Zoom 505 Guitar
Zoom 505 Guitar
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MGR/evh dude 10/02/2004

Zoom 505 Guitar : MGR/evh dude's user review

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I bought this at a guitar shop in little Rock AR for about $100.The manager told me it was the best pedal out there and he was right.

This is the best guitar multi effects pedal i have ever played on.It has the best distortion i have ever heard and it is really easy to use.The tone of it sounds like a pedal board with single effect stomp boxes.

The only thing I would change about this pedal would have to be the phase but that is it.

Its preaty good but most of it is made out of plastic so you wouldnt want to do anything to dramatic.

It doesnt matter what kind of music you play from death metal to soft rock or country this pedal is perfect for anything. And its probably the cheapest multi effects
pedal you can buy.

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