Zoom 505 Guitar
Zoom 505 Guitar
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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 27 reviews )
 8 reviews30 %
 7 reviews26 %
 5 reviews19 %
 4 reviews15 %
 3 reviews11 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent

LPFreak's review"A bang for the buck"

Zoom 505 Guitar
At the time, Gibson e347, Peavey 100w transtube, 2 505 in serial connection.
In my opinion you can't beat that effect. I used it professionally in NY for years.I play Jazz Brazil Funk stuff. I had 2 of them connected in serial, the sound coming out of those things was out of this world, and it is very light weight which is very important when you perform all the time.
Technically everybody can have fun with it, musically it was perfect for me especially the adjustable OD bank, reverb and EQ, after that depends on what you are looking for. But that pedal has so many possibilities, I probably used only a small fraction of its potential. I still own one today. I got lucky I bought one a year or so ago for 25 bucks. As today am still a fan.
The fact is they are difficult to find and although discontinued the price went up.
I give that little monster 5 stars because the Japanese signature quality is there, and for the price you can beat it.

Heavyspender's review

Zoom 505 Guitar
Multi-effects pedal with 42 programmable / editable presets. I believe this is a digital device. The main effects categories this unit has includes compressor/limiter, wah, "drive", Equalizer, noise suppressor, pitch modulation, delay, and reverb. All effects can be used at the same time, which is great. Within the modulation category, you can set the unit for flange, chorus, phaser, tremolo, just to name a few. You can also choose between 4 different amp models as well as an additional 7 types of "drive." Connections are a standard input and output as well as a 9volt connector for power supply. The output also doubles as a headphone in, which is cool. Unfortunately, the presets/effects cannot be edited via a Mac/PC editor utility program. This is designed as a floor pedal, so it is not rackable.


The actual face of the pedal is easy to understand and utilize. As far as actually navigating the presets in order to tweak them or modify them,the unit takes some playing around with. This is where the manual, though long, comes in. The manual is very self-explanatory and explains the operation simply and easily. The only reason the manual is so long and why it takes a long time to figure out the extent of this unit's capabilities is because there are so many options/sounds that can be coaxed out of this little unit.


For being digital, the effects on this little unit are very solid, and many of them are sufficiently realistic. For example, I feel it does the Fender Twin very well. Use that setting on any amp, close your eyes, and you'd swear there's a Fender Twin right beside you. If you want a Mesa or a Marshall, you can have something darn close to them. There is a Soldano lead setting, and a psychedelic Jimmy Hendrix sound. The standard wah sound is pretty spot on as well. If you want to sound like standard Eddie Van Halen, or if you want his "unchained" flanging sound, this unit can give you both, and is pretty much right on the money. There is a tweed preset with a cool tremolo effect that sounds great for country, western, or blues. If I had to name some cons, the acoustic modeler is not that great. There are also 2 entire "banks" or sets of 6 presets that are kind of cheesy sounding for the most part. But the great news is that these can be edited, so you have room to create your own unique presets. Overall, I've got so many sounds at my disposal with just this one unit. Much cheaper than buying several pedals, or even worse, several amps. I use this unit only with my Ibanez RG 120, and it is perfect.


I have been using this since the beginning of the year. The more I get used to it, there is nothing I really don't like about it. I am actually more of a purist, plugging straight from the guitar to the amp. But this unit just makes me such a "tonal chameleon," I have so many options for changing my sound depending on the song, it's great. The distortion choices alone make me drool every time I think about it. I checked out a similar Korg unit as well as the Behringer V-AMP floor pedal, but this one was available at a great price. As soon as I plugged it in and played a couple of chords/solos at the guitar store, I was already sold. I ended up playing it for another entire hour before I left the store and brought it home, that's how much fun this unit is. This is probably the best $50 I've spent on equipment. I really don't see myself needing any other pedals, unless I upgrade and replace the ones I have currently. So many sounds and options all in one unit. I do not regret the choice I made and if I needed to, I would buy this again.
MGR/evh dude10/02/2004

MGR/evh dude's review"Zoom 505 Multi Effects Pedal"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I bought this at a guitar shop in little Rock AR for about $100.The manager told me it was the best pedal out there and he was right.

This is the best guitar multi effects pedal i have ever played on.It has the best distortion i have ever heard and it is really easy to use.The tone of it sounds like a pedal board with single effect stomp boxes.

The only thing I would change about this pedal would have to be the phase but that is it.

Its preaty good but most of it is made out of plastic so you wouldnt want to do anything to dramatic.

It doesnt matter what kind of music you play from death metal to soft rock or country this pedal is perfect for anything. And its probably the cheapest multi effects
pedal you can buy.

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MGR/Derek Mok11/17/2003

MGR/Derek Mok's review"Zoom 505 MkI"

Zoom 505 Guitar
Bought at a small music store on 48th Street in New York City for around $80. This was my first pedal.

Sounds, sounds, sounds. Although using the Zoom presets does give a slight generic quality to your tones, the sounds are so good that I end up using them more often than my single-effect pedals.

This problem was alleviated on the Zoom 505 MkII, but the MkI had tweak buttons that are not only impossible to use, but the ones on my 505 got stuck in the "down" position and created lots of problems for me. Also, the built-in tuner is inaccurate.

Fair. The pedals remain responsive after over three years, but those tweak buttons are a nightmare.

I love the sounds I get from this pedal, but the construction problems prevented me from exploring the editing options fully. Thankfully the MkI is now obsolete and the MkII is better at this department, so I may upgrade.

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MGR/Mike Maloney11/14/2003

MGR/Mike Maloney's review"Zoom 505 Guitar Processor"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I bought this pedal at a place in London, Ontario called John Bellone's Music. I bought it a couple of years back when it was a fairly new release and paid $199 for it. I bought it because I had screwed around with it abit in the store when it first came out and I liked it.

EFFECTS EFFECTS EFFECTS!!!! It has an endless supply of effects, and if ya get bored with the ones pre-programmed, you can make yer own. Crystal clear sound too!!!

I dont like that you have to plug it in, that's probably me just being lazy though. It has a battery option, but the battery life is like 4 minutes, which is understandable. ITs a mini computer.

One word will sum this up nice and easy...ya ready...hear goes...SOLID

The Zoom 505 Guitar Processor is an amazing pedal, if you got some cash and your not afraid to experiment, grab one. I gaurantee you that you wont be dissapointed.

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MGR/Andrew Edwards05/29/2003

MGR/Andrew Edwards's review"Zoom 505"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I bought this pedal at a local music store 2 years ago for 200 dollars. I got it for the effects and multiple distortions and EQ settings.

I like how you have access to a lot of different sounds and effects. The memory bank is also handy if you plan on having a lot of favorite settings.

The pedal is made of plastic and if dropped many times would break easily. When you switch between settings in your bank there is a short milisecond delay and this is horrible if your playing live with a band. One more dislike about this unit was how you can't combine all the effects together.

The pedal is pretty easy to figure out but the durability isn't the greatest.

For any intermediate pedal wanting a different distortion and some effects all in one i'd recomend this pedal. Anyone in a band don't buy this pedal if you plan on some serious playing.

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MGR/Ian Brown03/21/2002

MGR/Ian Brown's review"Zoom 505 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I got this great pedal of of my freind for $50 US.

I liked everything about it. I've heard many people say the distortions are fake, but I think they just need to marry this bad boy with the right Guitar and amp. I use it in a Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb and it sounds fantastic. The step effects are crazy. Anyone can get inspired by this thing. It has a mass abundance of effects. The doubler is combined with the distortion overdrive makes for a great Randy Rhoads. I like how small it is because unlike other multi effects pedals I can actually put it in my pocket, or in my amp. Another person on here said its good for beginners, but he "disposed of it" He also stated that he spilled soda on it several times and it still worked. I wouldn't take someone too seriously if they make a habit of spilling things on their eqiopment. It sounds to me like he's a beginner.

Nothing really. Except that it does have a short delay when you switch effects. You gotta learn to be creative. I just have the drummer do a fill or something while I change effects.

Great! has taken lots of Beating. The buttons stick occasionally.

I love this, and recommend it to anyone who hasnt tried it. I think any level musician could find a use for it. Its great for band use and live shows. It makes some impressive noises ;-)

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MGR/Joe's review"Zoom 505 Multi-Effects Pedal"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I bought my Zoom 505 at Ward Brodt Music Mall for about $120 or $130. I probably could have gotten it cheaper if I'd waited, but I was anxious to start playing it. I wanted a bunch of effects, so instead of getting many different pedals I went for the versatile Zoom.

I like being able to create my own settings and save them. It's hard to create a really cool distortion, but it's pretty easy to find a nice clean sound. I like the hall/room reverb effect, the delay, and the step effect. It also has noise resistance so you don't get all the fuzz and hums coming through the amp. It's got a chromatic tuner too, which works pretty well.

The auto-wah doesn't sound very good, but there's an optional expression pedal you can buy for pedal wah, I haven't heard that so I have no idea how it sounds. The B-load and D-load features are kindof confusing, you have to remember what does what, but it's not too big of a deal.

It's still in good condition and I've owned it for a while now. I always use the adapter, so I'm not sure how long batteries last in it. Good quality and durability.

The Zoom 505 is a good unit to buy if youre looking for versatility. If you want to concentrate on just one effect, like disortion or blues, I'd reccommend a simple single foot pedal, but this is cool for playing all genres.

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MGR/Joe Torrres / REIGN12/04/2001

MGR/Joe Torrres / REIGN's review"Zoom 505"

Zoom 505 Guitar
Back in the day 199? i decided to buy this multi-effects device beacuse i couldn't afford a rack mounted effects unit.
I kept seeing the add in gutiar mags and it seemed to have everything i could ask for, that is to say everything the larger rack units had.
Also i lived in the same city as the company and i felt a little loyalty for them.
So one day i said to my self i'll buy it!
Stopped into my local music store and paid $99.00 for it. The power supply cost $15.00 witch was a deal.

Very important was it's cool looks, as a beginer i wanted to impress my friends.
The factory presets are a great start.
You can get a good overview of what this little black box can do, and you will get a lesson in the world of effects and what they do.
When you get more adventurous the easy programing method is actually fun to play with.
Great manual comes with it. Easy to follow flow charting makes it simple to change any parameter.
Earphone output makes it an exellent practice amp /w effects.
Great for reacording direct.
Very durable, stomp away!

Allthough this unit is very handy it is not for the pro.
You will have to spend many hours of programing to play an important gig.
I never liked the two footswitch up and down style of switching.
Must have power supply to use on reagular basis, battery's drain to fast.

I have had the 505 for many years and have used it every day for rehersing and practice.
I have never had a problem with it!

Buy it!
I kid you not it is the single most useful effect i have ever owned.
With it i have learned more about effects for the guitar than i could ever have from some book.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Zoom 505"

Zoom 505 Guitar
I baught my ZOOM 505 in Moscow 4 years ago.
That time it was a perfect unit and i liked it very much.
I payed for it 150 USD.

Most of all i liked that i didn't need a lot of cables to use 5 or even 7 effects.
Before i had 4 BOSS pedals and You could immagine what a trouble it was.
I always took it along with me, when i was mooving a lot.

Of course its sound is the weakest point of it.
Its distortions are not so "natural".
And even after BOSS pedals it is a bit noisy.

As for me the construction of ZOOM 505 is O.K. but it is not very convinient to use it.
Quality is very good.
It cerved me for 4 years with no problems.

For its price and for beginner in playing guitar it is a perfect unit.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com