superluxo 09/07/2007

Rocktron MultiValve : superluxo's user review


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The Multivalve is a 19 "1U rack equipped with dune type lamp with adjustable 12AX7 gain (zero gain, low, high) that gives warmth to the sound. It is controllable noon, can switch the channels of amps and is stro.
In addition, it possde a HUSH that lon little place upstream or downstream effects.

As for effects, there are two types of configurations:

Classic: HUSH, 4-band legalization Settings, flanger, chorus, reverb, compression, tremolo, auto pan, delay, phaser, pitch shift and simulation DSurround.

Rotary: HUSH, 4-band legalization Settings, rotary speaker, reverb, compression, and delay simulation DSurround.

Custom settings plutt effects are complete. And the effects are good quality well jai wanted to compare my TC Electronics G Major.


The configuration and programming is relatively simple if we did not daccsmme lhabitude this type of machine. The manual is clear and prcis net but all in English!

I havent yet had loccasion dessayer orders twelve o'clock but I do not think this is trs complicated because of the ease-General for grip.

BMOL with small buttons that are not always prcis trs.


Some will say no cest not true it colors the sound, I say not long quon put him well in the loop deffet (not dintrt in between I think!). The pleasure comes next RULES lorsquon the HUSH is that lon may enjoy a breathless (or almost the Manir not kill her). Jai HUSH try before a rack is I havent seen the diffrence with it.

For my part, I do not use compressors in the multi-effects gnral my DBX Laffaire done better.

The effects themselves are of good quality but plutt plutt vintage. Lintrt the principal is in my opinion in the lamp, the hush and lgalisation so I did not try too much effects. Just enough to be able to say they are somewhat crystalline.


I have this hardware for a month, and I think the multi is expressed by the simple do have a lamp. I think it's pretty good and I test an amp lamp and it's even better!

I try the TC G major and the only diffrence are at the lamp and paramtrage effects (very simple to Multivalve)!

The ratio quality price is reasonable given the number of effect.

I think with the exprience I would do this choice paired with a head lamp by adding a TC. Unfortunately, I have no head lamp and I love to modifi effects in depth.