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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 17 reviews )
 10 reviews59 %
 5 reviews29 %
 1 user review6 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

rains_en's review

DigiTech RP300
The rp300 offers every effect imaginable and provides the opportunity to tweak all of them as well. There are 40 effects and 80 slots for effects, so the second 40 are the same as the first 40. The effects processor is a stand-alone unit as each effect can be edited on the processor itself. It has only 1/4 inch inputs and outputs, but this pedal is not for pros, it's really just for fun. It is not rack mountable, it's a small pedal board.


The whole digitech interface is pretty easy to operate, though I have no idea about the la-a-lick function, I suppose reading the manual would suffice in finding out. Editing the effects is pretty simple. It doesn't overwhelm you with options, but it certainly doesn't limit you either. I remember I had to read the manual in the beginning to figure out how to edit and such, it was pretty straight-forward.


The effects are pretty decent. I never realized how different distortion could sound until I got this thing. My absolute favorite effect is "octave" because it models basslines while you play. I really like the "thirds" effect and the "sths" and of course the "wah." It's a really fun pedal.


I've had this pedal for about 4 years now. I love it, but I know it's really only for kicks and giggles. It is constructed poorly. The pedals themselves should have been metal and the circuit boards within should have been more secure. I have trouble with the channel selector at times. I use it to just jam because there are so many options, I think it was worth it to buy because it is so many effects in one. I dont regret not buying the crybaby instead. It's a good pedal for intermediate guitarists who are just looking for fun sounds.
MGR/David Espinoza05/16/2004

MGR/David Espinoza's review"Digitech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
I got this effects unit at the local music store 'cause my individual effect pedals were giving me too much of a hassle. I normally prefer analog pedals over Digital/Modeling pedals, but as it was getting hard to maintain, I decided to go for a full effects digital unit. I went for this unit because of Digitech's fame for good products

I bought this unit for $200.
There's a lot to like about this unit, considering the price and the size. I have to say that I was positively surprised at the creative potential with this unit. First off, the distortion. It is my experience that digital distortions and overdrives are just not good at all, however the distortions on this unit are, to say the least, awesome. The Marshall and Fender models sound really good. I am quite sure that the original amps probably sound better, but let me tell ya, for all of us who don't have the money, Digitech sure is a lifesaver.
The digital effects, are also very good. Delay and chorus are very clear and have lots of configuration options for you to play with. The phaser, flanger, tremolo, wah and compression are all really good, in my opinion. The other effects I don't really use much. The yaya, the synthtalk I haven't much use for them, I'm more into blues rock and so I use them little, but they're an interesting creative tool. The pitch shift and whammy were not that good, but I definitely forgive that considering the quality of the other effects. Listen everybody, if you want a good and cheap guitar processor, this is it. I mean, it sounds great connected directly to the console!! The speaker simulations are very good.
You have to remember that you can't just use the presets, you have to make your own sound, and the unit is very easy to operate so that you can do just that. Also, you have to be aware of what each effect is capable of doing. If someone says that this unit stinks is because they haven't explored it or exploited it, and probably 'cause they know diddly squat about effects, it is not necessarily the unit's fault.
Anyway, going on, some other features that I really like are the A/B switch for switching amps, which is awesome for changing to distortion while retaining your effects, or to a louder sound, for solos and stuff. Also the V-switch which lets you turn the wah on or off on whatever preset you are on, just like if you had the individual pedal.

The only thing that I don't like, that I might mention about this unit, is the fact that it takes a small moment to switch from preset to preset, as if maybe, the unit processes a little slow. However, it is not noticeable on live presentations. In the studio (hehehe, my room, you could call it also) I record effect switches separately, so this is not a problem.

Now, the unit is encased in a metal chassis, and so it's pretty durable, pretty sturdy.

If you are an entry level player, looking for a good, cheap effects unit, this is it. Heck, if you middle level player, this a good unit.
Worth the $200 I paid for it, and more.

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MGR/Andy's review"Digitech RP-300"

DigiTech RP300
Bought it at Daddy's Junky Music in Portland, Maine for $179.00. I was not too pleased with the store, because the unit was a demo and they couldn't find the manual at first and I don't think the power supply is the right one.

I like the range of effects. You can spend hours tweaking each effect to your liking. The presets are pretty good, although there are some that I will have no use for and some are just down-right annoying. The cabinet modeling is pretty good, and the ability to model the different mike positions really gives you a lot of tone possibilities. I like the ability to re-store your own creations in place of the factory ones, but the factory presets are still saved as well.

The pedals are too close together! When jamming with my band I kept stomping on two at a time. Also, the wah pedal is too close to the third pedal and my heel keeps slipping over and activating it. And don't hold down too long on the selection pedals or you will rip right through the different presets. It takes some practice to use this thing. Also, my unit keeps crapping out on me during jamming, but that might be because I have the wrong power cable.

Construction is OK, but could be better. I wouldn't drop this thing.

I kind of wish I had looked around a little more. This unit does the job for the most part, but I am sure there are better ones on the market for the same price.

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MGR/An unhappy review from a friend of The Eliza B01/25/2003

MGR/An unhappy review from a friend of The Eliza B's review"Digitech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
One of the members in the band bought it. A dealer where he bought it told him it was the highest of quality at that price.

I hate to say it, but I dislike this more than Satan and I'm a christian. No, I'm kidding. I'm not a christian.

Everything. Let's start with the distortion. I've played with many processors before(like Zoom, Ibanez, and for crying out loud even Peavy pedals) and this had the worst distortion options available. Too many names, vitually the same thing. It all sounds fake. I especially love the cabinet feature which switches your sound between cotton balls in your ears and ear bleeding sharp. The effects like detune, chorus, etc. are ridiculous in this unit. It turns your guitar and amp into an effects machine for Star Wars. (Which is a great movie series, by the way.) In other words the effects are useless to offer a serious sound. The delay isn't too bad. Yet, the reverb sounds either none existent or overdone.

It could be buit like a tank. (Which almost is, and you could really say is the only thing they did right.) The fact remains true that "it's not what's on the outside...but how it sounds!!!"

Well friends, I guess the bottom line is:
"If you're going to by cheap, by smart."

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MGR/Jimmy Ramone12/29/2002

MGR/Jimmy Ramone's review"DigiTech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
I bought this processor at Sam Ash in northern ohio for $220. I bought it because my amp (Peavey Rage 158) only has two channels and the lead is rather bad.

I really like the fact that there are 40 different settings, then the same 40 again, so you can change little things about the settings, (or the whole darn setting) and still keep the original around. This pedal is probably the only pedal I'll ever need. There are so many different effects and the fact that it has amp modeling and pickup modeling is just great. by the way, awesome built-in tuner

The only problem I can come up with is the fact that the pedal squeaks wicked loud. Loud to the point that its useless if your practicing,because its louder than an amp. This could probably be remedied with a little oil....or a louder amp ;)
It also has a lot of features that I feel I'll probably never use. Like Learn-A-Lick. You record part of a song from a cd or something into the pedal and it slows it down. Great feature, but you need to buy the right cables to do it seperately.

The quality is great. I have had absolutely no problems so far.

Definitely worth the 220 I paid. From beginner to pro, country to metal, this pedal does it all.

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MGR/matt's review"Digitech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
Bought it at Musician's Friend for $199 US.
Needed a good guitar FX unit for cheap.

Flexibility. Can get lots of sounds.

Nothing really. For the price it's great.

Not as solid as the Boss products but still seems plenty strong.

Good entry-level/intermediate FX unit. If you are an FX snob you may not like it but I love it. FX snobs will have to pay a lot more money to get bettter sounds.

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MGR/puffer's review"Digitech RP 300"

DigiTech RP300
I bought the RP 300 at Guitar Center for $199.95. I had a RP1 for 7 years but it finally died. I chose Digitech because I like the sounds it makes and it's reasonably priced. I chose the RP 300 because you get the A/B switch for a little more than the RP 200.

The RP 300 has more sounds than you'll ever use. Digitech says you get 40 Factory settings and 40 User settings, but with the A/B switch it doubles the number of settings to 80 each. The A/B switch lets you change the amp type which changes the sound.

It's easy to program once you get used to the procedure. You can change a parameter, try it, change it again, try it over and over before you store the settings you like.

The expression pedal is neat. You can program it to inrease/decrease your effects parameter, or use it as a volume control. And by press the toe way down, voila, you're in wah-wah mode.

Not much. Some complain that your guitar cord gets caught under the expression pedal. I avoid this by looping the cord around either my music stand or microphone stand.

It takes a little getting used to the pedals being close together. You can't combine modulation effects into one preset.

Though solidly built, it's light weight makes it a little unstable if you're playing on carpet. I compensate by placing a piece of wood under it. I couldn't find a carrying case for it so I use the one that I had for my RP1.

So far, I'm very satisfied with the RP 300. The more I tweak it, the more I learn about using it. If you buy one, go to the Digitech web site and get the preset default settings ( Digitech also has a place where users can post patches they've created to share with others (

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MGR/MadDoog's review"Digitech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
I liked the RP200 and decided to upgrade. I pruchased the RP300 retail at Guitar Center, Austin Texas.

This is a great heavy duty product with quality effects and flexible programming.

Please read the following emails:

From: (Mike)
Subject: Comment, Suggestion, etc.

I didn't see the product RP300 in your drop down above... THIS IS A SERIOUS DEFECT NOTIFICATION! I upgraded from the RP200 and purchased an RP300 from Guitar Center in Austin TX. I found that when I pressed the "STORE" button that the PC board below seemed to "give" a little. I took the unit back to Guitar Center and demonstrated this to Kyle in Accessories. We found that ALL the units he had in stock did this same thing. When I opened up the back, I found that there is a screw missing that holds the board down in that area! I also went to MARS Music in Austin and found that all their RP300's did the same thing! My engineering background tells me that any
time you allow movement in a PC board there will eventually be a stress failure. I have inserted a screw and it corrected the problem. My immediate concern is that I had to work on a brand new unit I paid for,
because there wasn't another in town that didn't have the same problem. I feel I am entitled to some recompense for my trouble with a defective product and for notifying you instead of hitting the user group and product review boards. Please respond.


Dear Mr. Welch,

Thank you for your comments regarding the RP300 that you purchased. First off, we appreciate your purchase of DigiTech products. We also value the feedback that we receive from our customers. The screw that is missing in the area by the STORE button is not an oversight. The bos that holds that particular screw in is inconsistent in height from our casting supplier. Because of the high volume of
manufacture, the inconstant height was causing problems on the production floor. We considered removing the screw only after carefully reviewing the ramifications. When the PCB flex was considered, we looked at the flex with the screw inserted and without it inserted. The PCB flexes with or without the screw inserted and it actually has a gentler flex (the angle of flex is less) when the screw is not inserted. After thorough testing, it was
decided to leave that particular screw out of the assembly until we could redo the casting to solve the real problem From our extensive experience building these types of products, we don't feel that the amount of PCB flex will cause any problems (there are no fine pitch parts close to the switch,
which is where the majority of the problems happen).

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and express your concern. I
hope that I have answered your concerns. Please contact me if you have any
further questions. We would like to send you a DigiTech shirt for the amount of effort that it has taken to alert us of your concerns.

Best Regards

John Hanson
VP of Engineering
Harman Music Group

Good materials, ergonomic.

I love the effects and easily programmong and storing capability. I have donre programming between songs in a live set!

I don't neccesarily appreciate the repsonse from Digitech when I pointed out a manufacturing defect.

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MGR/micahel's review"DigiTech RP300 Modeling Guitar Processor"

DigiTech RP300
I purchased this unit on an action on ebay for the express purpose of expanding my sound and adding varity to the few things I can do well on the guitar. Luckely, I used the 'buy it now' feature to puchase, with shipping included, the unit for 140$.

What's most impressive about the unit is the bang for you buck that it offers. The hardware has more effects than I could ever use in five sets, each effect being fullying adjustible as it would on a pedal giving only one effect. See, you preprogram your effects for a show so all you need do is stop on one pedal button to keep chaning your effect, sequentialy, throughout the song, with out the hassel of looking for which pedal to push. Of course, if all I need is distortion, I pull out my old Pevey Red. Honestly, you can not get board with the hardware, so it wont collect dust if you play, so you can count on it being well worth your money.

Thus far I have no difficulty working with the unit except for one minor detail: There is a delay occasionally when switching effects, but, I think it has to do with my guitar. After taking it apart, I may of botched the insides of it, causing the guitar to not output instantiously, instead of the pedal. But, other than that, the pedal has no negatives, in the opinion of a poor college student whoes happy with what he has, and can deal with distortion that is wicked cool, as some fellow guitarists occassionally comment.

The quality and constuction of the unit are simply out standing. Being thrown around, droped down a flight of steps, being stoped-on on a day to day basis, and still outputing as it did the day I bought it make this piece of hardware my thumbs up.

The Digitech RP300 is an affordable and excellent piece of hardware for anyone who wants a load of guitar pedals, but dosn't have the money to buy each individual one.

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MGR/Alex Ellis01/30/2002

MGR/Alex Ellis's review"DigiTech RP300"

DigiTech RP300
I got this for $200 on as a first guitar effects unit.

I love the variety of effects, and its flexibility. None of the effects are top-notch, but theyre of generally good quality. Its very programmable, and a lot of fun. Overall, a great buy.

The expression pedal squeaks! Really badly! Also, the cables come out the back, as opposed to the side. This leads them to get caught under the expression pedal frequently.

Very sturdy, aluminum body. The foot-pedals are a bit small, and you might accidentally go into Learn-A-Lick mode until you get used to it. And the expression pedal squeaks. But overall, good construction.

Overall, a great buy. I'm very happy with my purchase. It's a great unit, especially as a first unit.

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