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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 33 reviews )
 19 reviews58 %
 10 reviews30 %
 2 reviews6 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

mooseherman's review

Korg Ax1500g
This is a digital multi-effects pedal that is a relatively well-liked pedal. This pedal is cool because you can edit it on your computer by downloading updates. There are 48 different effects, including delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, and distortion (many kinds). There is also a chromatic tuner and a metronome built in. There are 2 channels that can be set to different settings, making for easy switching back and forth. This device is not MIDI capable and is not rackable. There is also an "expression pedal" that can control various aspects of the effects you use.


The editing of this pedal is easy in some ways. For instance, the 2 simultaneous channel feature makes it easy to set up settings that can be switched during songs. However, doing all the programming necessary for this to work is kind of a chore. It seems to take me forever to find the sounds that I want (if I find them at all). It also doesn't let you kick up various combinations and permutations of your effects the way a fully stocked pedalboard would. I think that the convenience of having all these effects is great if you have none of them already, however I doubt I'd ever want to replace a ton of pedals with this, sadly.


I would love it if I could find a multi-effects pedal such as this that I was happy with, but I always get frustrated with the digital effects. My biggest complaint is almost always the digital distortion. It always ends up sounding like the cheap 80s Joe Satriana/Steve Vai stuff that I hate. Beyond that, considering that nothing sounds strong enough until you put the delay on it, that's kind of annoying. It'd be less so if the delay didn't also sound really bad. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right sounds with this pedal but I ended up realizing that I was probably expecting too much out of it. Since I want the analog sound, I might as well stick to analog pedals, until they can honestly come up with something in pedal form that sounds good I won't be messing with digital.


The best thing about this pedal is certainly the convenience of having all these effects. Including the tuner and a metronome is a pretty cool idea as well, however, this doesn't make up for the general lack of quality sound effects. I really wish that I hadn't bought this, which is why I sold it promptly, though I couldn't get nearly what I paid for it. I would say unless you are a fan of digital distortions and idolize Steve Vai, don't get this pedal.

MGR/ZG's review"Korg AX1500G"

Korg Ax1500g
Local non-chain music store, $425.00 canadian

This unit is absolutely awesome for use in a home studio! DI it sounds incredible. Between the drive & cabinet selections/combos and the fact that you have to option of setting up the gain for A/B switching (which puts it WAY above other units, that alone makes it invaluable. It basically allows you to create your own 2-channel amp. Then you can add a mod, pedal, and reverb/delay FX. All the FX and sounds I found were of very good quality. It will never get replaced. If it breaks (which I doubt it will, very tough construction) it's getting fixed! Oh yah, and when you create your own 2-channel amp, you can save it in one of like, 30+ memory slots! So cool.

Uh...well...If it were free it would be better. But other than that, there is nothing I don't like.

Top quality.

I couldn't function without it at this point. My studio has evolved around this unit.

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MGR/Stuart Ward02/22/2004

MGR/Stuart Ward's review"Korg AX1500G"

Korg Ax1500g
I purchased this from the Academy of Music in Brisbane, Australia for $499 (down from $699 because another store was selling them for that price). The main motivation behind the purchase was that I was becoming bored with the limitations of my Korg Toneworks AX1G which I'd had for three years, and I felt it was time to upgrade the rig.

This unit offers a much greater tonal variety than what it's little brother offers, although I guess that's what you get for double the price. Most of the distortions have plenty of guts, the clean sounds are excellent, and the acoustic simulator, while not spectacular, does a near enough job. Where the distortions and clean sounds on the AX1G are thin and fizzy, the AX1500G's sounds are thick, strong and robust and depending on your use of EQ settings can offer a good tonal spread.

The knobs and dials setup is much more user friendly than the push button style of the AX1G, and the LED screen is fairly easy to read, day or night, except when there's a light directly over the top of the unit. This however only becomes a problem when operating the tuner because the glare limits your ability to see what's showing on the screen. I've found I can overcome this by shadowing the unit with my foot.

In addition, the expression pedal has plenty of weight to it, so it offers some resistance on the travel, unlike the AX1G, which is made of lightweight plastic and can be operated with your big toe.

I've got to wonder if Korg will ever master a decent overdrive. One of the few similarities between the AX1G and its bigger brother is pathetic overdrive, unless it is used in exactly the right applications. If you're hoping the Tube OD on the AX1500G can deliver an early Malmsteen-like power crunch, you will be disappointed - that's something best left to the stronger distortions on the unit, such as the Classic Distortion or the British Stack.

I have found, however, that when the drive is kept to 1 or 2, the Tube OD effect does a very good job of giving a little extra bite to a more-or-less clean sound (something in the style of Hank Marvin et al).

A fault that I've read in other reviews of the AX1500G is the limited range on the expression pedal. I'm afraid I have to agree. This doesn't really bother me since I almost never use the expression pedal for anything except volume swells, and it does this well enough. There is someone on the net who operates a user-support forum website who has provided instructions for a modification to extend the travel of the pedal, and hence, improve the range on the pedal.

The bank-down set-up is a bit ugly. To go down a bank necessitates hitting two buttons simultaneously, and it doesn't always come off as you'd like. The same guy who offers the mod for the expression pedal also has a mod for adding a button exclusively for the bank down action.

To put it simply, solid as a rock. The thing is almost entirely hard metal casing, and packs about 2 kilos of weight. Once when I was in a bad mood and kicked the thing across the room, probably doing more damage to my toes than to the unit. I've read stories of people driving their cars over these things by accident and not doing a scrap of damage. I believe them.

This is a top intermediate unit. The sounds available are far better than those offered by some of the smaller, cheaper units, but it comes at a far better price than similar offerings from competitors such Zoom, Boss or Digitech.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Korg AX1500G"

Korg Ax1500g
Purchased at Guitar Center, purchased it because of the flexibility of the effects, and the quality of both the effects and the construction of the unit. Paid $299.99.

This multi-effects pedal is an all-around great pedal. The construction is solid metal unlike the flimsy plastic BOSS ME-33, and the cosmetic appearance (as unimportant as that is in the long run) is far better as well, in my opinion. Having never owned an REAL amp, I can't give an educated opinion on the amp modeling characteristics, except to say that I can't complain about how it sounds. The Vintage 4x12 cabinet is my favorite sound. The drive effects are somewhat satisfactory for me, but only in terms of the overdrive effect. It has a nice warm but still crunchy overdrive. The distortion effect doesn't really have a "mellow" option on it. It's either very distorted, or it's off. Maybe that has something to do with my Nashville Power Tele (hot-rod pickups), and that's my guess. I ended up buying a BOSS CS-3 compression pedal, because although the Korg pedal has a compression effect in the drive slot, you have to choose between that OR one of the OD/DS effects. I like to have compression WITH the OD effects, and this caused me to need to buy another pedal. The chorus effects are very nice in my opinion. I love the classic chorus, as well as the flange. I don't really care for the phaser as it seems to sound too "fake" to me.

The wah leaves a little to be desired, I think. Although it's modeled after the Vox wah, it just sounds like a cheap imitation. I'll probably end up buying the actual Vox, or maybe a Crybaby sometime in the future.

The reverb effects are great. My favorite thing about the pedal however, is the fact that you can choose between two difference channels for each effect preset. This is great in that channel "A" can be a more mellow rhythm in the verse of a song and channel "B" can be louder and give you that boost you need in the chorus.

My only dislikes are the fact that you can't choose compression along with a distortion or overdrive effect and then the quality of the distortion effects. Also, the acoustic simulator sounds incredibly pathetic to me. I've tried using all of the pickup combinations on my Fender Power Tele (three pickup with five switcheable positions - AND a Fishman Power Bridge - tele bridge with piezo pickups on the saddles that gives the guitar it's own acoustic tone) and nothing can make it sound even remotely like a real acoustic to me.

The pedals are a little on the small side and I've had several instances where I hit the wrong one because they're small and placed close together. That's not a REAL big issue to me, but if I had designed the pedal, I would have tried to remedy the problem.

The construction is great. It's a solid metal chassis and I think would be very hard to damage.

Overall, it's a very quality pedal and a great buy for someone who can't afford to buy individual stomp boxes. If buying individual stomp boxes isn't a problem for your budget, then go that route instead. It'll be worth it. If you have a 2 or 3 channel amp, then definitely buy individual stomp boxes. Otherwise, this pedal is a great purchase (especially for someone who runs the signal straight to the sound board and doesn't use an amp.

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MGR/Hyzer's review"Korg AX1500G Guitar Modeling Signal Processor"

Korg Ax1500g
I work for a music retailer, so I got a screaming deal. This item usually goes for about $299.99. I bought this because I needed multi-effects for live performance, and couldn't afford to buy individual stomp boxes at $100 a pop. This pedal has been worth every penny.

Just about everything. The body is metal which gives it enough weight that it doesn't move around under foot. The effects are grouped into banks (16 preset/16 user) with 3 sounds per bank (total of 48 preset/48 user). Now here's where it gets good. The three sounds in each bank are diverse, usually a clear, distortion, and chorus/flange. Also, each sound has an A/B channel. The B channel activates the drive on the effect, so you really have 6 sounds, all without switching banks. This is very important for me, because I use this for live performing. I need to be able to quickly add drive, and effects without a hitch. This pedal is great for that.

You can also switch banks while still playing the sound you were on. This is not available on Zoom and Digitech pedals. Usually, as you scroll, the sound changes. Now you can get a sound, and play away while you scroll and get your next bank ready. Also, the sound change is very fast. No noticiable delay when you tap into a new sound.

The knobs at the top allow of quick changes for drivers, cabinets, modulation, and pedal. This is useful, because I have presets that I like to use, but the pedal does wah or something, and I want volume control. No problem. Get the sound, turn the knob to volume, and play away. This pedal is a live musicians best friend.

I haven't played much with the user programs, but for studio musicians, listen up, this could make a big difference. Most pedals say they have user settings. You spend an hour setting it up, getting just like you want it. But if you unplug the unit, all of that is lost. MOST PEDALS DO NOT SAVE YOUR CHANGES!! The AX1500G does. All the work you put into it is saved.

Last, the tuner is very good. Even better than my Boss tuner. (Really, I'm not kidding.)

1. The Buttons are small and there are five of them. I have small feet, but I play in Doc's, so I was hitting two buttons alot. I had to learn to turn my foot on its side to make sure I hit the button I was going for. I could see how someone with size 11's might have even more of a problem.

2. Scrolling down through the banks requires hitting two buttons simultaneously. The problem is one of the buttons also access the 3 sound in a bank, which is usually a very loud distortion. This means clicking in a new, abrasive sound by accident. I try to just scroll up whenever possible.

Great metal body, nice solid expression pedal. Chicken head knobs and dials are tight, no problem of accidentally moving them. The foot buttons are plastic, but they should hold up, especially under my light weight.

I have done alot of research, and here is your comparisson shopping list. These are internet prices, not in store, but you could get these prices at a store if you bargin.

Pedals in the same price range:
Digitech GNX1 $299 Digitech GNX2 $399
Digitech RP2000 $299 Roland ME33 $240
Digitech RP300 $199 Korg AX100G $250
Digitech RP200 $149 Boss GT6 $400
Digitech GENESIS3 $299

I feel all digitech products are overpriced. They use too much plastic, and I have seen more than one crap out during a band's set. The GNX2 is nice, but not as useful in a live situation. The ME33 and AX100G are nice, but for $50 bucks more, you get way more pedal in the AX1500G.

The only pedal I played that was a step up from the AX1500G was the Boss GT6. As far as ease of use, Korg wins, but the GT6 more sounds and more control over programming.

I'm sure I've left alot of stuff out, but here's the real point of this rant. As a live musician, I look for ease of use, variety, and dependability. In a gig situation, this pedal has out performed rack mounts, and higher priced Boss pedals. For $300 bucks you'll get a workhorse that will make you proud.

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MGR/Kip Tallahassee12/06/2001

MGR/Kip Tallahassee's review"Korg AX1500G"

Korg Ax1500g
I bought the unit earlier this year from The Music Store, Bexleyheath, England. I paid £200 for it on the spur of the moment after a couple of minutes of trying the presets.

What I like about the unit is the scope of effects available. Preamp models, Cabinet Sims, Modulation FX, Ambience Settings and an Expresion Pedal make it a Jack of all trades. It is ideal for recording or just Jamming and includes a useful Phrase Trainer and sample and play fuction. As far as I'm concerned I only really use the Metal distortions, Acoustic sim and Wah Wah functions but there's some good medium gain stuff in there too as well as some more off the wall FX.

Some of sounds can sound a little rough around the edges and the patch change buttons are rather close together.

Silver metal outer casing with various black plastic switches and pots to control and alter effect parameters. Expresion pedal on the far right hand side and a red LCD display center/right.

Overall this is very good value for money. Any of the problems mentioned are overthrown by the quality of the preamp section. I would say the unit is a good buy for anyone who uses alot of high gain distortion but likes additional effects on hand.

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-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not a bad start."

Korg Ax1500g
Multi effects pedal guitar for large format, all digital, an expression pedal (not exceptional but can become familiar with the wah-type effects and volume), edited on the machine but not on the same computer. the shell is sturdy metal, and everything is powered by 9v supplied. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth!


The config is pretty simple, as on most multi effects. However it is difficult to move, live, from one program to another in time, kings of programming, or set that never changes, welcome! The programming buttons are small and can be difficult to engage for large fingers and not gifted, I think switching the tuner (which is not the most accurate in the world) live it may actually be the sport!


Modulation effects as often in digital are quite successful, distos however are not really top and cabinet simulations. all spatial effects are quite well done. The wah is not terrible, and the few progressive volume. In short, a beautiful toy box to discover the world of effects, but to go further I prefer the personal effects chains.


I use it for almost 10 years, it gave me when I bought my amp so I will not complain, but to where I am today I do not even would buy a multi effects (except type analog carl martin). I tried a bunch of multi effects and effects, when you give it, the value for money is always good :)

Ultimately correct for beginners only, or possibly the player Room result.

micke33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1500g
Everything has already been said!


Config simple manual very well done, but almost useless when you have a little taste of multis.
Editing effects can not be simpler.


I use it plugged into the effects loop of my mixer with preamp on each channel, power steering apmli then to a 2x12 cab hp "
Used with an LP? a STRAT, a PRS, no problem, I have the sounds I want.
Although the corrections made with the settings of the mix (equalize, mix gain effects, etc ...) are not bad on the final result.
Directly into an amp, Mesa, Marshall, it's different, but nit-picking on the settings you reach Multi stuff not bad at all!


I have 2 years.
I am a consumer of multiple, KORG (AX.5.G, AX.1500.G, AX 3000.G), ZOOM (GFX.1, 707.II, G.7 G2.1Nu, GFX.5, G .3) VOX (TONELAB, LE, ES, ST, EX) TC.ELEC .. etc ....
Dan and all this is far from being the worst I've had!
My neighbor is the G.5 ZOOM,
For 1500.G, with 50 euros of Cygnus are found in great condition, and begin to see an intimate, I strongly advise

naoula's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but disappointing"

Korg Ax1500g
Everything has already been said!


For basic use, there is no problem just know the name and characteristics of the cabins, modulation pedals ... by wedging the sounds "factories" there is no need for manual BOOKLET for the rest (edit, tempo ...) this passage is required!


That's where I'm torn! This pedal is broadly based and distortion-gain hight so modern, I found no use to the sounds clearer because they are simply bland and neutral even fiddling for 1 hour.

I use it on a blackstar lamp ht5r and I buy to offset the lack of hight-distortion amplifier gain! on this config, it works with the fire of God, however you must hack a minimum. Otherwise, I quickly moved my way, the clean is cold at will, even the amp did not correct the default (to tell you I n''utilise a dozen of his factory that j 'I completely changed), the effects for the 3 / 4 are not convincing, because too poorly done, such as different modeling amp is catastrophic. Vice is pushed a certain stompbox, ring mod, pitch bend ... And what about the pedal is even worse in the ulis wah is ... pfff I find no words so it's bad (imprecise, and the curve is random)! Another default is the murmur reccurence on some distortion, notament on my ultra light this is! I tried on my old marshall mg is it reduces the problem! therefore focus on the pedal a modeling amp! And yes that is the problem of digital effects ...

its modern metal: 8 / 10, clean / rock for use other than metal: 5 / 10


I use it for about 6 months, and for the utility and the price I bought it I am completely satisfied.

But the worry is that versatility is poor since oriented sounds too modern, modern metal fans will love! For the rest go your way there are more versatile multi-effects from Boss!

ultimately saw its rating current argus is a Excellent quality / price ratio for digital effects, if you want a multi-oriented "modern style" is that you need is undeniable!

overall rating 8 / 10 for those who seek only the big sound (my case)! otherwise 5 / 10 for the rest jazz, blues, rock ... the past can still retro funk

blue.not's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1500g
See below. I would add that there an effect that can make a loop. Too bad it is not longer than 8 seconds. But this has to be MRIT l. Otherwise it is a complete multi effect trs. The pedals to change the channel is very practical to switch to lead by example.


The config is pretty simple. The big problem of this pdalier is that the pedals are too close together. Every time you have to press with the tip of the foot for not crashing. Live is a trs boring unless you're the kind remain static. The other is black li is that the pedals to change the other bank is ct, which is similar: if it is pressed in the middle of a song without gaffe (and happened to me sometimes that I talk about it) is the sea .. ! In addition to the beginners I had not made that blunder could return to rear by pressing both buttons at the same time. I went around to return to the good program. Imagine in the middle of a song! Another little common cares most pdaliers, when playing the collection's outdoor day, we see nothing, neither step nor Lumire. To grant, and well ... forget the pedals Then if we change the program without gaffe I just said not galre to find the right one.
So for me, which made some of these concerts inconvnients forced me to change pdalier.


Trs sounds are correct. The high volume loadings tend be a bit garish. Therefore a lot to play with the knobs. The wah is okay but no more.


I kept it 2-3 years. I changed for something more suited the scne, more functional, with warmer tones. Otherwise, it's still a good pdalier. I liked the small loop and the possibility to change the channel. C'tait for me two strengths that are not found often in pdaliers this range. Its size allows it to be no problem will integrate into a suitcase effects. Today it has become affordable trs, and it's more forcment INTERESTED than buying full of pedals.