Big Bad Blues 06/01/2010

DigiTech RP355 : Big Bad Blues's user review


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A can about all the effects are in this bracket (at least more than I need) editable Mac and PC format pedal, digital, super full USB MIDI connection etc. ..


The general configuration is not necessarily intuitive, but after reading the manual (very short and ClaI) that will pose no problem. The product is used immediately in any case with the factory presets. The editing and sound effects are relatively simple, however like all these products (rich in possibilities) that rather quickly turn the gas plant


The quality is Audible effects as is often the case variable (depending on the amp used and the type of effect), I do not use the amp simulations (which are splittable and it is the first Once I saw it on a multi-effect !!!), néamoins is a good practical accessory (I previously used on stage), we can prepare its presets or use it as a pedal as if you had a distortion pedal, a delay and chorus for example. So practice with many possibilities. I use it on my Champ XD with a strato homemade (with the help of Xavier Petit thank you to him) and a Tokai LP (super :-) )


I use it for a little over 6 months, I have not tried other models because the characteristics and the price was exactly what I needed. I love the ability to record a loop of 20 seconds, the extensive connection system, the compact side (it is easy to carry enough charge ...) and the enormous opportunities, less like the sounds that remain typed multi-effect (but are qualities, however, I'm telling me to mount a conventional crankset (with several pedals KOI! to have my own sound) but I keep my Rp335 for my models and relief concert. C ' is a purchase that I highly recommend, I'm not disappointed as all-purpose product, it is almost everything but nothing so outstanding. But for the price initially was completely available and it is really super