Line out and headphone, RAS.


On this machine, everything is Intgr (compare the competition) and easily accessible (one compartment micro-BR).
No problem for the manual, perfectly Retailer.

Practices, 64 virtual tracks can again catch retaining Previous.

He also served rhythm box to work alone (piano or guitar).
8 The kits are trs Intgr the road well. It may also be turning its own samples in WAV format!
In the studio, he can also use sampler / looper.

The Boss is the compromise IDAL for guitarists and composers on a spree or for groups rptition to capture the Ides of songs to rework on the computer, but for that mticuleux submenus not afraid, it is also autonomous and even once either master to finalize a model in CD quality.


CD quality, no breath.

The effects are numerous and good. (The famous COSM)
Among the effects, a simulation of convenient and low bluffing provided it is played correctly and without bend.


Nomadic terrain as smaller than an A4 sheet.
Also runs on batteries or rechargeable batteries. (Not bad for catches of sounds in nature)
Comprehensive and versatile.

The least?
The size of its screen, but for the size (roughly 18x24) of the machine, we forgive him.
The absence of phantom power, but as I have no condenser microphone ...

Excellent quality price. The best compromise compactness, versatility, quality ahead of the competition (zoom, tascam and others).

CyrilleParis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Does everything said. I note:
- 2-track recording, 8 track release, 64 virtual tracks
- Registration card, USB port for exports and imports
- A summary box rhythm but sounds great, effects (Cosm)
- Between a guitar, two microphone inputs, a line in between
- ILRS a headset, Stereo output
- Battery or adapter (optional power supply), possibility of foot switch
I was not looking bigger.

I do not put that 8 because the power supply is optional for the foutage mouth (I know they all do but it was the same when foutage of mouth). Especially if you buy the power supply brand is worth a fortune when it is nothing but a MODEL 3 francs in six with a logo on it. Follow the advice given below: a power supply purchased in a store with a good lectromnager polarity and the voltage is correct ...


Drout at beginners, otherwise it's like the bike, ds that we understood the trick is simple trs. The shot of illuminated buttons (besides that it throws) is really seen. This makes it much easier bte first. The small knob to select levels / items / etc. is very practical. BMOL one, record the drums in "rec" (by typing what you hear) is difficult because of the buttons that are too soft ... all switch to "step" (UPE), it saves time.

Everything is plastic and does not look sturdy but trs APRS one year of use under various conditions and varied no pb. None of pottard not crack or lose its flexibility. Beefier than that in looks. At the same time, it is not one on which pedals you jump feet together for a live ... but even when some falls rsiste ... The power supply is required for normal use.

I t tonn of what can be done with a single card. In fact it is 1 or 2 GB dj damn good (I was afraid that it will limit myself ...)

Everything is there and it's good. The APRS also no pb one year of use. I put 8 and not 10 because the guitar input and headphone jack are not the same as the other ct, forcing the use dish (I put AIM on a desk ...)


All in all excellent. I've used in several configurations and I'll Retailer:
- Home to record own testing arrangements, DMOS work, etc.. : Most excellent. a sound and its many respects than I lpus esprait for the price for models I'm not sr that's enough, though, if there is not too much instruments and no drums ...
- Live: I recorded the hussar. One two silent, one amp for vocals and a guitar amp. I plugged the line outputs of amplifiers on the machine. Rsultat excellent! Its nickel chrome with balances of registration of 2 minutes 30 ... (We had scales even when live before). If we had a table, we'll have been a rancher from the table above and would have done the ball ...
Bon limiting two between Ben, a limit. But for the price, it's great.
- With room mics: the cons by not good. Ds that are more than two sound sources, a shambles. The low cover everything. In fact I do not understand why they put the microphones m. .. as' putting microphones in both put good or not at all ... Just good to dictaphone. This explains why I do not put 10.

Effects. Ben is from COSM, with its default and its quality. I do not like. The rglages are less easy than the Boss GT multi-effects (say it!). But the effort is good (lots of sounds, it does not stingy n'nt for a machine which is not using Premire) and little, can have effects very s correct. I do not drop a note to because I know that in certain and satisfied that the default is not clean the machine (and that my knowledge there is nothing less than break his approach piggy bank ...).

The pace box is super convenient! Too bad there are no wealth effects, which limit a working tool and not a musical instrument. Tight deadlines that when we have no drummer at hand or box CHRE rate is very practical. Me it allows me to find arrangements which is taken up with my group APRS. Combine the add its stuff, etc. in exchange. but that is the basis for realizing what we did. To work pieces is also fun.


I use it for a year in my room and live (for record only, no playback but it could be envisaged ...). I'm great!
I have small default cit n'enlvent nothing of the quality stuff.

Most: versatile, good quality sound trs (almost pro?), Super portable.
The -: the power supply, connectors not well positioned, the microphones Intgr, what trifles

I tried a couple of other things but it steals the best I've tried.

Report price quality: excellent

I would do without this choice hsiter a second!

mouneblues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Good connectivity, good performance.


I use it for a month now and save To create my blues, vocals, guitar and bass (guitar + effect) with some simple percussion trs. It's really well suited to my need trs. I err 2 years with the PC and software squenceur yet rput and certainly too strong, but I spent much more time do I fight with the stories of latency and dcalage rhythm. For the price of a good sound card allows me to BR600 couraging early models of accessories for prparer with other musicians or to improve.


The sounds are good trs. I sometimes costs a espce the snoring that Interfrance Doppler but do not appear to be recorded. I must verifies if I have not a source of disturbance at home.


I would do such a choice.

jhonvijk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
- How long have you use it?

I use the little beast for 15 days, made some models, support for exercise (courses, etc ... solo), recording rehearsals and concerts.
- What is so special that you like most and least?

Most of this machine are undeniable, without hesitation, the size (really practice walk everywhere, true notepad music), however the quality of small microphone (placed just anywhere it captures everything quite precisely, ideal for debriefing spinning along ...) and the self-supplied battery. I would add the possibility of programmed drum paterns live thanks to the velocity sensitive pad to (the paternal integrated does not take into account the Caribbean music for example), the effects of good quality for this type of use ( note the simulation from a low of a guitar .. very very practical for models quickly), and finally, ease of use (being a follower of soft, I was nervous about getting started as a regular work on the screen, but.. O miracle, c is very well done and easy to access)

Cons: No support for noon, there is synchronized by the usb. Method of mastering not be used on making long (my last day I registered with, half past one, I have the send the signal in real time in my cubase to lexport, yet I use a giga card. )
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I'm hot date on a lot of forum is the only machine to offer 8 tracks plus one track read Rhythmic fully programmable in real time via the pads with stereo microphones.
- How would you rate the quality / price?

Good value for an eight track mini self is nikel.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ...



N / A


N / A


N / A

zjulos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
1 year of use
very practical, lightweight, carry around, very good sound,
the only least that length to transfer it to PC via USB, but hey it's not bad ..
Cheap, all features are of good quality as a general rule, the effects, the bar, etc ...
allows for a very good models


N / A


N / A


N / A

ripanono's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
- Reproduction of simultaneous 8-track, 64 tracks V
- Storage of records on CompactFlash card, 128MB card included, max 1GB
- Processor deffets Intgr including a pitch correction and COSM damplis MODELS
- Bote rate included with velocity-sensitive pads
- Micro Stereo Intgr and battery power
- Data exchange with PC via USB
- Studio ultra-miniaturized 257 x 182 x 23mm
- Comes with bag and cable micro XLR1 / 4


Premire at first seem complicated but for me it's my first Ministudio and in less than four hours I had my russi Premire complte model.
used for all functions (which are very rich) is the step by step manual with french trs well.
I would put 8 in the notch that in order to be greater with a better DEFINITIONS


The effects of the fact, even for black flies low
Intgr microphones are exellent for taking acoustic instrument and give a good effect in Stereo song


A skyscraper, a microphone (it must still be better than Intgr) and 600 br and the force is with you little scarabbr /> you can the cost to the headphone on a small channel on an amp or a big sound!
! ATTENTION! the batteries do not last long traffic lights, a transformer prvoire 9V DC 300mA with + the exterrieur sheet and - in the center sold for less than 5 euros in a large distributor of lectromnag D_RTY
Friz Delam06/30/2007

Friz Delam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
See review previous ones.
lacks a CD burner but it's more expensive ...


A priori complex and then suddenly everything becomes clear. very easy to understand manual
trs simple to use, start gradually and go all the features.
Not easy to legalization.
it's really a portable studio.
A travel bag, quality of speakers (I use M Audio DX4) not too heavy and hop around our knowledge is recorded.


Anything. This is good.


I use it recently in complment of cubase, taken to perform the guitar work and studio models before. (It uses the m ^ taken in my studio)
It is flexible, easy to use.
Trs acessible in price.
not very practical on the effects and legalization, but we can not have everything (see modless suprieurs more expensive, more cumbersome)
I do it again the same choice, although sr.

sTuTcH's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
The BR600 is not provided AC adapter to buy if you want to have the best ever performance of the device and that is as long as it is better to buy one. If the unit is not running as the battery is well stated that the unit is greedy and it will change the batteries regularly.

The device has a relatively small memory card but not ridiculous either. However, the unit needs a minimum of free space to extract the data to a PC, sure that you will not fall in the case of a full card that you can not move! 1Gig card is recommended for a quiet and maximum storage space.

It is possible to plug in and output jack, jack, RCA and USB.

This recorder has 8pistes + virtual 8pistes per track.

The recorder has two external stereo microphones and can accommodate two external microphones.

The effects are numerous and very good and the drum machine is extremely large!

The device, its small size and thickness (3 cm!) To look like a play. But the opposite is true! This equipment is fragile and must not be within the reach of children.


I do not know if it can be easier to use as a means for a device that at first glance seems quite complicated. A manual that explains everything step by step, with small pictures of buttons and menus. Perfect for amateur and decorative for someone there is already a minimum.

The unit is very bright and the colors tell you which mode you are, if a track has data, if it was designated to record, etc..


What I feared when buying is the quality of built-in microphones, stereo microphones these friars seem permière but from the record it becomes immediately aware of the enormous qualities of these two stereo microphones. Quality, précisin, sensitivity is great is you can record acoustic instruments, vocals and percussion from these small microphones. Just rub your fingers that is. Be careful when records have no noise around, they will be registered as well!

And there's an input jack for electric instruments, I recorded my bass and the quality is really superb.


I use it now for about four months, the quality is really very good for models of very high quality, with the drum machine you are able to create a piece of A to Z all by yourself!

I never buy a digital recorder before but, there is no doubt that with such high quality the price is really affordable.

The quality is exeptional external microphones, you have the option to connect two external microphones (when they are connected, the external microphones do not work) but be careful not to buy microphones that would be the limit, worse than already integrated!

A device that, without doubt, is essential for fans who want to make quality recordings, as they want and with great ease!

The device is easy to use but there are so many functions, it is not easy to remember everything but when mastering such a device, the arts no longer knows the word "limit"!

I put 9 / 10 just because of aesthetics that can make it default, this device has enormous qualities in all respects and for all users combined (amateur, semi-pro, pro - even though it will probably stuff the more evolved -) but his style might suggest that the device is not serious enough so that the quality of the unit was worth every penny.