Clavia Nord Stage EX 88

Clavia Nord Stage EX 88

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Nord Stage EX 88, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage EX series.

3 user reviews
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Clavia Nord Stage EX 88 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Clavia
  • Model: Nord Stage EX 88
  • Series: Nord Stage EX
  • Category: Digital Synths
  • Added in our database on: 10/23/2008

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Clavia Nord Stage EX 88 user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %

wx2buzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A "Real" Instrument, Keyboard ultimate stage"

Clavia Nord Stage EX 88
"Stage Piano" digital 88touches.
I leave the technical specifiactions other lower opinion already seems fairly complete.

On the technical side, the only lack that I can blame the Nord Stage EX is the lack of reading samples "General" (Strings / Brass etc..) But as this factor is corrected in the next generation (Nord Stage 2) I can not blame him too.

However, at the time the NS EX was the flagship of the brand, it was still something rather annoying. Never mind, I quickly forgiven when I could join him expendeur Roland Sonic Cell led by its exellent section "Extern".

However, I would like to complain especially the power plug is not very standard! Why not do like everyone else (and like their other models) and put a IEC plug? Slice of life, I forgot my power lead at home in a concert 500km from home, and as this thread is almost "Not Found" quickly and simply, I had to reprogram sounds for 3 hours a good old Roland Fantom FA-76 to play at the concert. A standard power cord to avoid many problems.

I wear a special appreciation to the management software Free "Patch" which is very simple and practical, it runs very well and is very useful!

I also note a build quality that exceeds the greater part of these competitors. The knobs are solid, Smooth and well anchored. the instrument itself seems very solid and very tolerant to follow us on the road. Mine follows me without flinching for 5 years! He spent nights in the trunk of your car in cold weather up-30degré Celcius, has to face the heat of summer, rain outdoor concert festivals and was lugging countless times RPET / concert and never showed a single sign of any trouble.

Keyboard meanwhile, is certainly not the best in the world but in my opinion a perfect compromise between "Keyboard Piano / EP 's" and "Organ / Synthesizer Keyboard". There is no master for either type, but allows you to make two in reasonable comfort.

I also bring your attention to the appearance of "limited" edition of the synth part possibilities. certe, we can not do everything, but it's so well thought after testing, we can draw quite unsuspected sounds quickly and easily. sometimes having less choice feeds creativity!


If we went around quickly, the architechture in practice section is very nice to use. Certe a while adaptation is required (If you go the other major manufacturers) but we made it by hand quickly and everything is clear.

Almost nothing is hidden, the most significant parameters are available in the front and the majority of the buttons are "A button / function" really making editing very easy and fast.

Create a sound on the Nord Stage is much easier and enjoyable than most of the competition.

I attribute my favorite buttons to "Panel A / B" that allows us to have literally two "pages" empillable or parallel in each preset! This is great for me and is always helpful! It is therefore possible to have 2 B3, two pianos, two and four synth effects to a single preset!

The manual is clear and well detailed.


Before talking about sounds, I must specify that over the years following the purchase of the Nord Stage, I had the chance to get me "Real" keyboards. I have a Hammond C2 (+ Leslie 147), a MK.II Rhodes, a Clavinet D6, Yamaha CP-70B and a Moog Voyager. Besides amps (eMule also NS) Fender Blackface Twin Reverb and Roland Jazz Chorus.

Is the Nord Stage equals or surpasses the original? Obviously the answer is "No". No keyboard can, and certainly not one keyboard for all these instruments.

But is that the Nord Stage offers a satisfying sound? Quite sure yes! and more! According to me, any other keyboard on the market offers sounds reproaching himself as original as the Nord Stage. Clavia has really managed to capture the "Grain" and "Dynamic" of each of the original instruments. The difference with the originals are in the details. NS certainly has the best emulation of Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet all the "Workstation" and all the "Stage Piano".

Maybe it not the equivalent of all the originals, but it has the merit of having everything with a very valuable quality in a lightweight, sturdy and portable size! In my case, the original will never leave my basement! Frilleux too precious and fragile!

the amp emulation are in my opinion, rather typical, but it can reach advantage of color and that's why I do not condemn the Ns for it.

The effects are exellent quality and allows to have all sound palettes have might need. it is very complete.

NS offers a good range of sound. perhaps it seems more limited than some competitors, but it (at least!) everything he does, he does beautifully.

However, I found the factory preset very unhelpful and uninspiring synth. Presets synth seems cold and rigid. However, the synthesis engine is capable of NS warmer sound without too much trouble, as we take the trouble.
But its ability to make sounds cooler is also an undeniable quality. Make good FM sounds and type "Wave table" is a rare quality in a keyboard if you want to play in a register 80's 90's! it has its uses!

There are sounds for all types with NS! I mainly play in a corporate group where you Top40 JOUT very varied kind and I can find everything I need to play all the latest commercial hit for a good old blues.

Its only lack is at the "Samples" Brass, Strings, Accordion etc.. It is possible to fiddle with the synth part but there is no miracle to non-plus. An additional module is required if you need such sounds. Otherwise, the Nord Stage 2 has corrected this deficiency.

The effects are exellent quality and allows to have all sound palettes have might need. it is very complete.


I use it for 5 years now and it has never failed me!
He is my faithful partner and I do not déferai!
I had before a Roland Fantom FA-76 and the shock was brutal when I'm falling with the Nord Stage!

I love these sounds more than satisfactory, its baffling ergonomics, unique and simple practical architechture, and the exceptional quality of the instrument.

I have played on many competitor (Korg SV1, Roland G8, Korg M3, Korg Kronos, Roland Jupiter) and I think I can say that in my opinion, none brings many good sounds in a simple format intuitive and understand what can offer the Clavia Nord Stage.

However, since we pay for what you get, the price of the Nord Stage is very high (about $ 5,000 Canadian in my concerns if the legs are included, the lectern, carrying case and taxes) .

But I would do this choice without hesitation even despite the price because it is amply product quality and long years of service in my company go as companion music.

On legs Clavia, they are (very) expensive but well worth the peinede by the brilliant Look, convenience during transport (fits in the case) and their strength (the keyboard is very stable and not likely at all fall!

I sincerely believe that there is currently no better in terms Stage piano. To buy the closed period if you are questioning eyes.

capillotraktor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Stage EX 88
Touch-heavy piano, 88 keys. Available in 76 keys heavy or lightweight touch 61
-4 Spares outputs, Midi In / Out
-4 Pedals: Sustain, Leslie speed (switch, but can also CONTRL with linear speed of pedals CONTRL) CONTRL, swell (a term for the organ).
-Dition possible with the provided utility (mac or windows)
EX-version is exactly the same as the previous ones, only changing the srigraphie dsormais indicating the rear connections, the memory that leaves more room for sound piano / keyboards supplmentaires, diodes and small just above the keyboard to see the points split.
Rgulires-updates of the OS and sounds. Everything is rcuprable via internet including the factory presets, nothing is ever lost.
Polyphony-total for all or most configs, you will never feel this level of limitation l.
North of a system that uses synthse into three blocks (or instruments): organ, piano and synth. Each instrument can play two sounds simultanment, freely assignable one, two or three areas of the keyboard. So in total you have in permance up to 6 instrument under the fingers, each of which may or may not suffer the effects, sustain and pitch (very useful, consider for example the possibility of a pitcher Młoda jou e right hand, while only the agreement left hand suffer sustain, but not the pitch!), all just trs.
"I bought the 3 pedals in addition to the sustain provided (look at Thomann for first prize between 5 and 10 euros). I do not regret going the learning phase, providing the flexibility is worth the investment (over volume problem when you place an organ sound, no need to hand lcher dclencher to the Leslie, and finally all the effects at the foot ...). And four pedals, a throw in!


- Config extremely simple, and everything is backed up directly on the panel ditable
- Live a good function trs that records all your changes in a bank paramtres specially useful for losing nothing of manipulations without affecting existing programs.
- Manual trslger, clear and direct, the image of the machine. Almost useless hand to understand the basic concepts.


It's a piano scne, so:
- This is not an exhaustive imitation piano tail, with ultra heavy and touch one of his masterful piano. See plutt the RD700-GX.
- This is not a complete ultra synthtiseur buffs synthse. See plutt the Nord Wave.
- It is much less a sound bank with 14 DIFFERENT sounds of shamisen and 35 flte Afghanistan. For a, see the pattern!
- This is absolutely not a workstation / arranger, there are no side dishes, styles, or squenceur. Not exotic kind of stuff arpggiateur or vocoder.

The intrt North Stage EX 88 is elsewhere: the reproduction extrment Fidler of ten instruments of legends who have made the history of music in XXme shekel (just a). Fidler t means that each instrument carefully multi-sample for each note, taking into account the levels of rsonance VLOC the pedals, the rsonance sympathetic strings for piano ... ism that is short of shouting. Add effects of excellent craftsmanship and a certain musicality, adapting instruments on offer: we believe it. The musicality is the word here matre; point of submenus in shambles or dtails unnecessary, almost everything is accessible directly on the panel using potentiomtres and displays, everything is backed up and above all relevant. For the settings or effect trouvre IMMEDIATE its application on a device or style prcis. Try trmolo the Wurlitzer: it almost alone justify the use of this sound, if not chantillonage n'tait dj perfect! And the rest is the future. Each instrument is about an invitation evokes a particular style or an era or a musician. This might seem rducteur, but not at all. Because we're talking about exceptional instrument: 4 DIFFERENT millsimes Rhodes, many with their own Clavi SETTING THE microphones, the fatal Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 on the two keyboards (or not), the Farfisa and Vox , a great piano line open or closed (last tlchargeables sounds, for those who thought that up to the sounds of piano taient weak Stage ...). It is surprising test all these jewels one by one, not s'arrter ...
In short you wonder if in prtexte to buy a keyboard scne were not just invested in a big toy that glows in the dark. Except that the North ensures professionalism ct: 4 assignable output spares, supply intgre, 4 between pedals, pitch wheel in wood and stone (it's no joke and in addition the rponse is excellent!).
I do not evokes the synth part may be more anecdotal (paramtres little over a traditional synth), it is nevertheless very useful for the pianos and rhodes toffe thanks to the system I multitimbral (tablecloths, pads), or simply add electro sounds (try the Rhodes left hand and an FM glide his right hand, perfect for the nu-soul!)
Ah yes: the North has a great look with diodes that glow red and green twinkling, DDIS mention specially the feet, which are certainly sold a price indcent but really provide a more : stability much better than an X, transportabilit in the cover (yes), and the key rtro going well. The cover also is also advised, Christian lgre but, well padded, and fits perfectly in the MODEL. The instrument itself exudes solidity finish is impeccable.
To return the instrument itself, with a point that I did not first keyboard. Fatar Studiologic is one, it gets worse but there are better, a heavy touch plutt light, not specially rebound. Yet it fulfills its mission to the challenge of making silent comfortable (if not raliste) the use of sound in the North (what's worse than a good sound with a touch inappropriate?) Here the bet is r USSI, touch constitutes a good compromise between a piano and hit a Rhodes or Wurlitzer, with many curves VLOC tudies (and settings only if necessary). For the organ is playable but the opportunity will move quickly to reach a matre lightweight keyboard to control the sounds of Northern collection outdoor, solo or dual-keyboard config. If indeed the organ is your absolute PRIORITIES, look to the Compact version, identical with a touch waterfall. The two C2 or better keyboards! The aftertouch is hard but I do not use it: to modulate the sounds you can choose from aftertouch, wheel and pedals, each of which may CONTRL nimporte which paramtres available, including effects or even combination. With the pedals it carrment dvastateur ... Imagine a groove wurli hands with the wah foot! Or a fade from one instrument to another, the pedals CONTRL both growth and dcroissance strings of the piano for example.
In short, the feeling is just incredible.


I reu 4 days ago, bought an unbeatable price on (long vinyl sellers on the internet, they have engaged in the home studio). I will notice a few days when I knocked the Stage.
I had an RD300-SX for six years and was well three years I wanted a north to my home but especially for concerts. I had the opportunity to try the Roland R & D, Yamaha Motif (very cold, the opposite of the North), other cheap keyboards more ... I knew I wanted the one. For what it offers, it simply does not Concurrency! You will have the same price for buying good rsultats sparment a good keyboard piano, and then a good formulation of Rhodes or Hammond ct. But eventually the Nord Stage is the only offer in any cell and a single machine. Compared with the RD300-SX, the price range is not the same, but the quality gnrale simply did not see anything. L o Roland offers a good tool which will be used off-road two or three daily prs sounds somewhat convincing in Vitantis entering the dtail of Settings, Clavia offers a musical instrument from Entire, and even more, which we never tire of exploring its possibilities. One could say that the North is a bit of the Mac keyboard: trs expensive but trs effective, it takes the user's hand to let him speak as he pleases, and finally causes same kind of attachment. If you like jazz, funk, soul, the electro ... do not pass ct!

guilhem09's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super keyboard!"

Clavia Nord Stage EX 88
See specs found everywhere ...


I love the ergonomics of this keyboard: the knobs, buttons, no menus and endless submenus abstruse. Easy, convenient, efficient.


Note that I am not a pianist. But because of the play, I end up getting the feel a little too light.
For sounds, excellent: the rhodes are falling, and piano (grand or right) are really compelling for my small ears. Some cool synths too, and B3 is almost perfect even though I'm using it soon.


Used for a month, I discover every day.

Great keyboard, even if it's very expensive I would do without hesitation that choice. Or I would take the North Piano, a little less kind of expensive ...

Clavia Nord Stage EX 88 news

Clavia introduces Nord Stage EX family

Clavia introduces Nord Stage EX family

Published on 09/16/08
Clavia has announced the Nord Stage EX models. The Stage EX units have gone through a hardware change and also received a cosmetic makeover.

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