DPA Microphones 4011

4011, Electret Microphone from DPA Microphones in the d:dicate series.

moosers 05/24/2010

DPA Microphones 4011 : moosers's user review


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The DPA Microphones 4011 is small diaphragm condenser microphone to be used in the recording studio. I wouldn't use the mic outside of the studio under any circumstances considering the high price tag. The 4011 is definitely a popular model, and can also be seen under the name Bruel & Kjaer, which is what DPA was called before I believe. The 4011 has a cardioid polar pick up pattern that will gather frequencies within the range of 40 Hz and 20 kHz.


I don't think that I have a bad thing to say about the DPA Microphones 4011, as it's definitely one of the best small diaphragm condenser mics that I've had the pleasure of using in the recording studio. It's suitable for applications of all types, as it's just the type of mic that will sound good on just about anything. I've used it for only two applications - acoustic guitar and hi hat. However, from everything that I've heard from other engineers suggests that this mic sounds great in any application where you'd want a silky high end response without sacrificing body. The 4011's are also some of the most expensive small diaphragm condenser microphones that I've seen around, so chances are that you'll only be seeing these in professional recording studios. I don't know if I'd recommend going with this over something like a Neumann KM 184 or 88, or even a Shure SM81, as although it definitely sounds as good or better than these mics, it costs a good amount more. Having said this, you really couldn't go wrong with the DPA Microphones 4011, so if you can afford it for your professional studio, it's definitely something that I'd consider doing as generally speaking, everything you record with these will sound as good as they can be. Having a pair of 4011's would pretty much eliminate the need for having any other small diaphragm mics in a smaller studio setting as well, but again the price makes them less feasible for smaller studio owners. The bottom line on the 4011's is that they're pristine top tier microphones that you really can't go wrong with...