Eventide Modfactor
Eventide Modfactor

Modfactor, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

iamqman 02/14/2012

Eventide Modfactor : iamqman's user review

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Eventide is known for their great sounding rack units for the studio and now are getting even more popular with the masses because of their great sounding and user friendly foot pedals. They have really done a great job building these pedals for the masses because it has brought a whole new customer base in the Eventide world without having to rack unit/ studio crowd involved. This is one of those pedals that really can do it all for the modulation and effects in one convenient box.


Eventide ModFactor Features:

Studio-quality Eventide sound in a stompbox
10 time-tested modulation effects in mono or stereo
MIDI sync, tap tempo, and an input for an expression pedal
True bypass
Guitar or line level inputs
Chorus, PolyMod


This is a very light and weightless pedals that will give the user a plethora of possible tones in a larger box but smaller than 6 pedals hooked together on your pedal board. This pedal can do the modulation and all of the main stay effects that a guitarist would use for a gig or even in the studio. This is a such a cool pedal that have a great tone and an authentic sound for recreating some of the best modulations sounds in existence. This is such a remarkable pedal that it just screams to be played. It has so many tones inside that it would take you days to learn and figure out all that it can do. That to me is a little turn off because I am more of an MXR plug and play one to two controls knobs tops.


You can pick this pedal up for right are around $400 which is a great price for what this unit can do. It will take you a lot more of time and switching pedals in and out to get all that you can from this one unit. I would suggest going with this pedal if you need an all in one effects pedal but if you want to take it a step even further than I would suggest the Eventide space pedal even more.