Boss GT-8
Boss GT-8

GT-8, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-8

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Rockmonster's review

Boss GT-8
Boss Loads of effects.Loads of amp models.Loads of DISTORTION pedal models! Sheesh...what will they think of next? Anyway this guy has MIDI,USB,PCP... lol. All digital..I think..unless there is something analog on the compression and e.q.'s. Definitely ZERO tubes in this baby. Everything seems to be a model of something. Foot pedal...definitely not rack mountable, (but they do have the GT8 studio version... twice the price... not sure the benefits.. besides sticking it in a rack and then having to buy ANOTHER footcontroller.. grrrrr)


Um...Very simple as far as programming, saving presets, etc. Pretty intuitive, but you will need to consult the manual.... which compared to the manual for the Digitech GSP2101 (yeah, yeah...I have a review out for that) is very, very simple. It is pretty straightforward, but like anything else, when you want to really seriously build your own presets from the ground will have to use the manual..(sorry kids!)
Lots of knobs, dials and buttons... so for sound shaping, amp models,distortion models.. easy to get started. The presets are actually not terrible either... so... you can hit the ground running.


Mmmm.. varies. I am not so crazy about the cab models...I prefer running this into a tube poweramp, then into closed back cabs as a preamp. Quiet. Exciting high gain models.. clean models are good, certainly usable... bordering on very, very good. I have heard a lot of complaints about digital artifacts and fuzziness from this unit. I think with a good tube power amp, it adds an organic flavor, and couple this with some good warm speakers you can get a bit more tube life and more active harmonics. The effects on this unit are not great...I guess I would compare them all to floor pedal type effects. No TC or Eventide here. They are missing the parameter controls and quality that you would expect from any world class effects unit, but it is certainly usable for live work as an all-in-one solution... very convenient and easy to tweak according to the venue. The highlight models would be the 5150 and Soldano models...not spot-on, but lots of fun. Pinched harmonic madness with either of those. Wah models are surprisingly decent..fair amount of variation and gets very close to Crybaby's etc. Using Les Pauls,Strats,Tele's, other metal-ly type guitars. Run it into a Carvin T100 power amp into a pair of Eminence Cannabis Rex equipped closed back cabs. Sometimes run a Keeley TS-9 and Vox Clyde reissue on the front end for variation.


Had this unit for about 2 years now...I like the portability of it, the amount of effects and truly, the overall quality of models/effects are great for such a compact package. You could just take this to a gig and hook it up to the mixing board. Not the greatest and most real deal for dynamics, but it would work as a great backup or for low level type gigs. Instant upgrade hooked into a tube amp and good cabinet. Brings it into more real amp territory.I play a lot of different things...I think this is probably overall superior in realism over the Line 6 floorboard alternatives...( At least for the 2 high gain models.. ) and although I would never really consider going into the studio to cut an album with this (or anything from Line 6 for that matter) It is a great value for overall quality and quantity of effects. Perfect live solution.. with an effects loop to add whatever extra "gotta have" effects into the mix.

clay333's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-8
everything has been said


Ergonomics standard, we have to look a little overboard because the beast is very dense and the opportunities for improper settings are endless! I recommend the pdf dedicated to this pedal: Boss GT8 Brilliance. " This is a doc that is both comprehensive and a little mess but there is virtually everything we are trying!


At that time (2009) where I bought it, I hesitated between this multi-effects pedals and analog so. As I came across a good OCCAZ (almost new to 230 €) I'm tempted! Initially I used a lot of amp models built since the distortion of the amp I was using at the time did not satisfy me (CV Traynor 40W). Once spent on a Mesa Boogie 5:50, I dropped the models (which I find correct). The settings I use most: - Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Wah (For wahwah I am a little disappointed, I had the Dunlop cry baby before my favorite!) - Booster Tube Screamer in strengthening the amp distortion, - Compressor, Equalizer, Noise Blocker, - Plus a few effects here and there! Besides the Wahwah, I'm pretty happy with this pedal (with Vigier Excalibur Indus + Mesa Boogie 5:50) I live branch simply because it is more convenient. (I tried in the loop and I did not notice any major difference).


It is often said that the cranks are multi gas plants, which distort the sound of tube amps and that ultimately we do not use only 10-15% of its possibilities ... is not totally false! But in my case for a pedal of this quality at the price I bought it at the time I'm happy! And I do not find it distorts the sound of my amp! After it's true that I have not had the opportunity to test with analog pedals so ...

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wonderful!"

Boss GT-8
Everything has been said.


Contrary to appearances usage is simple and intuitive.


I use it in computer music directly connected to a simulator of Staff The Junction Palmer PDI-09 and then directly into my sound card.


I use it recently. I have many multi-effects and preamps (POD XT, Behringer, Tech21, Zoom, Vox ...) and I must say that this is the most comprehensive multi-effects and that suits me better. Finally get his grain and I was looking for years. Live I'm not sure I would use it ... but for the Home Studio is the best!

I am surprised to read so many negative comments about the simulations preamps ... personally I find them beautiful ...

Me little demo on Youtube:

Also on Youtube type:

A true flawless for me!

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for effects, not good for the amps"

Boss GT-8
cf. overall opinion


cf. overall opinion


cf. The overall opinion


opinion below is excellent and I share everything that is said about the quality of the GT8 as a multi-purpose. The interface is particularly excellent, the delays and reverbs are very successful and it is really value for money. The only drawback is the lack of looper worthy of the name but after all it is a vintage cheaper than ME 70 and much better for the effects - with the great advantage of the GT ie free chaining effects. Also, a funny effect of retaining the note called "sound hold", although a less EHX freeze, but still.

on the other hand, what made me sell mine shortly after buying it the very average quality simulation models, and especially the one I use most, the Bassman. Not to mention the original amps, compared to Guitar Rig, a Vox Tonelab or a AdrenaLinn, WG8 does not sound at all, it is flat, hollow, without dynamic, soft knee, especially with headphones or live card sound. It is possible that it is me who has struggled to settle, but as I got to find a / sounds that I like very easily on simus mentioned above ....
Damage of puppets12/05/2010

Damage of puppets's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Large selection of effects and good sound quality for digital"

Boss GT-8
As said time and again earlier: It is in this multi-effects pedal a digital version of Boss effects, plus about 11 categories of pre-amplifiers and speakers COSM technology, including amp simulations known (Roland JC -120, Vox AC30, Mesa Boogie recto, T-Amp Hughes & Kettner ...).

We have the opportunity to do the editing effects from a PC using a Midi connector and the free GT-editor.


The configuration is not so complicated that it appears from the moment it has taken the time to bone up on the manual.
You just have to show enough patience before reaching the sound you want. Especially at clipping.

The backlit display is clearly visible and the brightness is adjustable.
The general lighting of the set is excellent! We can see what effect is active and which patch is selected, both the light in the dark.

The manual is detailed enough to allow you to quickly find its mark but is nevertheless quite limited on the definition of certain effect parameters. Here he will then have to work on his ear and go fishing for info on how the effects in question if necessary.

Editing is pretty basic really. It boils down to start the setup of an effect by pressing the button that corresponds to it, one reaches the desired setting with the arrow keys, you edit the values ​​using the Main Dial, one returns to the screen user pressing the "Exit", then save the changes if necessary using the "Write" button.

A very valuable feature to become familiar with the beast and also to delight the beginners as well as fans of "plug & play" is the configuration editor simplified effects.
Simply choose the preamp or effect of his choice, then select "Quick FX" with directional arrow left and finally turn the main dial to have the choice between several preset factory configurations.
This provides a good basis to customize thereafter based on the tastes and preferences of the user.

It has a total of 85 banks with 35 user selectable with footswitch foot store (+) and (-) or manually via the main dial (Patch / Value). The remaining 50 are pre-programmed sounds and offer varied (clean, funk, hardcore, metal ...) to show the capabilities of the machine and can not be changed. They can therefore serve as a basis to customize later by copying patches users.

Each bank consists of 4 patches footswitchable with the 4 footswitches numbered 1 to 4 on the pedal. In each patch, you can set up 2 preamps and 13 effects simultaneously. And in order of chaining fully customizable.

Grip level, Master Volume adjusts the overall volume of the patch in use and is also entitled to a selector, preamp, followed by a nice bunch of knobs to adjust the equalizer.

Below you will find a selector effect saturated (overdrive / distortion) followed by another set of knobs for adjusting gain and volume of a few effects (distortion, delay, chorus, reverb).

The idea of ​​these knobs is good because it avoids going through menus and submenus to change the equalizer preamp and effects of the most commonly used, but we quickly realized that in fact have more decorations that Another thing as too sensitive to make accurate adjustments. We finally lost a lot less time through the sub menus and adjusting settings with the values ​​of the general wheel.

A 10-band equalizer to set the semi-parametric EQ would have been much more useful and explicit with respect to sub menus.

It then has a footswitch named "CTL" that can be set to control any function or effect.
I assign the function often called "manual" that turns the pedal into a true "pedalboard" and thus control the activation or deactivation at the foot of the main effects of a patch for the game


There's not to say, the sound of most effects is very convincing! There should be some limit to the original analog side to notice a real difference in sound.

The use of effects and preamp in stereo through headphones, on 2 amps, or on sound is downright HUGE!

I really like the chorus, wah, and delay and reverb, compressor, and the essential 10-band equalizer, which can thicken the sound and distos overdrive and make it more realistic.
There are ways to have fun with the many programming options as the "custom" which modifies the frequency response.

Rendering distos overdrives and is quite realistic in the sense that it will have a nice record on the clean channel of an amp or saturated cons but with headphones or a sound system that will be dynamic but too synthetic.

I'm a little more reserved on the preamplifiers on the other hand ...
I have not had a chance to try it on an amp in the process of the method to 4 cables, but the clean channel of an amplifier on the input jack in the headset, and also by setting sound good heard the exit to "Line phones" to take advantage of simulations of HP.

The cleans are very successful! I do not know enough to say whether the original that it really looks like or not but the sound is very good. Whether the headphone, or even the sound input on an amp with clean channel EQ to noon!

Unfortunately, we can not say the same preamps saturated ...
Already there is no hope without the use of simulation chamber otherwise the sound is horrible ...
After activating an enclosure of your choice (1X10 to 8X12), the dynamic is the coach and his mouth is like having a cushion before the damn sound output (as well as a headphone sound) and I still found no way to "lead" sound. EQ, volume, compressor, preamp position in the loop ... Nothing doing!

It's a shame because you can get cool sounds by adding the 10-band equalizer in the chaining of effects, as well as 2 preamp simultaneously.
Even if I do not necessarily recognize the sound of the amp simulation, the record is nice to practice quietly with headphones at home or even on a repeated sound group.

But the sound is blocked by I do not know what, we are very far from achieving the dynamism of a real amp. Even transistors!


Magnet play pieces ranging sounds clean and saturated, and the choice of a multi-effects soon became mine.
Having to play the tap to switch between a clean sound to full on an amp while simultaneously disabling the analog effects pedals such as chorus, distortion, wah ... Scared me!

The idea of ​​having banks with sound effects preamps with selectable one foot switch so I thought best suited my needs.

Only one channel amp with effects loop and midi controlled from a pedal could allow me to switch the effects on channel function.
But it was beyond my means and sounds of a multi-effect me enough to start.

I play mostly metal but I also wanted to have some bluesy tones for varying kinds.
I needed something versatile so real cheap.

Obviously, the sounds of digital preamps do not equal those of a real amp, especially lamps! But to work at home through headphones and repeated on PA with my band, it is largely the case.

Can I still be able to enjoy its best effects by plugging it into the loop or even the input of an amplifier.

A multi-fx was also the best way for me to familiarize myself with the sounds and effects settings can be complex, and identify those who become most essential for me, even buying some analog later.

I have this plant since 2006 and I have not yet done the rounds today! The possibilities are virtually endless and impressive and I discovered yet more often!

Sustainable investment, with good value for money.

VIRTUALIZER's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-8
See above descriptions.


- Multi-Effects Complete, so complicated and so it's like that and it makes sense to me.
- This pedal requires patience and requires an adjustment of all its patch after amplification equipment on which it is connected (amp, sound ...).
- Fortunately, the instructions are clear and very detailed.

In my opinion, this pedal is only recommended for musicians who already have a good knowledge of the effects.


- The effects are nice when you take the time to respect the chaining logical fit correctly each parameter (including individual volumes).
- I use it with Gibson Flying V on a live PA.

The whole is a bit cold, Digital oblige.


- I have this pedal for 4 years and am only used in multi effects with a tube preamp in the loop.
I finally decided to put his nose in it and I use the preamp section proposed.
I'm surprised because you can actually find everything you want. / "\ I think, the coupling preamp and equalizer is required to cut the side of saturation despite nazillard simulations speakers.

I find the possibility to put 2 amps to the left and right EXCELLENT! The sounds can be huge!

- The factory presets are not good, as usual!
- Objectively, it is impossible to judge this pedal without actually having it programmed, I'm talking about programming, and yes!

yesyes73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-8
All and all, the total pedal Boss
Digital Technology
Editablies noon via pc

Council purchase a Stagg case is cheap and saves the buttons


To read the manual before moving to the knob, or used as is the 200 factory patches


The effects are effective and realistic
I use on Fender and Epiphone Gold top United States and even with my Taylor
And behind a Blues junior high and master volume down to avoid the drive of the amp


I use it for 1 year
I like having the Boss pedals I was using before but in a
Top value for money purchased new in store for € 380
I referrer this choice without any problems (except perhaps for the GT-10) What is the most beautiful 8.

PS: Beware of the expert commentary that puts a notice after trying 5 minutes on a fair or in a store ...!!!!!

Häargen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-8
Ben for his see below, that's fine but we just wish for a USB patch via the PC edition.


The use could not be simpler, I bought it for a booster pedal, I also have a digitech GNX4 which is true in nivo bestiolle prograation of the patch, but it's come all, fai one would very quickly.


I put 7 as compared to the digitech GNX4 simulations are not as property, however there are affetti simpas, the arpeggiator and the wave synth.
For the sitar, the defretteur and acoustic guitar simulator go your way, it's very bad ...


I for a week and I am very happy for the use I wanted to do.
The sounds are very typical and the grain is always the same but it allows much fun.
To shred everything is perfect. He really happening around me the sounds are still similar.
This choice I would do without hesitation.

Willoo7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practical and good value qualitprix!"

Boss GT-8
- Simulation of Preamp
- Overdrive / Distortion
- Delay
- Chorus
- Reverb
- Compressor / Limiter
- Wah
- FX-1/FX-2: Advanced Compressor, Limiter, Touch Wah, Auto Wah, Tone Modify, Guitar Simulator, Tremolo, Phaser, Flanger, Pan, Vibrato, Uni-V, Ring Modulator, Slow Gear, Defretter, Sitar Simulator , Feedback, Anti-Feedback, Humanizer, Slicer, Wave Synth, Sub Equalizer, Harmonist, Pitch Shifter, Pedal Bend, Octave, Rotary, 2x2 Chorus, Auto Riff, Guitar Synth, Acoustic Processor, Sound Hold, Sub Delay
- Equalizer
- Loop
- Amp Control
- Noise Supressor

The transition from a patch the other can be either normally or without mute the Previous patch!
For cons, I regret that this transition from a patch is done in the other Manir gnrale is - that applies all the patches, not just individual patches.


In beginners, a sound complicated but once you read the manual, it's pretty simple! It just takes time to find its rglages. Otherwise the manual is still lacking a bit of precision (What is this paramtre ?...).

Custom settings for each effect are really trs complete!


Trs trs good effects and good quality for that price.

Sounds Overdrive / Distortion plutt are bad and too dirty with a gain lev a little too artificial (except that I love Booster). It is better to use with the Preamp.
We can customize its own distortion and the HP but no agreement with The argument [Output Select] on 'Line / Phones. "

Otherwise certain effects are double complter sound:
2x2Chorus, Sub Eq, Limiter (FX), Compressor (FX), Auto Wah, Touch Wah


Many possibilities with custom settings effects and assignments!
I also love the design and the color black.
Report qualitprix trs reasonable!

Dav24642's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-8
All effects imaginable out mono, Stereo, digital output from noon to noon, etc.


The basic functions are intuitive trs, I loved the Manual mode that allows the pedals of spare change patches in individual pedals example: the first pedal enables or disables the preamp, the second is the overdrive, the delay the third and so on. In other words it's like to get a brand of stomp box pedalboard consitutents. The assignment of effects pedals to control and expression pedals for me a t-puzzle.Peut be true because c'tait pdalier my first multi-purpose. All in all trs intuitive except for the configuration of the equalizer given me sore heads.


Losrque I used my gt-8 for the first time I connected to my Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 combo. Silent sound good but only low volume. Aussitt I rode my volume feedback FORT dsagrable was still on. Then I heard about the 4 mthode cables.Cela given me a better rsultat but there was still some feedback and what your exact n'tait not that I wanted. One day I shall decide to plug into my computer and check me to see her. WOW I found his vocation. The sound is fantastic if you configure the right, and more by connecting it through the afternoon, you can Tlcharger full of patches of good quality available on the net. Pdalier this gives me a hell of a condition that it is connected either to register in my computer or a console went directly into the monitors. The tube amps are not strong, may be a transistor amplifier with the rsulat would be better. I put 9 / 10 because to use that I made, the sound is nickel.


"I should have more versatility ESPR for connection (I can use AIM on my Mesa)
Cot-sound, there is a tural versatility, you can play anything.
"That's when even a good quality price. It is much cheaper than buying individual pedals.