Focusrite Liquid Mix

Focusrite Liquid Mix

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Liquid Mix, DSP Board from Focusrite in the Liquid series.

8 user reviews

Focusrite Liquid Mix tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Focusrite
  • Model: Liquid Mix
  • Series: Liquid
  • Category: DSP Boards
  • Added in our database on: 11/20/2006

We have no technical specifications for this product
but your help will be much welcomed


Focusrite Liquid Mix user reviews

Average Score:3.0( 3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 1 user review13 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
 3 reviews38 %

fly33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Liquid Mix
Able to have dynamic and EQ processing without ruin me or ruin my CPU ... With the reputation of the Liquid Channel, Focusrite could not really miss about this product.
I use it in mix of artistic production, on all sorts of instruments and the quality is by appointment. This inexplicable feeling of well-being, as when the hardware goes through in good order.
That is what seriously unreasonable delay some expenditures (Distressor, Manley SLAM, Avalon, Teletronix ...)
Compared to the devices I have (TL Audio Joemeek) mix the liquid leaves me frankly think that the other compressors and EQ are rendered accurately.


The installation is very simple. No problemo. It was after that it gets complicated ... As stated on the site Focusrite, solicitation Firewire bandwidth is such that the use of a dedicated PCI slot is required. So an additional Firewire card is to be expected. On my computer (Intel Pentium IV 2.8 GHz, 1GB RAM), even in Standard PC mode, it seems impossible to combine two cards yet Firewire appropriate (VIA and IT). Fortunately, as I have a second PC for FX Teleport, so I use it via the internal network and there, bathed. But I really sweated to find a suitable solution.
For some, it works right away and good for them. For others, and they seem much more likely, the machine could disappoint ...


To date, the last driver (1.5.5) seems to fit perfectly to use on a PC. The people at Focusrite are not funny and that's good because their intervention is useful in cases of various incompatibilities. As long as it lasts. A new firmware solve these problems there?
On Cubase SX3, I tried to overload the machine by earning the tracks processed by the liquid mix (via FX Teleport, of course). I fell asleep before. No worries on that side, at 44.1 kHz and 32 compressors and EQ are there.


From the perspective of its actual use, the GUI is very nice even if the real plus is being able to set your EQ cuts and eyes closed. What up!
A formidable machine. At this price, it is a real gift to be able to afford such a pannel of sound processing usually priceless. It remains to see if your system will accept it and there mystery.

etiennemougeotte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Liquid Mix
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
- All of the technical paper, ie the use of as many Comp and EQ rputs without breaking the bank and gun down his computer.

For what purpose?
- At the moment, a mix of electro-pop. 32 audio tracks precisely.

What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
- Apple MacBook Pro 2.16GHz / 2GB RAM / 120 GB HDD.


Installation is no problem it?
- Yes. Focusrite site, updates downloads the latest version, the branch has to work.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
- Pdf. yes

Gnrale configuration is easy?
- What was on the screen matches what was in the hands and vice versa. so yes, it's super easy.

Have you experienced any incompatibility?
- So in terms of story ddi firewire port. branch as well as directly to the FW400 port on my laptop as my hard ass external Iomega FW, that ass is my sound card works like this. (We will return!). mac anyway, no need for a port ddi it seems. it's cool.


The drivers are stable?
- The plot thickens has actually let's be clear, I have yet hardly russi finalizing a project with this case once a DSP operates nickel, once the card is not recognized , Digital Performer plant suddenly for no apparent reason (a Premire !!!), once he forgets the occurrences of the plug opening, and so on.
I reinstalled the drivers, Digital, the OS does not help, when a plant wants to then?! I guess this is still not great at the point, I see no other explanation for the moment, but I'm patient

What software do you use most often?
- Only in Digital Performer version 5.1

What you get lag?
- Then you should also explain the one thing! why is what to impractical (at least that's the only I Fawn to keep it more or less stable over an hour), get 512 or 256 ms latency in DP to run this card!?!
even having a box of current race (Intel Core 2 Duo on my MacBook Pro), when we mix, we do not need to lower the latency! CPU has food! I prfr to work in 2048, just to inflate the internal plug, but the I can not. in fact, 32 tracks with plug 2 each, plus the latency for the flush LiquidMix, DP trs quickly saturate a SHAME!!


How long have you use it?
- Ten days.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
- J'apprcie the concept. the quality of the plug.
- I be a beta tester dtest 600 euro I'm trying to finish a mix and I prcis Ramna card in stores before the end of the week.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- No.

How do you report qualitprix?
- On paper, gnial. in the state: can, limit a scam.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
- If one day you leave a machine or the software reliable, then certainly. I do not in any way dnigre audio quality of the BTE. just absolutely unprofessional appearance: stable.

NOTE: meanwhile, tried this on a Dual G5 LiquidMix with same software and same project: the same stability

nours©'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Liquid Mix
With these few centimtres Carrs lies a powerhouse (blah, just a fact and even 486 but hey)! That said, using a host computer to the REALLY prvues tasks, namely, EQ and compression.
rgulirement to use the AU / VST or RTAS on my Mac or true EQ or Comp. in hardware, two things jump to the ears ds Premire minutes of use: THE FIRST plug the currents can lie down again, hard can start shaking. competition if there is never really up Submitted begins with LiquidMix (Neve and also must not DCON!).
short, our answer to the questions in the order instead of a palaver gives:

- 1 - CHARACTERISTICS: full EQ, full of Comp. for less than 5000 balls. not just any more. but mostly full, at the same time!
- 2 - use: finalization of various models and varied, mix CD for sale Commerce destiny.
- 3 - config. : For the moment, a dualCore2 Apple laptop, 2.16 GHz, 2GB, under 10.4.8 with Protools and Digital Performer (and Peak).


- 1 - Installation: fingers in the nose, the time to download any drivers. not require restarting, you start work directly.
- 2 - incompatibility: ing.
- 3 - configuration: a breeze, the WYSIWYG, the "console" is as complicated a Playstation joystick. the mac (again) gives an exact vision of what was in his hands. careful though not suitable for blind people. one would have suspected.
- 4 - Manual: no manual, FAQ and complete information on the Focusrite website.


- 1 - drivers stability: for now, RAS.
- 2 - last day: no ide.
- 3 - Software utiliss: PT, DP, Peak. attention, DP seems a little temperamental and does Tolra a latency low enough to work 100%. nothing dramatic, however, if we deal with large files, use the freeze as before mixer (which I recall is for!).
- 4 - Latency: advises, 1024, reasonable, 512.
- 5 - number of tracks: one with no record, we agree. the mix is ​​32 occurrences of plugs per project. EQ 32 AND 32 Comp. knowing that the EQ can be customized with mix of several possible formulations. TRS has left a wide choice, and many possibilities.


- 1 - date of purchase: recently, trs low end. just to finish a mix.
- 2 - I love, I do not like: the reproach bte in particular, works without power supply, has to plug in two seconds, arpond the finger and the eye, a ring, does not ring a "numrique" is efficient and easy to use. non frankly, for the use I have (had) no regrets.
- 3 - not
- 4 - qualitprix report: no ide. it is the cheapest in the market is not the behringer, possdent those who mix and a laptop should have one rgulirement
- 5 - good choice or not: yes in aboslu. trs happy with this purchase. but for me, not as much use as my finances allow me. So, I spare, because a pisses me off seeing a pretty powerful trainer box on my desk and end up in a closet because I do mixes (more) than two times a year

VisiR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focusrite Liquid Mix
What motivated my choice is primarily qualitprix the report, and the possibility of applying eq and comp of 32 tracks simultanment with eq and comp in good order.
My config is tascam FW1884, P4 3GHz, 1GB Ram, Adaptec card firwire FireConnect (for tascam) and basic (compatible OHCI for the liquid mix), all under Win XP and Cubase SX.


All dabord FireConnect branch on the map along with the FW1884 (which has the pos bp of stability for the tascam) I finally used a firewire card first prize and no worries of installation or incompatibility . Trs is stable. Just connect, it works, a pure happy (compare installs the Tascam, which cost me a firewire card "high end") that the manual is on the cd rom, not practical to install, but versions are findable on the Focusrite website among others and french! The configuration is simple anyway trs.


Drivers super stable. Version 2 is to download from the Focusrite website, and seem to be fairly Updated regulirement.


Well I confess, I use only a few days! But I'm not dcu see even packed. Dabord, Focusrite looks trs attentive to customer feedback, which is reassuring. Second, the quality of the effects is gniale. Nothing to do with other plugs. The DSP relieves the CPU, and the possibility of treatment of 32 tracks simultaneously (44/48 kHz) is a boon for the work of mix. Having had the opportunity to have some hands between the machines by the emulsion liquid mix (Distressor, Millennia, 1176 etc.). I find the quality of the impressive accumulation. The ratio quality price is just amazing! The fact that the same plug in it possde a hardware is nice. It allows you to look up the notches and the hand of the mouse to focus on his ears;)

If I had to give notice neagatif, which is not really one, but why would AC did not they put reverbs / delays etc!! And yes, we always want more. For my part, I regret the use of as surely they can not stretch the capacity of calculation (number of tracks bills simultanment) 44/48kHz. Indeed, the extension card can increase the processing capacity frquence Sample Rate suprieurs, but still limit 32 44/48! Bon remain positive, it Yadji of what to do!

In short, if I had the choice again, it would be without any concern, and if tomorrow I am withdrawing this machine, I buy one in short;) (fan?)
Well, yes, even when it's been fun to work with emulation: SSL / NEVE / MILLENNIA / TELETRONIX / DBX / Tubetech / SUMMIT / DRAWN / UREI / MANLEY / API / CHANDLER / etc FOCUSRITE. 600 euros for non?

Focusrite Liquid Mix news

22 New Emulations From Focusrite

22 New Emulations From Focusrite

Published on 06/09/09
21 new compressor emulations and one new EQ emulation are available to download for free for all Liquid Mix users (including Liquid Mix HD).

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