achvams 01/13/2012

DigiTech RP355 : achvams's user review

«  superb multi effect, "too" complete »

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What are the effects, or types of effects available: Almost all!

everything is very adjustable and the quality is excellent
see description on previous posts or supplier site that is sufficiently complete


- The general configuration is it simple?
For me, it was not easy to use initially $
My opinion is rather of interest to novices, as I was myself by buying and effects is not my department

I chose my mituculeusement gear (guitars + amp) to have no "need" this kind of accessories, but to look for new sounds or "imitate" the one you love for inspiration .. This kind of multi-effect is really great

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
Yes very, thanks to Mannuel I have known use, modify, save the configs ..

- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
Like I said I am not an expert, then a notice for not heavily tested. I had a zoom, so I can compare and say that there is no clear picture: with the zoom I feel like a synth, sounds ring hollow compared to the rp335 allowing to have fun and sound specific.
Reverb sound blusey the worst metal Detroy area, if applied to seek a good config (test the various models provided in the RP335 pedals, handle the equalizer ...) we ended up being satisfied
there are also models to imitate the sounds of amp / pre amp ... I must admit there is too much for me in my case, but it can please, let's say it has allowed me to play something that klk ressemple to jm800 jm900 or but to be honest I love my peavey classis 30 and So when I want to "really" play I never put imitations of box ..

the "wrong" problem is there are so many choices that, for novices like me, do not rush, attacking first the things we know (or distortion wah wah ...) to familiarize themselves with the beast, and after digging slowly ... frankly it's rich, too rich limit


- The effects are they effective, appropriate and realistic enough?
Yes, truly realistic and credible, but watch again for novices: allow time for adaptation as it may sound good but is pedal to change the equalizer or compressor ... suddenly it takes hours c but if done well then the result is satisfactory

- Which instruments do you use? Which ones you prefer, you hate?
and Custom77 stratocaster and amp all tube peavey classic30
j'aprécie for two guitars, after this issue of configuration again it is not easy to find a good sound, and not put the metal on his Detroy stratum but otherwise it's yucky not the fault of the RP335


How long have you use it?
almost 2 years
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, I pedal a simple multi purpose zoom, and I only use distortion and gain or auto wah so little experience

- What is so special that you love the most, least?
I like the looper but I ended up buying another digitch for 35 minutes because 20 seconds is too little
I love the strength and "credibility" sounds
and value for money that I find very satisfying
I do not like their weight (a little too heavy but the price to pay c to have something solid klk)

short, I recommend it