Rocktron Guitar multi-effects Rocktron Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Rocktron Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Rocktron Intellifex Ltd

    Rocktron Intellifex Ltd - "Great sound quality and AMAZING reverb!"


    Delay and reverbs are as pristine as it gets! Chorus is nice too and very complex (8 tap!). Lots of pros use these including Jerry Cantrell= enough said! Able to program Vai's Ballerina 21/24 too. Will color your Rhythm tones though so I switch it ou…

  • Rocktron MultiValve

    Rocktron MultiValve - "Stomp Box Effects in a 1U Chassis"


    The Rocktron MultiValve was an evolution of the Replifex, which was the predecessor of the Xpression. Most of the things I'm writing in this review can directly apply to the Replifex and the Xpression. I'll note the differences when necessary. The…

  • Rocktron Intellifex

    Rocktron Intellifex - "Quality and reliable piece of gear."


    The Rocktron Intellifex doesn't have many effects and features compared to today's rack units. However, the effects it does have, it absolutely excels at. Housed in a compact 1U rackmounted chassis, the original Intellifex has 8 voice chorus, delay…

  • Rocktron Utopia G300

    Rocktron Utopia G300 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by pierrelaforge/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Description: The Rocktron Utopia G300 is a simplified Prophesy in footboard format. The controls are similar but with less settings (e.g. in the EQ section: frequencies a…

  • Rocktron Xpression

    Rocktron Xpression - "RockTron Xpression"


    i bought this through drumcityguitarland,300 w/ship its a great upgrade from the intelliflex online,has an eq,spk siml,nice rich choruses,as well as a bunch of the classic effects,it has some really good programs from factory,tweak the eq to match y…

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