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All user reviews for the Eventide Eclipse

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Hatsubai's review"Eventide's 1U Effects Processor"

Eventide Eclipse
The Eventide Eclipse is a new effects processor aimed towards guitarists. It's a somewhat slimmed down Eventide compared to the huge monsters we're used to seeing, but it's actually more powerful than some of the older, bigger boxes. It includes nearly every feature you can think of and then some. The famous big scroll wheel is still here and what you'll mainly be using rather than the dial pad. The coolest thing is that it's housed in this 1U rack enclosure.


This is probably the biggest downside with all Eventide products. They're very hard to use for first timers. It takes reading the manual a few times, and the manual is as huge as a phone book. You can only have so many effects being used at any given time to boot. To top it off, even with the latest software, there's quite a bit of lag when switching between certain presets. You can get by this with some trickery of x-fading and whatnot, but it takes some understanding this unit to fix these flaws. It's definitely not for somebody who has limited time on his or her hands.


The sound is where all Eventide products excel. The effects just sound amazing. Those looking for that signature Eventide "coloring" will find it in spades here. The harmonizer tracks wonderfully, the reverbs are huge, choruses are lush and it's guaranteed to enhance your tone. Most of the stock presets suck, so keep that in mind. You'll also need to do a bit of tweaking when it comes to levels. The weakness of this unit, in terms of sound quality, is the amp sims. The whole guitar/amp things don't really sound that great, so I recommend just avoiding them.


Overall, if you're looking for a do-all effects processor at this point, I think you're better off looking at the Axe-Fx Ultra. It's more versatile than this, has better support, easier to program and is roughly the same price. If you're limited to just using a 1U effects processor, this could be worth looking into, but I have a hard time recommending it to the gigging musician.

mooseherman's review

Eventide Eclipse
This is a digital rack unit. It can't be edited through a computer. This effects unit is a combination of reverb, delay, harmonizer/octavizer, vibrato, chorus, phaser, flanger, and almost any other effect except for distortion. There is no MIDI connection.


Getting through these sounds can be a huge pain sometimes, simply because there are about a thousand presets to choose from. Each preset ranges from a basic effect (reverb, phaser, vibrato) to a complex combination of effects and algorithms. The manual does a decent job of explaining how to program and shift through all of these various effects. However, it is a chore for anyone who isn't dedicated to finding buried treasures.


I have only used this with guitar. Using it with a bass or keyboard would produce some truly freaky sounds, as running the guitar through this thing is enough to bewilder just about anyone. Some of the effects that this thing produces are jaw-dropping. Some settings produce wild harmonizations and polyphonies that repeat in an ambient fashion from just a few randomly plucked notes. Some settings will harmonize, even pitch correct, every note that you play and continually loop sounds and replace them in a manner similar to a Steve Reich piece. Some sounds produce gorgeous, orchestral multioctave washes of sound that are very soothing. Playing two notes on some of these settings will produce an ominous drone that sits in the bottom of your stomach. For all of these wildly innovative effects, there are a ton that are wild and foreign but have no real practical application, which makes it frustrating to find the good ones.


I love the wide variety of textures that can be easily created using this machine. I hate having to sift through a million lackluster or annoying settings to find the good ones. I think that this is a ridiculously expensive piece of gear, and that anyone willing to shell out the money for it had better realize how frustrating and time-consuming it may be. However, some of these sounds are very difficult to recreate elsewhere, and some of the ambient textures would be very useful for someone who makes ambient or very spacey music. I'm sure there's a niche of customers who would adore this product, I'm just not sure I'm one of them.
fenderman des montagnes12/21/2010

fenderman des montagnes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Eventide Eclipse
See other complete opinion on this point. Although the effective range is very comprehensive, the whole point of this rack is in the pitch shifter, modulations, delays and reverbs.


The manual is very comprehensive and well designed, which is useful initially to learn editing sounds and settings that may not be easy for the novice.


Modulation effects, delay, pitch shifting, reverb and quality are quite exceptional. Cutbacks and saturations are much less convincing, but in my opinion no interest on this type of equipment. In a chain effect, it is recommended to place the compressor first like wha before attacking a good preamp lamp that will provide a generous saturations, and rack eventide goes into preamp output or the loop effect, to have the modulations, delay and reverb-end chain.


The price of this rack is high but in relation to the quality of sound which is a much higher class of the cheapest kind Tc electronics hardware

ti_zourite's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Eventide Eclipse
The eclipse is a harmonizer 1U rack 19 ". Bits.On with a processor 24 may work on Mono, Stereo or dual mono.
There is the indoor 399 factory presets:
- 100,199 of these are the algorithms "bases"
- 200,499 of these are effects pr Programs by eventide

Then there are the user presets:
- 0 to 99 are stored in internal memory
- From 500 999! on the memory card.

In short before reaching saturating the machine must go.
Everything is adjustable in indoor and settings.
Apart from the USB connectors there are all possible with SETTING THE levels of output for each.


To use it is not empty and intuitive. I have the manual bone up two days before I get into the rglage sounds.
I put my eclipse in the effects loop of my prampli and put all of 100 rglages voir.Et wet for 99% of the sounds are in the state ingrables adgouline across and delays can be found up to 20 seconds.
In short I went around and no sound seemed workable.
Then I tweaked my SETTING THE level 50% dry for some 70% of each other and everything became cohrent sounds became more usable.
Then I cre my presets and it is happiness to me as I touch the masters rglages space there are so many other rglages he must go one night to find a sound.
When the manual is clear and trs toff can find a French version of juke box ltd.


I use it with a guitar and I say shame we can not make it 12/10.
No really it's amazing all the little dtails rsonnent of Manir same crystal under high saturation.Je think it is no coincidence that so many artists use eventide.
Nothing is cast with a big plus for Pitch shifter are poustouflants.
Damage the compressor and the gates take the place of an algorithm is good but not the goal of using the eventide as a gate / compressor.
I do not intrt of the distortions that are much better with a pre amp lights but hey at least you can not blame him for lack of anything.


Used it just find for the price of a system G, and I think that there is no comparison possible.C is the best harmonizer in this range are prix.Les rglages even when sharp and must spend time to find what we seek but worth it. I use it for only 2 weeks and I'm in love I do not change it for the world and before being limited ....
Good investment.

BLUESKY98's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Eventide Eclipse
For effects there are delays and modulations beautiful reverb that sounds awesome a great harmonizer of noise gate and distortion equalizers efficient all digital. Lacks the home studio for a USB port. For nothing is missing connections all planned. In addition to the Eclipse is one rack unit how they did it for every home?


It was on that for a camera of this quality and with the enormous possibilities it offers, you really read the manual to be able to use and effective.
Nothing to do with Boss or all of these kinds of multi effects very easy to use. But if we follow out the instructions (very thick binder explaining quite well) no problems. Only downside I find that the screen is too small.


Photo is not a must! I played on TC Electronic (G Force) Rocktron (Réplifex Voodovalve), Boss (SE 70) Eclipse is well above the rest. There are so many differences that it is not even comparable! All effects are superb with a dynamic extraordinnaire. It only beautify the sound with a sublime transparency and realism. Too bad he "has not more than 10 per note, I made 20 so it sounds!! Imperative not connect with a preamp and an amp of equal quality. For my part I plug in my SG or my Start through the eclipse (noon with a control pedal Rocktron) then the signal goes to a preamp Randall M4 lamps to finish in the amp VHT.


Since only one week and I sleep at night (my friend who is happy!) The value for money is excellent and there is no mieux.Ce not that I regret is not having bought tot.Foncez more guys buying it for Life!