thorgen 07/02/2012

Rocktron MultiValve : thorgen's user review

«  very good, but not necessarily obvious to use »

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Multi-effects, rack uniténumérique with a lamp to "warm" sound, if you want.
All the usual effects are included in this machine, with the exception of a harmonized intelligent (but it has a pitch).
The rear audio input, two outputs (for stereo, a nice touch), connection noon and taken to the PSU. Ca, it is not practical (separate power supply).
If you want more details, visit the site to download Rocktron user manual (in English ...)


Setup is simple, if you are accustomed to architecture Rocktron. Otherwise, it can put off, but with a little perseverance, we made it, so, it's pretty simple. The button "compare" allows, as its name suggests, to compare the initial sound and the sound after changing a setting: very convenient.
The French manual is clear.


I use the Rocktron for a long time, once with a Voodoo Valve, now with the Multivalve. I plug it into the loop of my head OUR CA100.
The effects are fine for me, but I put quite a few: delay and reverb on the solos, and clean sounds, I sometimes add a little chorus.
The égalseur is convenient, but do not abuse it, or risk losing side natuel the sound of the amp (but that's a rule).
The great thing is the noise reduction "Hush".
Last but for me, the two switches that can control the channels of the amp along with the effects, with a pedal noon.
A little "less": there is a slight lag when moves into position "post hush", but in my case (group of noisy hard), it does not interfere with, because not audible from the other instruments. I put only 7 because of this slight lag, but I'm tough.


I use it for two years, but I had before Voodo Valve, Rocktron I bought precisely because the effects suited me perfectly. I have other multi-effects, I like also, but I'm not a big user of effects.
What I love most: switches, quality effects, the hush.
What I like least: the separate power supply, the small latency
The value for money in hand, is excellent.
If it fails, I have another handy to replace it.