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All user reviews for the DigiTech GNX3

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moosers's review

DigiTech GNX3
The DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Work Station is an in depth foot controlled effects box and eight channel recorder, designed for electric guitar. This is a digital effects processing box, with versatility extended beyond the guitar. As far as connections go, it's got an XLR input and output, a 1/4" input for your guitar, a set of stereo 1/4" outputs, a 1/8" CD input, a 1/4" headphone output, a MIDI input and output, a 1/4" footswitch and a lastly a S/PDIF output. It isn't rack mountable as it's a foot controlled work station.


Using the DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Work Station isn't too difficult, but it will definitely take a little bit of use to learn how to use all the ins and outs of the workstation. There are five main stomp box buttons as well as two to scroll between the sounds and a programmable expression pedal. It then has a series of parameter controls for all of the different signal processors and effects. The other main section is for the eight track recorder. The manual should have everything you'd need to know about the GNX3, and is definitely something you should have around if you just got one.


The DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Work Station has an endless amount of different possibilities in terms of sounds, including effects for filtering, chorus, delay, reverb, equalization, and compressor, just to name a few. Pretty much if you can think of it, you can probably conjure something up to sound pretty close. I definitely like the reverb and modulation effects the best here, as I find them to be the most realistic. This is really the perfect box in theory to build a live show around, as you can instant access to each of the sounds that you use using presets and storing. The eight track recorder is also awesome to have because it allows you to come up with stuff on the spot by yourself. I find it to be a great writing tool. The effects in general aren't my favorite, but considering they're all in the same place, they sound good enough for most applications.


While I prefer to use individual processors rather than multi-effects in general, there's definitely something to be said for the DigiTech GNX3 Guitar Work Station. This is really a one stop shop for guitarists, as it has just about everything you'd ever need in a pedal. The price is definitely more than reasonable for something like this, but it's a trade off in that all of the effects are digital and aren't really effects I'd use in the studio. If you're looking for an all purpose guitar box, the GNX3 is definitely something you should check out.
MGR/Kiran Gonsalves02/17/2004

MGR/Kiran Gonsalves's review"DigiTech GNX3"

DigiTech GNX3
i wanted an unit for some unique craetive sounds which i got at last. I paid 23,000/- Indian Rupees.

Really nice. A challenge to a composer to get any desired sound and improvise it as and when required.

Need more reverb



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MGR/Brennen's review"Digitech GNX3"

DigiTech GNX3
I got this on sale at aguitar center for $450, because I wanted a versitile multi effects pedal for my practice amp.

If you really work with it, you can get some good sounds on it. it has a whole mess of effects and distortion types.

Some of the amp models really don't sound right, but you just have to use other one's. Volume is slightly lowered when you use the wah pedal.

IT pretty much a sturdy pedal, but it is made of plastic so i won't be dropping it all over the place.

If your just practicing at home with a smaller amp, this is an excellent pedal, but if you are really specific about tone, you are gonna have to buy non-multi-effect pedals.

This review was originally published on

syl2412's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Although on paper, but lacks reliability"

DigiTech GNX3
Multi-effects include wah-wah guitar, Yahyah, self yah, wahmmy, compressor, pitch shifter, talker, disto (10 simu pedals known), chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, panner, vibrato, rotary speaker, talker synth, envelope filter, detune, delay, reverb, EQ, noise gate, tuner chroimatique.

There are also 19 amp models and 15 speaker. We can go live without preamp, which is appreciable.

It has an 8-track recorder with the possibility of loop. Small internal memory and memory card format can SmartMedia.

Small drum base incorporated.

Connectivity: guitar input, micro + out in song format XLR to mini jack in, stereo out, midi in, out / thru, footswitch optional extra S / PDIF outs. + 2 small knobs for adjusting the output level independent voice and guitar.

Fairly complete connectivity, one might wish the usb and more, but good design is getting old for this type of product.
There are many effects, emulations and settings, it is very well stocked on that side.

On paper, it is very good.


The configuration is not so simple and the instructions are very useful and not too badly made. I got it in English, which is not a problem for me, but I think we can find it in French on the net.

The number of adjustments made in a gas plant at first, but over time it can be done. Fortunately, early factory presets provide a good basis to find the sound you want.

As I said, the settings are legion. For example, it is possible for each amp simulation to choose 2, to adjust bass, mid and trebble, gain and level and the "merging" with blender. The amp virtually create can be saved and merged back with another amp sim ... The adjustment possibilities become enormous. It exists on the site a database of settings posted by users to sound like this or that group.

The effects are numerous and well thought out, some assignable expression pedal that can also serve as a volume pedal. Over time, the latter no longer hold any one position open, but just tighten the 2 nuts located on both sides of the expression pedal.

The drum machine can play some basic rhythms. it's nice to work alone or without a drummer but for the very poor live.

The 8-track recorder can serve as a loop, but I dropped my Smartmedia card and read that it happened to other users. The maximum capacity is 128MB SmartMedia reader, it makes us about 24 minutes of recording ... for 1 track. So 3 minutes to 8 tracks! We can forget this medium to record a song in 8 tracks, unless you play the Ramones. ;-)
The internal memory does not work either now. Reliability problems on that side.

Very poor reliability in my experience. The expression pedal does not work either. And there are some bugs in that of a friend (ie its GNX3 leaves sometimes bypass without warning).


With the headphones, the sound quality is very good, the heat is correct (it's still not lamps), the sound is clear, there is no breath, it works fine.

On an amp, that's another story regarding modeling. Perhaps it would best live hip live in PA? Never tried.

In a good amp, it will prefer to bypass the amp simulation and speaker for use as multi-effects section is well stocked and pretty well thought.

The recorder does its work faithfully and without breath (it's digital) but the memory is too tight.


It pedals very complete in terms of effects, modeling, accessories that you can play, sing, looper, rhythm alone. It could have been called Digitech Remi Bricka. ;-)

BUT, because there is a big BUT, he has a real reliability problem. The expression pedal released me after 5 years of use (not so intensive as that), SmartMedia me also dropped, the internal memory of the recorder I dropped ... And I'm careful with my equipment. I have a friend who bought the same and has been fast enough another problem (bypass).

I paid 700 euros to its release in 2002. It was in the top of the pedal "amateur" at the time. I found it expensive, but it worked and I was hoping to keep it long. With a few years back, I do not do it again this election. The memory is insufficient for the 8-track recorder (solved for the GNX4) and IT IS NOT RELIABLE.

It seems that the life of this pedal is not provided beyond 5 to 6 years. Unacceptable given the price at its release. There is also enough to ask questions about the selling price as at the cessation of production in 2007 I believe, my friend bought it new for 165 euros in a store that was liquidating its inventory. But he has had problems after 2 years ...

Given the reliability I do not buy it used. I'm also not sold mine who is in his box in the attic ...

jeff_la_rousse's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
- For me I would have put 10 for the effects because even when there is a coronation range
For cons, I bought this mainly for pdalier recorder and I t's great mainly because of the smart cards that are really crappy MDIA (in terms of capacity and also reliability. I use the recorder as a sampler in concert several times and I t lch by a card which made me ...
Even worse I t lch rcemment the internal memory of the recorder! has self-training beginners in concert ...
- If the loop is excellent, and being able to get a microphone to put the effects are fun (even if ultimately not used trs live ...).
- And I love being able dclencher the expression pedals as a wah with the v-switch. But new shadow in the table is that four years later the pedals is no longer standing if used too ...

-> In the end I put for 7 CHARACTERISTICS because there is good (bcp opportunities) and worse (which seems to be corrected the GNX4 ds).


1) While the manual is crap for me (not at all clear and not logical).
2) The config is pretty intuitive but there are a lot of basic things trs not logical or not easily feasible. For example:
- How rgler the volume of each preset? The only alternative I found is to use the pedals SETTING THE expression ...
- How not to use the amp simus? I have not found a way to skipper this gadget, which is useless because nothing puts an amp head and Fawn everyone has a ... (And changes everything in the program)
- Time to switch between each preset in the green mode is quite long, and not adapted to trs live (in the words of other opinions). So I had to adapt my game to this pb because of a intrt pdalier for me and even when moving at all while in her, so as not to play if we had more pedals (I think ?).... stompbox mode But everyone's opinion
- The change in bypass mode or tuner is technically impossible to have a month off a 20 cm wide. In addition, the reverse, I sometimes inadvertently rgulirement to press the two pedals at the same time dernires live, and thus switch to stompbox and to be bored by many more ... So basically, the scope of dclencher modes by pressing two pedals at the same time is zero, even if it allows more opportunities to toe.

3) If not for the positives, I would loose:
- SETTING THE The volume knob with an external (just wish it was not "crantquot, or there is no visual repre be easily to be the same rglage all the time ...)
- As told prcdemment, the-v switch is gnial (to use the expression pedals like a wah wah programs in addition to modulations)
- 5 presets at the same time it is (5 pedals = 5 presets per bank). Damage only thing: it's pretty perilous to go from bank to bank ... 5 sounds good, but normally should be sufficient to call a least Tom Morello (and again)!
- The multi-purpose use as a sampler, or to loops
- Lots of possibilities with the expression pedals (3 effects modules at once I think).
4) I have personally suffered by bcp against bugs in the software of pdalier.
- Bug in the internal memory of the recorder (self-training, see above)
- Rcemment, APRS a full reset pdalier ('m by myself), I can not record sound ... :-( Or presets with high volume (like 99/100) no longer leave (no sound)
- Out of its multi-purpose compltement DGRAD saturated and if the volume is high (90% in kind)
- Behavior bugg at preset edition, which led her to a clipped (which saturates), because I gain program has seemed to be added to the distortion gain existing dj!
5) Finally, even if the bte seems robust, APRS qq years it shows a severe lack of reliability (despite good maintenance on my part):
- PDAL of expression from a spin
- Programming buttons that get dirty and do not work well
- Ditto for the pedals preset
- Pbs bugs and memory (see above)

-> So mitigates a note (5)


For sound, not much to say: this is perfect an amateur like me! The quality is good and varied choice.

-> 9 / 10


Dj evokes as:
- = Major benefit rich sound and features
- Main default = reliability and sometimes ergonomics / ease of use

I prcdemment a Zoom 3030, and the reliability silent really bad. on the other hand, use silent simple and effective, and is the only that I was providing pdalier distos powerful (both hard to find now). But the GNX3 is doing quite well also in distos powerful compares these current competitors.

So in the end, I do not regret my choice (except that if I had known I would have expected the GNX4, which fills the gaps bcp GNX3 ...), because I have a great time with.
on the other hand, as I began lcher (see reliability of PBS), the question of resuming the same brand (GNX4 for example) arises, and I'm torn between which I galres have had with and the people I pat!
In any case, your opinions are welcome to in my many m'clairer Lumire!

Jeff Loos of Colegos (see myspace for those ska-rock festive INTERESTED)

Mrbjork's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
Hello, I notice as hallucinating when I read the other ...

Well, for the character, but would take hours to recall an almost infinite number of sounds, a Jam-Man, a whammy etc. .....


For use, it is clear that he must love to spend time to get his sound, but when it comes out even. I note only that the presets are already frankly nice.


Well, the sound quality depends on the ear that has it on. But I got the info tube gear, JCM2000, Fender Deluxe, Chubster Rivera amp with no pedals and Company, ca for all refourguer I connect my GNX direct sound! 1 min to settle and we play! pfff, that's the guitarist's dream right? play longer?!

I do metterais as 8, for indeed it was not the same dynamic with a scratch amp live class, but frankly if its 10 branch between the two pedals, one pert also ... while (I rectify what was written, the breath is zero and nonexistent. Unless you have a crap amp, which resents the neon lights, I see it.

In all cases for comparison, we are dealing with more heat with our Japanese friends from home BOSS is undeniable. After for the quality of distortion & Co, is a matter of taste, I prefer. (FYI, I play rock alternator)


Well, in short, to rescue my little GNX3: it does not blow, there is no latency between presets !!!!! pfff, ct'essais in store LOL as if we could manage the trick in 2:00 There are 3 different modes on this beast: for simplicity, the red-JAM MAN mode, the green-mode preset total change at each pressure, and the orange-mode which reproduces an amp and pedals connected to (distortion, chorus, RESERVES, etc. ....).

In the Green Mode, there is a time between each change, and that's normal, it's not for use LIVE ... but to quickly change the config total foot (between 2 pieces what)
While there is ZERO latency mode Orange when they decided to send the sauce or the effects! ;-) What would have actually been boring: s

FYI, I had the GNX2 before (but without the same JAM-MAN), and if there is a downside to this machine, it is not his, nor even the JAM MAN in fact, but the media on which JAM-MAN record ... MEDIA-SMART, an obsolete format which limits to 128MB.
It works great, but it is limited to 10 minutes recording It can already have fun, but the GNX4 does not have this problem since most recent use support and virtually unlimited! ;)

So if you have the means, take the GNX4, but if you find one for € 180/200 GNX3: DARK! ;)


wardho's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
That says it all!


Then there is the catatastrophe c, m finally for me at all k! Because I bought the d OCCAZ with a manual in English, and explanations in French on the Internet, are worse than the English lol!
J ai 10 minutes to pass this with the seller that he m said a lot of things, and I am not a novice, I have been in multis pedalboard and rack-and that is really hard to take control!
For novices, the attention has c config is really, really boring, and why I put 5 because there are still a lot of functions, and possibility, and that c is top!


In the first SLA, the effects do not alter at all the sound of the amp, and that c is cool to the effects this machine is the top § § § §
on the other hand when I hear here and there, guys who use it on the pedalboard, a pod, a ToneLab, etc, etc ... the models I really wonder where is the fun, because there is no vault and will not replace a real amp or a true head, while the models of amps, I clearly said a chier c is zero, c is horrible, no presence, c Down Pillow is, what is artificial c, c sucks, so do not take this pedalboard or other for use as symul d amp, c is not cool dutout!
As against the effects are top, reverb, chorus, delay etc., etc., are true goodness, no breath, and not Down Pillow, and c is only for this, I've taken the!
Ha if I forget the Rec track 8 is really great with her, again that depends on your gear ................
I put even when new, because I have not purchased the modeling!
PS: small correction, it's been one week that I have the gnx3, and its largest default is the breath that it produces enormous, when you plug the guitar, pedalboard and amp al ...... horrible!
The only solution that I've found, and jy is made over time, c is to put the pedal in the effects loop! and there out of breath ....


In general, c is a tool, complete, and says complete complicated words! What we can say is that c c is the beefy, 3.5 kg the beast, an steel, there is no latency between each preset effects, and produces special items!
Without hesitation I would do this chosen because practice, and especially pro, c is the high end!
Bought 180 euros OCCAZ d, c is really cheap, I have some friends who have seen the new at thomann has 295euros!

@lx's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
Multi-effect with amp modeling and speaker with expression pedal editable and 8-track recorder and drum machine to replace the drummer who is still absent. What a bomb!


This is not the simplest of multi-effects at first but then when you know it's going super fast to create a sound:
we chose an amplifier and a speaker is not even the first mixed with another amp and one speaker (c WARP mode but ca not use a little).
Then we add effects if you want and happiness so c c easy. there is a table or index and c the best that each has an associated preset knob. Just turn it and c it!


Sounds very good if we Cumulative performance too much because the AC is a bit synthetic, especially if you have a transistor amp.
All the effects are amazing especially the compressor and gate!
There is also a whammy that sounds anything.
Wah-wah, chorus, reverb, equalizer, etc. ...
Everything sounds!


I bought it there one and a half years and I played as a soloist in a hard rock band. I was looking for a multi effect with good distortion because I had to zoom épopque 4040 that I associated with a pedal marshall distortion of the result but I was happy that I went on stage in the light reverb and delay distortion was juggling périlleux.G hesitated a Boss GT-6 c, but the 8-track recorder that I believe. Indeed on stage I used to run a sequence pre-register at home as a sampler without spending the price of a sampler!
Now I play in a pop band and I separated because it sounds to be a fo tube amp and a guitar character. If you are solo or you made the hard-rock DARK!

babas75's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
Wide choice of effects.
Truly impressive!


The config is far from easy grip hand we must get used to it ...
Editing of sounds I have not tried, it seems too complicated ...




Well, I wanted to buy and eventually not worse.
After having tested 2 times 2 hours with our friends grateux Pigalle, I unfortunately found the fault: the response time for a switch to another effect takes time (no exaggeration is not huge, but it enough to conclude that this pedal is unusable on stage if you want change because for a song. For me it's really daunting because I'm the only grateux group!
So I put a 3 on this point because frankly this is unacceptable! It's like income 10 years ago! So I can alert my friends to 6 strings via this little message. I rarely see anyone but I do about this problem on the forums and it's really important.
Otherwise the effects are insane and I think it takes a few months before making the turn ...

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GNX3
Ah well is enough to make his choice in terms of effects! Effects the most "basic" (but much tjrs utiliss) type chorus or distortion effects more "gadgets" like yaya, we have the most choix.De everything is ditable via PC software GenEdit ac.

Always in a rugged with a good finish is really DigiTech!


We can not be simpler, no need of even reading the manual. Good for APRS use it well it must be read but not essential. The edition of sounds is very simple via the matrix on the front.

As the manual is clear, whatever the language!

In addition to the site in perptuelle Aniam and sound community forum you can find everything: sounds, questions / rponses ...


The sounds are excellent! You could almost make it sound a shovel! it's true what they have done well the bte. Modlisation the amp is excellent, the formulations of pedals trs Fidler.
Nan no repeat the above.
We quickly found his drinking regardless of the effect. My preset solo I did in 5 minutes and since I touch more! But it can also be picky and have trs gniaux sounds (I made an electro-acoustic sound that almost makes me believe that my pov 'is a small folk piphone ...!)


I have been ending for a year I have and I find tjrs as well. I do not regret the choice.
Live like the house is excellent.
I use my 8-track recorder normment, pr compose, or make me a lil blues like ... it's really gnial as a function and not at all gadget ...

Even if it can Partre CHRE the purchase, use is excellent, and ultimately report qualitprix trs is good.