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All user reviews for the Korg D16

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MGR/Mark's review"Korg D16"

Korg D16
I purchased this unit used for $1200 (Canadian) in December of 2000. You can find one now for substantially less of course.

This is a very easy recorder to use, although I was already used to the Korg format, as I previously owned a D8. The Touch View Screen is awesome, and the effects are decent. I also like the fact that I can throw it into a laptop bag and take it to do remote recording as well.

My dislikes are not major ones. No phantom power, but I have outboard preamps for condensor mics. Only being able to record 8 tracks with 24 bit mode is a drag, but this is a demo machine. If I want to do serious tracking, I'll use my pc recording setup, or go into another studio.

The constuction is decent, but not as solid as my d8 was - however, the d16 is lighter.

I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a compact portable multi track. Just keep in mind that you'll need to get yourself an outboard cd burner, as well as some kind of mic pre if you plan to use condensor mics. Other than that, you can find this model used for great prices.

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gulboz's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very robust material!"

Korg D16
characteristic: see previous review


Contrary to what is written down, it is possible to save those with different levels of listening. Simply through the CUE. In fact, the use via the touch screen is so intuitive that we forget to look at the user manual (me first ...).

In addition, the SPDIF output (digital output) can connect to the USB port of a computer via Edirol UA1EX interface type! Very practical.


The adjustment range of input levels can connect microphones to keyboard outputs.

An entry-level instrument 'used to connect a guitar directly ie without using a DI box. It makes life easier!


As all users of D16, I particularly appreciate its compactness and its ridiculous weight.
Its touch screen is really great to use. It is really very quickly during handling (no need to ask "so I have to press any key,? Oh well I'll highlight the user manual ...").
And last but not least, the D16 is super strong and super reliable! In the space of 10 years, no crashes, no crash, no degradation potentiometers or connectors! Recent product design should take a leaf ...
Come on, I put 9 because I'd like more input (16).

kossilate's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16
I buy a Korg 16, but I have trouble finding an external drive scsi 25 pin walking with because in my opinion is depasser.surtout in Holland is not a evidant.avez you consielles give me, or there is there other solutions?
everything I found here is at least 50 pin
what should i do?
help me
alfred Quenum


I think it's going


For a small machine ca takes the cost


I use ca do one month

froggybxl's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16
Easy to use, complete, reliable.
There is also a MIDI sync but I do not go out, especially because of the option noon in cubase.
chantillonage to choose 32 or 16bit
ais Dique shipments to scsi


How do I use?
I enter the rhythm section of the computer via electro-digit in
I play and record voice, guitar, bass or multi sparbr /> I send the whole (track by track) in the computer via SCSI card, a SCSI disk ddi receive SPECIFICATIONS these tracks
I "slides" Then the tracks on my hard drive and deals with cubase or another.


There are ways to create the tempo map compltes enough, but the sounds are not transcendent. However, it is enough to work


It is effective, simple and efficient.
the touch screen is practical, except for large fingers, then use a utensil (eg pencil)
it is a choice that I've never had regrets

onlyone's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16
Trs connector complte DD 4.3 GB on my version. Rcentes versions support backups to CD / CDRW. The inconvnient is that you have a SCSI drive in, was no longer runs the streets ...
Sampling 24 bits / 8 tracks 16 tracks bits/16


Outstanding ergonomics, the interface is intuitive trs I was a little afraid of the touch screen
Manuel trs full, you must get the updates on the site KORG, as well as the operating system (the version V3.01 is the latest issue I think)


The sound is dynamic and transparent appointment of good quality
the effects are of good quality Intgr


Note: My opinion should be relativas as the only such device I had in my possession
I have 4 years and I am satisfied with TRS. Trs reliable device not a failure after all this time, and I'm not a user friendly ... trs bought on sale in December 2000 1000 euros, I do not really regret my investment
Its compactness is remarkable, the sound is of good quality trs trs-friendly interface
Point (s) ngatif (s): the etching rate on the external drive is limited to 4x (SCSI) is a long time to backup and engravings of the Master if all these devices share the audio editing on screens of this size is not comfortable, but it is not a reproach to D16 SPECIFICATIONS. I know one day I'll have to pass an all PC, but I'm not specially press. With my old ATARI MIDI squenceur in both the consensus as thick as thieves ...

Will's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D16
2 XLR inputs (the absence of phantom power is to be mourned, but since we can not do without such a console mackie who owns the phantom power supply, the problem is solved)
6 jack inputs.
Stckage is the direct to disk
And the D16 record 8 tracks at the same time!


At first contact it took me 10 minutes to achieve a 2 minute song with 5 tracks! San read the manual that is also very well done!


Transparency converters is to go. It gives me the sound I send it without him nothing changer.Les effects are very many very good qualities.
The cuts are very effective.


I use the D 16 for 1 year and a half now, and each new project, I discover new tricks.
The touch screen is a marvel to navigate through the menu.Les manipulations make a snap!
I regret the absence of motorized fader, paled by the absence D16 notament thanks to his memorization of scene (fader, equ, effect).
10000frs at that time, the D16 also features a multi-purpose integrated high-performance, modeling of HP, amp, all the traditional effects.
At the base without changing the effects in a song can be assigned individual 8 effects, 2 master effects assignable to all tracks Selnes your choice, and a master effect. For the D16 also offers to realize your mastering.
In this case the 10,000 francs have been hard not to pay and I do not regret anything away from today.
I surely do it again the same choice in any case remain in Korg D1600 with the example. But the D16 exceeds the level of its mobility.
It is grabd as a playstation.
And it shows up everywhere!