surfy 07/13/2010

DigiTech RP355 : surfy's user review


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Almost everything you need. The sounds are editable via USB and software to download on the official site, which is very good.
There are all the necessary connectors: XLR jacks and outputs, USB, audio, headphone ... Nothing to say
Everything is digital


For me, the main drawback of this pedal is its ergonomics: edit the sounds on the box is downright complicated and unclear. HAPPILY, editing via software, however, is childishly simple (I'm just like that or almost).
I also regret the display (a preset name is only 6 characters, which requires a little mental exercise to write the second CHDDR2 style "drive" for agreements ... A display a little more fun would be nice .
Other defect, the selection of presets on the fly is done sequentially (you must scroll through the presets).
All this is nothing embarrassing frankly, it's just a regret that would make this pedal an even better product.
The manual is straightforward and provided in French.
I could have just okay but I'll call "good" because the pedal is rather nice and sturdy, which is an asset.


The sounds are very good. Like others, I find that the default presets are average, but rather intended to show just what he can do.
But as there are lots of nice presets on the web, and we come with the software quickly find what you want.
Contrary to what some say, I do not think this pedal transforms a bad guitar machine to make beautiful sound. BUT, this is not the purpose of such a pedal, which gives us a very good value for money almost unbeatable.
Basically if you want better, we will have (as I hope to do someday), you buy a Gretsch Falcon 3500 and an amp at the same price.


I use it for a few days and she is adopted because it has everything I wanted. If we do not take offense too much about ergonomics, you can find a lot of fun.

+ What I like:
- Sounds
- The editing via software
- Robustness

What I like -:
- Editing of presets on the pedal (but the software compensates)
- The display of the pedal and its poor 6 characters
- The sequential selection of presets

I would do this choice without hesitation. Digitech if still a little effort on ergonomics, this mess will be a killer.