Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • DigiTech RP155

    DigiTech RP155 - " Value / unbeatable price"


    For specifications, see the website of digitech and other posts, it is complete ... Yes, with / in, I will not say no ...;-) UTILIZATION The menus and displays put off at first, but got used to it quickly. Otherwise, everything is easily usab…

  • DigiTech RP500

    DigiTech RP500 - " The best way ahead of the other"


    No need to return it. All effects are present. Note the harmonizer which allows interesting simulation of 12 strings, the famous and infamous whammy settings maladd (haha detuuuuune the effect). The big plus is that in addition to being usable mode m…

  • Zoom G3X

    Zoom G3X - " The foot !!!!"


    I let you see on the site of Zoom. It's digital, traditional jack and USB for editing and control of presets. UTILIZATION Everything is simple. You have 6 real effects pedals (or amp simulation) under the feet. You can put the same effect a…

  • Korg X-911

    Korg X-911 - " Beautiful stamps"


    Analog synthesizer for guitar. Analyzes the pitch and reused with VCO. A filter is applied. Contrary to what is said in another view, it can out of the synth guitar sound directly. There is a synth output AND direct guitar output. We can play with…

  • Vox StompLab IIG

    Vox StompLab IIG - DjCaylus's review


    Programmes: 20 & 100 user factory Amps: 44, see official website VOX Speakers: 12, see official website VOX Effects: 38 (18 saturations, 8 pedals, 8 modulations, 3 reverbs, 1 noise reduction) Tuner: auto-chromatic, A0-E6 (27.5Hz-1,318.5Hz) Ca…

  • Zoom G5

    Zoom G5 - " not bad!"


    Multieffect not very bulky with a multitude of effects of good quality .a two XLR jack outputs for amp a headphone USB connectivity UTILIZATION The manual is well done but the sound editing is easy but laborious if you made directly by the pedals…

  • Boss GT-001

    Boss GT-001 - " Super Format in Desktop"


    it's the Boss, and found everything that made the success of the series GTxxx with superb amp emulations "raw" that can fully edit, it's TOP! The Boss ASIO driver (dual channel) is still stable with a zero latency that simplifies settings and conf…

  • Line 6 M9

    Line 6 M9 - " A good compromise"


    A good Swiss Army knife with a multitude of effects more or less useful. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, no need to read the manual as it is simple. Settings for different effects is very simple with potentiometers found the right sound quickly. …

  • Roland GP-16

    Roland GP-16 - " Excellent vintage multi-effects!"


    Excellent for those who want something other than all conventional sounds for example! Otherwise I do not use distos, overdrive that I find too dry so I use the modulations, delays, compressors, equalizers ... and it works great with a CF crank 100…

  • Zoom MultiStomp MS-100BT

    Zoom MultiStomp MS-100BT - " Of the ball, I tell you!"


    For details, see the website Being able to add amp models or effects via Bluetooth is terrible, I'll come back. UTILIZATION Already have a Zoom G3 is almost the same except that everything is on one screen instead of three. But it i…

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