Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 21 reviews )
 13 reviews62 %
 7 reviews33 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/P. Pearson10/02/2005

MGR/P. Pearson's review"Boss BR864"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
At 48, I've been playing guitar and writing songs for about 36 years "in the closet". Three years ago I decided to "come out". I hooked up with a couple local songwriters groups and have since "played out", joined ASCAP, and begun to build a catalog with the Library of Congress. I write "arty" singer/songwriter tunes and enjoy the same from other artist. Recording is my fondest pleasure. The BR-864 is the answer to my dreams. It's easy to use and my first CD was received favorably by the muscians I admire. Good job Boss/Roland!

I researched several units before deciding on the 864. It has everything I need to make good recordings. I bought it from Musicians Friend for $495.00. It's down to $395.00 now, but, that didn't cheapen our love affair.

Simplicity and potential. I could work with this unit for months to come and still not utilize the many capable variations. I had a problem achieving a desired function, early on. I called Boss. The tech worked very hard with me to remedy the problem. Yes, it was my fault! I've had no further problems since. I'm still amazed at the multitude of effects and options. I'm convinced that it's limitless. I sometimes get depressed when I think that someday, in the distant future, it may quit working and I'll have to seach for a new "mate".

The 864 only has one XLR mic input. I wish it had one more. I can work with it, but sometimes I'd like to have one more. Just never satisfied, are we?

The BR-864 is a pretty tough unit. Mine stays in the bedroom studio. I keep it on a piece of foam cut-out to protect it from vibrations and movement. I also keep it covered when not in use. It's my baby. I've had no problems with buttons, knobs, ins/outs, or flaky "guts", but then, she's pretty spoiled. Very user friendly.

When I feel the "mojo" and I know I'm going to record, for me, it's like going on a date. Not because the unit is intimidating, but, because I know I won't come out for hours, and when I do I'll have a warm glow about me. Weird, huh? This is a fine unit and capable of so much. I would recommend it to anyone.

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MGR/dave beard06/09/2004

MGR/dave beard's review"Boss BR-864"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
I bought this unit on ebay for $385 U. S. and $15 shipping

This is the first recorder I have ever had. I was able to record and play back within a few hours using the COSM guitar effects and umlti channels. I connected to the game port of my Phillips CD player. It sounded great. I was able to use one of the 40 patches for mic so my voice didn't sound too bad. The guitar patches were very satisfactory. You can plug your guitar into your effects pad and then use the onboard effects as well. nice.

The manual was a little clunky. i had to read it several times and play with the machine before it started to make sense. It would be nice if the memory card were 512 instead of 128. for the money it's great.

good construction

I am more than satisfied with this unit. I am amazed at all the effects that are built in. the sound is very good on most patches.

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MGR/The Amazing Jayseph12/15/2003

MGR/The Amazing Jayseph's review"Boss BR-864 8 Track Digital Recorder"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
My friend actually got this piece of equipment as a birthday present from his girlfriend. She paid something in the area of $800.

This is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. It has a number of vocal and guitar effects, which is nice.

It was a little difficult to use at first. It seemed very complicated due to its many uses.

Very high quality.

I'd recommend this bad boy to any friend or peer. High quality, great versatility, all in all a great buy.

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MGR/William Welch12/06/2003

MGR/William Welch's review"Boss BR-864/ 8 Track Digital Studio"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
This unit came to my attention by my son and his claiming a Christams present. He needed a new recording outfit. This Boss Br-864 answers all of his questions about recording. My son knows his recording equipment. We look at this unit at Metro music in Dothan, Al. I was greatly impress by the size but don't let the size fool you. The cost was $594.95. in the store form the music shop where we shopped for 35 minutes.

The layout of all the controls and lights where very plain and simple to use. The back ground color is very good and ez to use. The recording of the 128MB is out of this world and the tracks where plenty to handled all our musicial needs. He is pleased so I am pleased. He like the on front display that shows up very well. I say, Great Job ! Boss.

We are not displeaed at all. Thanks away.

This unit is lay out prefect for anyone who needs the equipment and range for recording musicial materials. The size is the best I seen and to carry all these wonderful effects. I believe that quality is shown by its campact features and it is powerful 128MB media. It can speak for its self. The whole unit speaks for its self in the quality and construction. Boss means recording media.

Over all I can say it all Boss is the one. I can only speak for myself it is great. What a unit!!!!!!

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MGR/lalus's review"Boss BR-864"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
samash worl wide web

sound and price, The nice thing is that the menus and buttons are user friendly, EQ, PAN easy to figure out. Moving through the menus is a breeze. Clear and bright display. To many options to give it a 10.

Just a bit of info that is not that obvious from the BR-864 promo
material (inc. Roland website): the USB interface on the BR-864 does
not support Windows 98 and according to Roland Product Support, it is
unlikely that a driver will be developed for Windows 98. I suppose
that this shouldn't be a surprise since Windows 98 is getting a bit
long in the tooth but it's a shame for those who have it and don't
wish to upgrade.

In comparing this to the Boss BR-532, I would have to say that the patches have been VASTLY improved. Out of the box, the majority of the patches can be used without tweaking.

There is a lot of depth to the amount of tweaking that can be done. It is set up much like any of the other multi-effect units that are out there - the even added the ability to connect an EXPRESSION PEDAL. The expression pedal can do anything from adjusting the volume to acting as a wah pedal.

Editing patches is very easy and almost intuitive. There is a lot of depth in terms of what can be tweaked - moreso than in some of the multi-effect pedals than I have seen.

Since this is a recorder, it can work with virtually any type of music, although the patches are geared towards guitar/bass/vocal. There are no really lush keyboard amp sims or things of that nature, but with some creativity - you can create any effect that you like.

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MGR/Pinky's review"Boss BR864"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
I bought this recorder at guitar center for about $495.00 after doing a lot of research and checking out other units. the price was a big factor. I had already mastered the similar BOSS br532 wich has a very similar operationg system.

I used to sit and stare at my br532 begging ti to magically have more tracks. Looks like the good folks at Roland finally listened. They also threw in more effects, a more programable drum machine,the option for pedals and USB support all for pocketchange more than the br532. The sleeker silver chassis is nice, too. Ive heard some other bigger multrack owners diss the boss line of multitrackers. They can say all they want while they're crying to tech support and reading pages of manual im making demos that sound like they came outta LA.

Id have appreciated new drum kits insteada the nine from the br532. But with the magic of midi you can use the drum beats and such from the br864 and use the kits from your favotie drum machine, like my dr. groove these two units (dr. groove and br864 couple beautifully). I'd have also appreciated phantom power. As with my other boss products they're stingy with the little extras like the power supply. The included batteries almost add insult to injury.

While made of plastic this thing seems pretty tough. I like the way the faders move the lcd is very legible. Boss products, while usually made of plastic seem to stick around for a while.

First and formost, you MUST have a computer with a cd burner if you really want to get the full use of either the br532 or br864. That being said, Both units rock. For the money (under $500) I have a great 8 track fully digial recording studio. People always ask who did my demo's. It feels good to say I did them myself, thanks boss!

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MGR/Javan Gordon11/10/2003

MGR/Javan Gordon's review"Boss BR-864"

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
I picked up the 864 at Guitar Center for $599. I always dug roland products.

I thought the sleek design was "Boss". It was loaded with features but they were a breeze to use. I laid down some tracks added effects, mixed it then dumped it on to my pc to burn it to disc. The quality was unreal! This unit was portable and it rocked!

The only thimg I didn't like was the fact I wished I had it sooner.

The 864 is built rugged and durable. Everything worked like a charm. It took some hard bumps like a trooper.

I would reccomend the Boss 864 to anyone. It was simple to operate even though it had features of a $2000 unit. It was worth every penny.

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fredian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
Opportunities connectors compltes enough: two microphone inputs (XLR and 1 jack one), one between instruments, between a line in RCA, 1 x RCA, 1 digital output, a USB port, an outlet noon, 1 headphone, 1 jack PDAL of CONTRL.

the device also has a micro Intgr for recording instruments "sound", in which case, we have the same default on a common magntophone, that he must avoid background noise indsirable.

COSM effects (the same as the twin PDAL boss and multi-effects) Intgr (voice effects, guitar, bass and to record from other sources (Cd. .) for example, to change the mix).
So, we Discover who the full range of effects of boss + amp simulators and prampli. We can therefore find its aisment close to that we used to use, just by plugging your guitar on the br864.

backups of your masterpieces are on compact flash cards: this, that it should prciser to record a number of things, it takes at least a 256MB card, score card when in the same 50 euros;

personally, since I have the device (since a year and a half), I bought 2 in addition to the 128MB that came with the device, this is trs dernire quickly filled, because s it is prcis it can hold 1 hour of recording, one must take into account the fact that it is 1 hour for all runs: for example, I thought by buying the machine " owl, an hour, I'll be able to record a dozen songs! "error, unless you use one track per song. If you use Fully 4 tracks for a piece of 4 minutes, this one will not 4 minutes on the card, but 16! thus, the space is quite limited especially as the cards come back soon dear!

you can record two channels at once and read simultanment 8. Note that each of the eight tracks has 64 virtual tracks is to say that if you give a track a guitar solo, you will be able to save multiple versions of each virtual track, one that can only be read both . However, this increases Systm all of the same recording capabilities, including if you rebalance the content of your compound in the computer.


Easy and intuitive. Recording "basic" is very easy;

on the other hand, there are a number of menus and ability to change tracks: reading the manual I think s'avre need to master a wide range of possibilities of the machine;

said the manual is quite clear throughout. APRS, some knowledge requires optional sound system, including all matters relating to the mastering effects and all applicable (many with names paramtres incomprhensibles for novices like myself, even if an explanation, Figure sufficient I think of each effect can be a vague ide. The best is yet to hack and get an ide ear, even if some modifications are hardly noticeable, unless, as I said, to have sound knowledge in Prior.

In any case, the possibilities seem standard for such a small machine!


The effects are pretty good quality, although a little cold. my amp does not have a line out, I plug the guitar directly into the boss, and I use the internal sounds to register. one can easily find his close to his.

however, the rhythm box sound rotten, really too synthetic (in addition to n'tre not super comfortable progamme).

In any case, the sound is rsultats nickels, if only one properly adjusts the knobs and rglage qualisations indpendantes for each track.


I use it for 1 year and a half, and he rendered great service to me as rfractaire computer. it is a good alternative (or complment) Cubase and other software.

Its recording quality and possibility for saving stuff for a correct model.

For musicians playing alone, it is a convenient way to refine his compositions.

I pay 490 euros, and I find the report qualitpossibilits / price really INTERESTED. I no hsiter Rasht, especially since it can, since I play in groups, to register rpeter through the mixer (rglages attention to the coup, more rgler difficult; careful balance the sound!).

for example of use, I joined a group that had a dj dmo: I balance the br864 and I recorded over with the internal effects. I find your exact stunning, it looks like it was recorded together!

ngatif one point: it is difficult to matriser all the subtleties and possibilities of the machine, especially with regard the "mastering"; Knowledge of sound may be welcome.

shaolinced's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
Bein I am tempted to say: Read previous ones ;-)


- A grip really easy in terms of simple functions.
- Menu trs well thought out.
- Manuel complicated to use for points, otherwise, just to test myself.


- A nice ring to it, the effects are INTERESTED in most cases, half of all who will never even ...
- The box is a good base rate, which sounds numrique BUT which allows for an efficient pace.
- A good all made of the same.


I have since last night, and in two hours, I russi dj record multiple tracks with effects + BAR + voice, as though in a nophite Contents mixing and studio! !
Remains discovering the "famous" BOUNCE CRER and my own effects, rhythms etc ...

It's a fun product, well thought-trs, for the price, do not even MRIT hsitation!
One can easily get a model of good amateur quality!

Only problem: the keys and buttons are a little "toy" but it's a nice "toy"!
Bernard Ancèze11/23/2005

Bernard Ancèze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
See doc
Full digital and analog connections.
Please note the two entries are not the same. 1 for the microphone, one for guitar.
No internal memory for recording, provide compaction max 1GB flash. and a computer to burn CDs.
2 simultaneous recording tracks, eight tracks simultaneous playback tracks in-bound 8 each = 64 tracks.

A switch would not be able to have two tracks at the same level of input?


Good ergonomics. good manual. The Neofiti can use the presets "ready" very well thought out and find the most confirmed the almost complete range of effects required for the singer-guitarist all styles in a configuration "pro". Ie you can record, mix and master in a minimum time with a final quality
very satisfactory model for personal or work.
With a little experience and little time we complete a product "studio" very very clean.
I worked in broadcast studio and I found on this small piece of plastic everything I need for standard products.
I also use it in addition to a traditional sound for my own account and a cabaret of French songs at least once a week for nine months without any problems. I programmed my Balance at her live (guitar and vocals) aisémment very well as that of every artist that goes to the tavern. Moreover, on the outskirts of a small amp style AER get a bonus remarkable.


It's always the same, with this type of machine should make the utmost care in making sound and effects tripotter gently, otherwise the cata.
I am amazed at the results achieved with a little time and care on a small machine like that! Some studios do not give me these results.
I do not use the "drum", but it does not seem at (subject).


I, unwanted since March 2005. I made two CDs and a double album. including a CD in production.
I bought it on the advice of a friend to me flat on price / quality ratio. Good advice.
Before I was with some old analog. I saw.
I do not regret my purchase, there may be better, but it is good.