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DPA Microphones Electret Microphones user reviews

  • DPA Microphones 4011

    DPA Microphones 4011 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4011 is small diaphragm condenser microphone to be used in the recording studio. I wouldn't use the mic outside of the studio under any circumstances considering the high price tag. The 4011 is definitely a popular model, and ca…

  • DPA Microphones 4090

    DPA Microphones 4090 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4090 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone designed for use in the recording studio. The mic is uniquely designed, but picks up the standard frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. It has a omnidirectional pick up pattern, mak…

Translated user reviews
  • DPA Microphones d:vote 4099

    DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 - " Top"


    Micro declined in the version for violin OVERALL OPINION How long have you use it? 1 complete we in different environments (one for a cocktail, a duet for a religious ceremony and training variet) Have you tried many other models before buyi…

  • DPA Microphones d:vote 4099

    DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 - " so-so"


    See specifications OVERALL OPINION I tried one hour and returned to the box. Back at Thomann. It takes all the outside noise. If you sing and play at the same microphone your voice will fairly important. A priori a very good directivity, I hav…

  • DPA Microphones d:vote 4099

    DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 - " a must"


    Electret microphones instrument OVERALL OPINION j have two and I use them mainly for the accordion and it changed my life akg 416 517 etc. shure beta 98 ​​and 350 atm audio technica pro 35 the sound quality to breath on acoustic instrument …

  • DPA Microphones d:vote 4099

    DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 - " the sound of my guitar, true!"


    microphone for studio and stage instrument. OVERALL OPINION Now that I've tested it thoroughly, I will leave a notice. First, I test, recording medium with a sound card. perfect result! The sound quality of this mirco is incredible. Be…

  • DPA Microphones 3541

    DPA Microphones 3541 - blackle's review


    Omnidirectional condenser microphone. It seems that the large diaphragm capsule is based on the same technology as the prestigious and very expensive 4040. This sensor introduces a concept of diversity, the capsule separates from the body at will pre…

  • DPA Microphones 4011

    DPA Microphones 4011 - " Micro high-end"


    Condenser microphone. Long and thin. An attenuator is present, although hidden under the XLR. You need a small screwdriver to turn it on. OVERALL OPINION I use it for almost 15 years (the firm was called at the time Bruel & Kjaer, which is more e…

  • DPA Microphones d:vote 4099

    DPA Microphones d:vote 4099 - Lf's review


    It is a static supercardioid with a specific home for classical and folk acoustic guitar. It requires 48 V phantom power OVERALL OPINION Very good. He was promoted for use on stage because it allows greater mobility of the artist without changing…

  • DPA Microphones imk4061

    DPA Microphones imk4061 - Rj_4000's review


    Omni miniature microphone (the size of the eraser on a pencil, as stated elsewhere). Electret 9V I think, via adapter (with voltage reduction) to +48 V power supply OVERALL OPINION Qq I used 4061 and I also have 4060. (Update 10/10/2010: In f…