DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

GSP2101 Artist, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from DigiTech in the GSP series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews )
 9 reviews53 %
 6 reviews35 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Lle-ibazar's review

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
See specs.


It's really easy to use, you have direct access to the parameter groups via the buttons and you can edit the parameters with the wheel and cursor, it also has customizable memory presets.

Regarding the manual: I haven't had the need to read the manual because, once again, it is really easy to use (at least for what I do, which is take the presets and modify them to my taste). If you really need it, you can download it.


The effects are all right. Often a bit too exaggerated for my taste, but that's a subjective appreciation, obviously. Besides, I'm not a great electric (nor acoustic) guitar player. So my review isn't worth that much.

No noise, no whirring. In that sense it's impeccable.

Very solid housing, but not very portable (it's heavy and big). That said, the pedal is intended to be used onstage, which I have never done...


I've used it for two years, I got a very good deal secondhand, so, to me, its value for money is excellent, even if not representative.

I have tried many other models

Would I buy it again? Yes, for sure.

I must add something to my review: I'm not a true musician who practices intensively. So you'd better take my review with a pinch of salt.

Rockmonster's review

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Hmmm.. what are the effects used. Wellllll... this preamp/effects unit was definitely "it" back in the day... and yep. I'm the original owner. This is based upon the regular, 1-S-disc,no Artist,no chrome, no nothing GSP 2101. This is an analog preamp wed to a 24 bit digital effects processor, as well as including analog e.q.'s,compression, etc. The range of effects was pretty wide.. pitch shifting,chorus,delay,many different reverb programs ranging in complexity from basic multi effects grade reverb to close to studio quality programs... (with a veritable plethora of parameters to adjust..enough to give Bill Gates a headache.)
Not the MOST user friendly unit... but something that should be looked at as almost an instrument on its own.. It is fairly intuitive if you are just looking to adjust factory programs on your own, but if you are looking to create your own algorithms... then grab some coffee. Arm yourself with patience, the thick manual and a highlighter pen.. and you will be rewarded! ( once you understand the creating,mixing and saving patches.. it is easy... and the flexibility is unreal.)
Connections are 1/4 inch and XLR (with/without cab simulation),MIDI, and effects loop to sidechain other stuff. 2 rack spaces... Dunno if this has any USB thingie... hmmm


Easy to moderate for basic editing..a bit more difficult for creating patches, and deep parameter manipulation. Gosh. That almost sounded dirty. The manual is clear...a bit heavy to the Digitech propaganda side...however it is thick, comprehensive and has a bit to remember. Not for the plug and play guys. I mean it.


Good to great... The phaser is unreal for trippy, ambient Robin Trower, Pink Floyd stuff... with a LOT of different parameters available. Pick your wave shape. Same goes for the Chorus. Lots of delays available... very clear... total control over milliseconds you want.( no tap tempo).
Pitch shifting, extensive reverb programs ( with control over early reflections,high, low, mid freq. rolloff... and that is just the BEGINNING).
Tremolo... super. Compression.. eh. E.q.'s.. well.. there are a LOT of them. Graphic, parametric,notch... it has 'em. Panners, mixers, flangers, etc. 20-20khz clarity.

Ok.. So. The effects are pretty yummy. Just have to invest some time to really get to know the unit. The preamps... welllllll... again good to great. The cleans... amazing. I dialed mine in next to an old Fender Twin. I think I got my rig to sound sweeter. Mid level gain stuff... very very good with delays, etc. I get some great blues, edgy rock sounds. Nice and crunchy. (no factory presets...you have to adjust them to your taste.) Heavy distortion.. here is where it becomes a matter of perspective. I would say...do not use this amp with V30's or G12-75's....I would say it does best with an organic set of speakers and a good tube power amp. It seems to become a bit sterilized with modern Celestion heavy rock type speakers, and benefits greatly from some of the Eminence stuff or Greenbacks. Something warmer. This unit is great for tight hi gain rhythms.. i have had a love/hate relationship with this unit for leadwork. It does not get a very organic tone for lead.. but I have only used it with 6L6 based poweramps... maybe with an EL34 setup it would be a bit warmer... Less tight. More note bloom. Currently, I just use this as an effects device for my Voodoo Labs preamp.. but did use it extensively as my primary tone generator for years... ( Yep. I have had this unit for about 15 years.. still chugging!!) Use it with Les Pauls, Strats, Tele's, metal type guitars.
It sort-of respects the differences between these guitars... but really... on the high gain stuff it has it's own personality that it globs on to whatever guitar you play..I kinda hate that. The good news is... you can play a 2k Les Paul.. or a 200 dollar Rogue... and get them to sound close, quality wise


Using it almost 15 years. Lots. I love the flexibility... don't mind the complicated interface...wish it sounded a bit more organic so that I could have one dead silent killer rig. I DID try a lot of models before this..during that time period... (alllll those years ago....) You can pick these up for between 300-500 bucks...which is still holding a good value..but not a bad deal. I have tried to replace this many, many times..and the quality and amount of effects keep me coming back. So...yeah..I would make the same choice. I might get another one just as a backup!

myriam63660_en's review

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Analog preamp + digital multifx in a 2U rack
Got more effects than you'll ever need in this unit


- you got to be patient when you setup the 2101, the effects chains can be very complicated: lots of paraméters, same effect can be used and re-used at any place in one chain. The manual is well designed and very helpfull


The effects are really good. 2 groups:

- analog (préamp): compressor (excellent), distorsions (transistor or tube, they both sound very good)
- digital (multifx): the wha is cheap but otherwise all the effects are great (you've got here all the effects you can think of, even the whammy). You can blend the ratio original signal/processed sound with the mixers in the chain. I only had problems with the réverbs: lot of people find it great, i don't (T.C. electronics reverbs sound 10 times better to me)

You can really achieve uncommun sounds ala allan holdsworth etc. Everything is possible!


- If you are fond of never ending tweaking, unusual but beautiful sounds, for a low price, go for that unit you won't regret it
- I have used it since 2003 but mine is a 1995 version. At the time it was a very professionnal and expensive device. nowadays a lot of recent processors give you a better sound quality, but few will give you the flexibility the 2101 has
- You can find a used 2101 with a single S-disc for 500 dollars or less, at this price, it's a steal. If you can, take the 2101 with 2 S-discs or even better: the 2101 limited edition
- I love this unit, but i already have my ENGL head for the distorsions and i only use my digitech as a multifx when i need delays or chorus. I don't really need so much effects and i never use more than 2 effects at a time, so i will instead get a T.C. electronics M350, which is way easier to use and sounds better in my opinion

MGR/Tmx's review"Digitech GSP-2101 Artist"

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Paid $270, got it Off eBay.

I Like almost everything about this unit. At first when i got it i didnt like it. I was about to sell it but gave it another try. It's really an amazinf FX unit. Im using it mainly for distortions. The other efffects are alos great. But im still amazed at the distortions. Everyone should have one of these in there rack setup!

Nothing! Everything is great!

Amazing quality. Already these modules are about 9 years old. I got one in mint condition, but so far i've had absolutly no problems.

Bottom line, this is an amazing machine, i couldnt live without it. I definitly prefer this over amp distortion anyday.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Digitech GSP-2101 Special Edition"

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
I was looking for a tubemidi swichable preamp and did not have the money for a Mesa Boogie Triaxis. I got it at Reliable Music in Charlotte, N.C. and paid $875 for it new. After trying three different ADA preamps [all of which had factory defects] I decided to go with the 2101.

Ignoring the factory presets you can get a good crunchy tone ( yet not quite as raunchy as the Mesa Boogie). It has almost any digital effect you can dream up and if you mess around with it long enough you can get any sound you want without having to go buy more stuff.

You NEED the instruction manual. Life without it would be a frustrating hell. And it takes a LOT of screwing around with it to get what you want. It is infinitely adjustable.

It all steel and built like a tank. If you stick it in a rack you have no worries. I've had mine about six years with no problems. All of the delicate stuff is on the face so if you don't drop it face first, it's good to go.

It's a good unit for midi switching between different sounds and effects. And it's reliable and sturdy.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

phil77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not yet obsolete"

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
It has almost all the effects that were at the time, that is to say that, apart from very specific effects, it is full because there was nothing new since .. . the preamp is analog and ship two 12AX7 tubes, the effects are digital, all very good. The originality of this device comes from the concept S-disc, allowing chaining effects internally, the only limits are those of the processor, just for the standard model, and double for the Artist model. the dual processor allows to have twice as many treatment options, or not to cut the tails of reverb or delay to preset change, significant or necessary for use on stage. no editor, so this is a freeware available on the web, I do not personally use. The connection is complete, mono input / stereo outputs and an insert loop mono / stereo, stereo XLR outputs with HP simulation (a bit outdated now, there has been the Palmer PDI and Torpedo since. ..) MIDI input / output, and a plug for the pedal brand. The MIDI implementation is terribly complete, each parameter can be controlled by CC in real time, up to max 10 CC per preset, which are preset to 255. The MIDI mapping is very well thought out, much better than a TC G System that point of view since the program change can be attributed to any preset. With the exception of a tap tempo, absent on the GSP, has not done much better since then, and it is still quite rare to find such opportunities on an even newer machine ...


Simple, oh no! But the rich possibilities of GSP in 2101 is priced this complexity, however, if we want to create their own algorithms themselves. Otherwise, you can use existing ones, the proposed range is wide enough for a large number of common situations. The manual is quite clear, but the machine is quite complex, the effects of internal routing using virtual mixers we have to connect the desired chaining (serial, parallel, etc..) And for each of the effects modules ...


The analog section is typical 90s, which seems logical, but you can get more vintage sounds quite easily. It includes a compressor, a guitar preamp section with clear sound type tube amp and 2 saturated channels, and 3 overdrives, one reminiscent of a tube screamer fairly realistic, a pretty sweet saturation typical jazz fusion and containing the heavy distortion characteristic of the dod pedal "grunge". the resulting sounds can be excellent but keep a particular color. However, the channel "clean pipes" or bypassed preamp agree very well distortion pedals, and 10-band EQ is quite effective. We can therefore get many sounds with external pedals, upstream of the preamp and in the effects loop. The effects are excellent, special mention reverbs (gigaverb beautiful!) And delays, the latter being more comprehensive than those offered on the Rocktron Prophesy Yet later, the modulations are also very successful. The digital section is directly accessible via the effect return inputs, and allows processing of a source in stereo, making a possible GSP processor studio. Moreover, at the time, Digitech had released another machine S-Disc algorithms based on strictly identical, the TSR 24 for the studio or on keyboards ... The whammy if it works rather well, has the disadvantage of causing a decrease in volume, and is not placed in the optimal location in the chain of effects, since it is post-preamp. The same goes for the wah-wah, almost unusable as a result, because they are poorly positioned in the signal routing. However, you can get good auto-wah sounds and pitch shifter is very nice, we even get an intelligent harmonizer in Artist Version! ... Apart from these minor drawbacks, the effects are very good , warm, and even much higher than what is found on newer machines ...


Findable in the opportunity cost of a single pedal shop, the GSP2101 is a serious and comprehensive tool. I have other machines and preamps today, but I come back regularly with much pleasure. If it should fail, I think I would buy another ...
steve torc03/08/2010

steve torc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
The effects that are offering the GSP2101 effects disto.Une super.Manque few large range of effects of all kinds are available.


Configuration unclear despite a manual explaining in French. The explanations are not always clear. We must master the beast to edit sounds from a to z.Il enough to spend some time to fully absorb its functions


The effects are effective and beautiful. I remedied the lack of distortion by adding a pedal electro harmonix metal muff. What makes my GSP perfect for use as I asked. I use it with an Ibanez JEM 7V, and a Mesa amp Boogie.Tous effects are usable and have a realism certain.J 'I proceeded to change my GSP 2101 by changing both corny, and for the model Artist. Easy to make, but watch out for welding, not cutting tracks during assembly.


I use it for about a month. I tried the BOSS GT PRO is an excellent multi-effects, but I prefer the 2101 GSP even if the age. I took some time to find a good multi effects, and the one I garde.Son very affordable prices currently about two hundred and fifty € uros with his pedals.

lauke_lux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Techno mixed, 2 lamps entry for some of the distortion, analog preamplifier and then by two DSP processors for mine (2101 Limited Edition). Otherwise, an expandable DSP by the additional DSP card ppc 210.
Connectors: 1 x stereo jack to 6.3 for power amp or combo. 1 x stereo XLR recording console of choice for simultaneous inter HP. 1 stereo return effects loop, headphones, instrum entrance to front and rear. Noon-through / in / out. 1 socket connection digitech pedalboard.
Rich sound quality, high-quality reverb, can be used as input directly on the table.
Presets not evil, then we can easily develop his style. I confirm the staining instruments unusually low for this type of device. It is well recognized his instrument. Delays sometimes need a bit of filtering low pass filter to reduce harmonics. The operation of the compressor could be stronger. Pitch shifters, harmonizer intelligent etc etc. Decidedly one will not find better prices for secondhand. Having the second processor board is recommended instead for more flexibility. I have a 2101LE, there was original.


We can not say that the device is simple. Those who are afraid to try and spend hours to fully develop their sound, let go and take this wonderful tool for analog stompboxes. For other: a world of possibilities opens. We also like the effect loop serial control / off / parallel, which allows to use other effects and control their use via One Control pedalboard or a MIDI pedal. The pedal control one is definitely outdated but nevertheless represents a facility that will be difficult to setup with a MIDI pedal. A U.S. computer expert has developed yet another soft Midiwizzard "which allows the full control of the device. Mine is running XP SP3 without problems. No idea about the use with Windows 7.
Apart from a battery change ts 3 years to properly maintain the RAM for the user effects the device is rather reliable. Over 8 years of almost weekly trips the only failure was a faulty power connector (found at home - phew!), I was able to repair itself. No idea how it will evolve because the device is now 15 and I do not know how my "box full of silica" is likely to fail.


See under characteristics


User fierce for 8 years I particularly regret that Digitech has not continued to play in this range. That's really what they've done the best thing since forever. Even the 1101 has not matched the level of this beast. There are now Ultra Fractal Audio FX but good god, what price (2100 Euro)! For now I prefer my 2101LE secondhand. However, these devices are beginning to have done their time (mine is 15 years old ...), and I'm starting to seriously consider his replacement for 2011, the choice will be very hard! There is an end to everything.
I would advise any and everyone who is looking for a camera of professional quality, reliable and used for a very affordable price. Usable and configurable for all styles of music including rock, blues, metal, hardcore, punk, country, funk, Balloch finally .... tutti quanti ...
If the score remained at 9, it is purely for age, and because there Eventide & Fractal Audio. But at its price level it is clear that 15 years is the 2101 champion absolut.

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Rack 2 U: + multieffe Preamp: 12AX7 + 2 t many digital effects
Output Midi in out-through; possibility (not easy easy) to get the various patches on the system PC noon the sysex exchanges and dedicated software circulating on the net (that is far from easy, it is far from modern editors for multifx current ...)
connectors: one input on the front and the back + a left and right XLR output with a simulated cabinet amp output jack, an effects loop

The strong point is its one pedal control comprising: a tuner, 10 buttons, which can not be programmed at will to call the banks or programs, or increment sounds, each button in a particular bank, we just assign a list of 32 sounds, imagine that a song to play it x I need a clean sound and a saturated then a lead, well, by pressing the same button (which we call little piece x) is called successively the three sounds handy ...


The general configuration is relatively simple when you understand the operation of this device:
program = a set of basic algorithm
an algorithm modules = (effects) related to each other by mixers + - complex

It is relatively easy to modify an existing algorithm to create a sound so ...
Bcp is more complicated to create and save algorithms ....
The manual is clear, it flows from the French versions on the net ...


The effects are superb: the distos are organic, clean sounds, in which an integrated circuit may have to light are beautiful
the reverbs, phasers, tremolo great
WHA is not up on my version 2,01,01


I use it for a week
I love the live sound console with cab simulation, notament clean sounds with phaser
I had a JMP1 with multifx Quadraverb boss and I had a Pod XT Live, a digitech RP350, a ToneLab, a SansAmp ... I played so far with an amp + pedals analog VK112
I bought it for 370 euros OCCAZ of his pedal ...
For now it's the best preamp I've tried, he played in all registers of my repertoire, it is extremely versatile, respect my guitars, faithfully transcribe all the subtleties of the game (even unintentional) a brief good investment

banbanthirion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech GSP2101 Artist
Simply put: There's everything in, even the intelligent harmonizer in the latest version.


So is the hot ... it takes a few days (and nights) to go around. Once the presets rgls, a will alone with pdalier (10 + sounds ACCS direct the wha wha)


Virtually unlimited range of sounds, and a clean ...


I have since 1995, am always satisfied. pairing the amp with a lamp and a 4 x 12, you will not.