DPA Microphones 4011

4011, Electret Microphone from DPA Microphones in the d:dicate series.

milsabords 07/23/2008

DPA Microphones 4011 : milsabords's user review


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Microphone sound recording and / or distribution including acoustic intruments.
capacitor technology.


I reu July 7, 2008 I must try it, I have small pramplis supposedly lamp, and real pramplis revox on a table as well as the fire face 400 rm. and even a bullet tac ... I write the first review, I use a classical guitar to not rev high end, and I'll say more in a few days. I intend to be prcis and useful members of Audiofanzine for I even notice I AIM m'claire gnial on this tool.
Deplus prvu we find ourselves with one or two other guitarists in a studio in the Departure of the lot. interesss they are they will come with their instruments and microphones to make a comparison ... there will be a lot of information that I brought here to enlighten me further about. trs ending for so (I work there).
Here, I used a branch table revox before returning to my sound card, your exact law is trs net prcis, it does not Relva sbilances-as I esprais - but transcribed Submitted wheezing if you have long fingernails or a touch too pulpy. whether to use it for voice occasionally use a pop filter preferences. it's a real cardio enough rersser it must surely be able to use it on scner without attachment with clamp provided retours.la parfairtement blocking the microphone, but the microphone will be well insulated, if you put it on an empty cardboard rcuprera rsonnances the deaf who maneront cardboard (even possible on trpied) I say as an example.
We dj July 23 I saw also that the micro transcribed prcisment the quality of my instrument, this guitar really lacks safe, Deplus acoustics pice is loa dplorable.
To add a little more mean lgrement fan noise, however, silent on the whole.
In short, the microphone does a good job rev it a pice MRIT acoustic treatment and a much better instrument, it allows me to correct my fingers, the size of nails is important, a asprit little and presto! has a sound itches / grognant.on comparative test we wake the dead at the studio during the month of August compared with Shoeps cardio and some akg 414 ... there are other people interesss by purchasing this microphone.
I would say one thing, I had to save with the Brauner WM1 (a Rolls Royce) etje can say that the Braun is even more transparent and natural for the dpa (the 4011 anyway).