guitargero 01/14/2011

Rocktron MultiValve : guitargero's user review

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I will not write a full review, I would say the main:
multi effect that after I plug a Peavey Rockmaster, then into a Peavey Classic 50/50, then in two Marshall cabinets 1912.
The multi is there to:
-Add the sound effects (delay / chorus / flanger /...) or bypass the signal
Retouch-frequency signal for from the same channel preamp build me 2 sounds totally different: a rhythm and a solo by boosting the middles.
-Control the channels on my preamp to my MIDI Foot gace

This multi could also be handy for stereo effects, the HUSH, but these functions do not help me at the moment.
The sound effects and very good, very clear, practical, easy to adjust, and switch between channels using a stereo jack is really big, I can have everything accessible to toe with a MIDI pedal Rocktron midimate home.

Not much more to say, this is a very multi practice, which takes up little space, easy to use and very flexible. Really any good.
The lamp can be helpful, clean sounds, it adds to the presence of "heat" but I do not use it either.
In addition there is a phantom power supply to power the MIDI pedal, great practice on stage or in repeated!

I am not 10 because I think there are better effects, probably more expensive, but it's great for my use. Multi

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