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E-MU Planet Phatt
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All user reviews for the E-MU Planet Phatt

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Jotaperufino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ITS PHATT"

E-MU Planet Phatt
Expander-sounding Old School (Hip Hop, RNB ...).


Editing simple when you know the machines EMU, no need to book.
For cons for novices should read the manual.
I use it to complement the micro Korg.


The SON, compared to having for a while I do not agree with those who say that the sound of the world is like that of the Phatt MO Phatt, I would say that the 8 MB of sounds from the planet Phat sound fatter than the 32 MB Mo Phatt.

Very good dynamic. Try with an external effects processor.

Level of its banks it is better to lose a moment to reprogram the original banks to get the sound we are looking for (using the modulation and filters and there is the slap).

Still, I noticed that there are samples that are repeated, I think this must be due to the memory of 8 MB).


For those looking for sounds hip hop Old school type (Gang Star, A Tribe calles what, the Soul, etc. ... And feel super good buy for money.

spritnoirr2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU Planet Phatt
Wech my mouth!
Although koi or Tavua?

We here in the presence of an early external sound modules dedicated to music as popular media when talking about the problem and its suburbs.

Built on the basis of the first EMU expendeurs all purple / blue clad. It is pretty cool in a rack cabinet with black and dull.
Good quality workmanship, attention to the metal plate twists easily because the ears of the racks is not mentioned in the body.

The electronics are very good ...
Nearly 15years after spending his time working long hours in a home studio and often filled with dust.

364 programs and 350 patches of his drum kit.
_3 Stereo outputs!
_1 Headphone.
_ Simple effects (reverb, among other things)
_ Only 8MB (good) sounds ...

The pros:
Level characteristics is like a block of flats the bare minimum.
Electronic sound level is like the cars of 90's sound.

The -:
Only 8MB of sounds (in 2010 is correct).
Welded rack ears that can twist.
7 / 10


In use, the plant will never Planet Phatt ...
And right across the computer is good!

The component is strong. The catch does not dessoudent. It's heavy poto!

The manual is readily available on the internet but not used much. MPC is connected to a single. Even need to turn the wheel through the settings MSB / LSB that is also easy to find.

Precisely on this wheel, although what is more robust than the models below (proteus, Audity ect), it remains with the arrows "" the only means to get around the issue very intuitive machine.

Brief for a novice in the world of sound as I was in 2005 things were very good but, as and when I discovered that the universe pro, you feel a little cramped.

It's a good bike for Apprentices.

With time be careful with the data dial, spare there.

In short it's configuration does not want to tear your eyes to make adjustments that could be interesting. Too bad ...

The pros:
Simplicity is a bit like his first car ... It is excellent to begin taking the road of his ... Later we want options ...
Robustness of reinforced concrete is as low blocks Tavua!
Reliability: you will not come by chance at EMU.
The -:
Simplicity: It is faster around and you do not want to get to the bottom of the machine.
Programming: HTML might almost seem more pleasant.
Arpeggiator missing: in 2010 ca missing.
The small screen: a thought for all MIOP ...

6 / 10


While there, I thought you just need my MPC and this module ...
If I were a producer of the 90's this would be the case.
Here is limited because the report has diversified.

Sounds that are in it are really comparable to those of mo-turbo Phatt Phatt and for having tried them both.
Say this is expendeur "brand mark" of Phatt.

I use it a lot because the bass is good and hot.
The next West Coast is fatal to the writer as Snoop Dog "What's my name" are quite possible.
Leads are justified and sounds are very good qualities.

Then his son to death digital.
Do not expect a EIII or S950. Nothing ... It's pretty neutral.
on the other hand it sounds very small.
It is sorely lacking in expansion and wealth in the sound spectrum.

Compared to Map HipHop Roland JV that it sounds strong, and massive groove.
Here are the color presets HipHop but lack Phatt ...

I like the old work so it does not bother me.
I sample the drum kit in my MPC 1000 and then I will return in my S950 or ASR10 and then claps monumentally.

But I must admit that this method was shorter than for enthusiasts who enjoy taking their time.
It's really disappointing. Although this sounds Rack 10 000 times more than analog and some other soft pluging where there really ... It's a shame.

The pros:
_ The real sounds rap / hiphop / soul / funk / R 'n B 90's of the Wutang and DJ Premier. Timbaland to go see the side of the Orbit 2 & 3 and Xtreme Lead.
_ Fair and customizable presets.
_ Lots of useful sounds.

The -:
_ Lack of potato and wealth: the name "Planet Rap" would have been more realistic than the fat.
_ The scratches are hardly usable components.
_ Too beat, rhythm kits in 2010 no longer need to download the old Taff.

For me 7 / 10
For the other 5.5 / 10


I use this module for over 5 years. It really helped me in my compositions. He is on several tracks on my albums. It sounds rap and does not crash. I intend to still keep it for a while.

However compared to the Roland or Korg is really below the level potatoes.
Korg Bass monstrous.
Roland has a rich sound amazingly accurate.
EMU is good value for money
At the time, it was innovative and the price is justified 1000Euros.

In 2005 I got a bargain by buying 125euros.
Today I think it is its price.

It is practical, simple and reliable, but suffers from the smallness of the EMU.
You should know why we buy it but it does not suffice alone.

I recommend it as practical tools.
Good machine for the Rap, very strong arm and useful but you still a good sampler to raise the level a bit ...
At the same time if you made hip hop, I think you need to be developed on that side ...
The pros:
Simple and robust.
His typed HipHop

The -:
No possibility of change
Complicated programming
Its tiny
Overall rating 7 / 10
Docteur Frog08/27/2008

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU Planet Phatt
In the family of sound modules E-mu, whether to choose five modules from the range and God knows it is great for the PlanetPhatt would be part of the list. At the time attacked the E-mu sound modules market with dedicated Audity2000 the OrbitV2, Carnival and the Planet Phatt. Both Proteus Orchestral and Morpheus have met with worldwide success, it was not to rest on its laurels.

But the Planet Phatt banged over the lot. It includes the essential sounds of Disco, Funk, RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Acid Jazz, Soul, groove throughout with plans to introduce today in Rock scuds or industrial. It's a Swiss Army knife that opens cans ideas as preserves. Huge.


Simple as all the modules E-MU (see further comments below).
In a simple as we would like sometimes fronts a little loaded as Roland (ref to the JV or XV series) to have a button> A menu. Here too, it scrolls. Good

Thus editing sounds too slow for an Alpha Dial and two sliders to full function and filters is a bit lighter but if you have a MIDI remote control (whatever the brand) or E Launch Pad -mu (remote native) that's it.

As for the manual. at the time it is not c. .. r
The French version is correct to fly over the Planet Phatt, the Owners Manual in English can understand some functions a little neglected by the French.


Side SONS::: it's huge. In the studio, we put the volume of P-Phatt to 3 / 4 and I was wondering what level would be obtained on the console (02R). He attacked hard. No problem of dynamic bandwidth and beach were so broad and dynamic that could play mono or stereo effects without losing a% of fishing.

640 presets the counter 17 that match the type of 6-pole resonant filters (32 digital). Each sound can be used Beat Mode (interactive programming of Groove responding to 100 beats (rhythmic beats) in loops and 28 tracks prerecorded).
The Beat Mode also offers 100 rhythmic patterns (independent of the Beats as a measure = 4) and its 28 songs still programmed but Programmable.

And the virtuoso Rap and Jam, E-mu has even introduced the function of Scratch (scratch that allows each separate sound and the beats). I have not tried Multimbral preset but it sends.
This feature was developed with the Beat Mode to give later on Munger's Beat samplers Emu E-Series Ultra.


It's Phatt ... Loud and Strong For Every kind people! It's a Fuckin 'engine, For Fuckin' Who whant musicians to play and Produce a Funckin'music.
Is There Somebody Here ?!??? YEEAAAH!
What Else ...

HouseNation's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU Planet Phatt
See how last.


See how last.


See how last.


Planet Phatt

The disc is scratched: this is the first observation after listening to the demo ... The presence of scratches and other crunches perfectly evoke the era of vinyl. Both the Orbit was very dance-oriented, both the Planet Phatt groove on the side "east coast" - certainly not for nothing that the manufacturer calls it "The swing system." Moreover, in the famous Beat Mode, the majority of loops oscillate around 90 to the black, that says it all! With 480 waveforms, 250 for batteries (counting scratches and percussion), this unit is full of groovy sounds over each other. The programming is very classical and we can note that compared to the original Orbit, Planet Phatt is the version 2.0. On the agenda: the long-awaited opportunity to pass on drum loops (with mini-sequence of instruments) via MIDI! Three modes are available (Master page): no transmission, transmission only to the MIDI Out to play instruments without internal, and the same thing while playing the instruments internal. So we can recover the loops on the computer or sequencer workstation and edit it by taking advantage of the power of such tools. This is also very convenient to analyze the grooves and deduce custom quantization grids. Let us briefly recall what the Beat Mode: we are dealing with a mini sequencing of events as part of pre-programmed drums, bass, a few chords (themselves triggered from the keyboard as "chord memory") . We can change the pitch, tempo, key trigger, stop, mute from a keyboard. These calibration parameters are stored in locations users. This system, introduced with the Orbit, has the advantage of being extremely simple to implement: Pressing both buttons simultaneously on the front (ie Master and Edit) and you're done. Then it will handle all the keyboard or even with the talented Launch Pad (chronicled along the orbit), the famous remote control packed with tricks that allows a true real-time control of the main bodies of Proteus . As usual with E-mu, the demos are not up to the content of the devices and we can only advise to listen carefully to the presets to get an accurate picture of the many sonic possibilities of the Planet Phatt.

text archives recording keyboards.

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU Planet Phatt
EMU's my boy!

Oh yeah, a strong Tappe ... you like the sound of Old School quality big? You want jazz and break? ben this rack is for you!

A lot of sounds, not a throw (ben y 'filters to modify and paramtres of synthse ...)
Thunderous beats, sounds and beatbox percussion, vintage keyboards ... pfff! but how they put it all in??

MIDI full (too full)
6 audio outputs hyper dense (will have to change the console!)
Everything is parameter.


I do not understand how it's done to screw in the fly box? what message is screwing sysex??

Joking apart ... everything is simple.
Retailer Edition terribly, but easy to understand.
English manual (but I am sure that Basque version is available ... :-)

We dbrouille without the manual to beginners and a stroll in time others can enviseager nooooorme the potential of the BTE.


Ah, if my music is appropriate??
Well, I know ... I use it and I'm still not possible the question ... I yrflchir ...

Ralistes sounds?
Yes, it looks real sounds of synths! and also the real sounds of BAR and vintage! incredible ...
I was hesitant to come across the sounds of grant or rape.
Yes the sounds are excellent, EMU or not, this rack is great!

It Ragit all, a plant never ... happiness

The sounds that I prfre ... um ... good! ca fits like rponse? right?
ok, I dveloppe:

- String correct (for a module is not ddi dja well)
- Brass and wood for those who are Submitted, not bad, the BRASS typs are trs HipHop
- Low: greasy, deep and well-Dfine
- Lead: correct for synths and excellent for piano, EP, clavinet ...
- Sound effects: scratches, voice, zapp ... y 'has tons of excellent right

FILTERS terrible sounds of high quality trs: a real studio module.


WITH the exprience ... (Amended notice:

Ben is worse. the only weak point is its "low" polyphony. And since they are able to russ and marketing at EMU, they are prvu that can be in chains 2,3,4 ... a number. So I'll take the opportunity to add one and it paste this controller that Satan Pipelines Limited for! Well, we'll have to sort the output, I can not spend 12 just for the two racks ...
But I continued to dfendre: PROTEUS 2500 and with two samplers is the killing.

Good bte my faith.

I almost forgot to tell you about the Z-Plane Filter: variable envelope and everything! Gnaaaaaa ... I spend nights on the dirt of thing that kills! TERRIBLE

LeChatMechant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU Planet Phatt
E-mu Planet Phatt Specifications

Type: Synth / Drum-machine / module /
Synthesis Type: Digital ROMpler with 8 MB of ROM
Max: 64
Typical in use: 32
Multi-timbral (number of shares): 16
Controllers: everything (it rocks!)
Number of FX units: 4
Number of different effects: 30
Drum Section:
Number of Drum Kits: 20
Number of Drum sounds: 350
Number of Keys:
Can send on 16 simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to: velocity, aftertouch
Sounds Can Be split by: velocity, keyboard
Patches: 364
Inputs and Outputs:
Number of Audio Outs (EXCLUDING Phones): 3
Number of Audio Ins: 3
Number of MIDI Outs (EXCLUDING Through): 1
Number of MIDI Ins: 1
Comments about the sounds:
The Sounds are priceless and everyone Needs to get one.

Sounds to check out:
PhattBoy, Pantene Slut Face, Rock1, koolio, TripMeUpSkotty, Flock Me Amadeus, Ohhhh, Skracth, And the best sound of all time is Burrito Butt


Manual in English or German.
simple config without reading the manual.


Sounds are trs typs 90's. The drum kits are nice and have a good potato.


A rack of nice sounds if touched at good prices. I'm still not all in the bowels of the machine hack lice. An amended notice and complete in a few weeks.

Useful because you can run a beat drums and play lead on it.
I like the flashy purple faade too.